YouTube Marketing: an In-Depth Guide for Beginners

Even kids are making a hell lot of money from YouTube. If you hate your 9-to-5 rat race, then use this step by step guide to making a living from YouTube.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
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Last Updated: February 22, 2022
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Do you want to know how to become successful on YouTube and how could you make a living out of it?

Then you are in the right place.

Because today I am going to share with you the Expert's YouTube Blueprint to teach you the step by step proven strategies to become successful on YouTube and make money out of it from scratch.

Either you are a student who wants to earn some extra pocket money through online, or you are an adult who wants to get rid of 9-to-5 day job to start something online which can potentially replace your 9-to-5 rat race.

Then congratulations! You can make this possible by following these proven strategies that absolutely work in 2019 and beyond.

So without wasting your time directly let's come to the point!

If I tell you that there are thousands of people are making as much money (even more) as you earn from your 9-to-5 day job just by posting videos on YouTube from their home, and making a good living out of that, would you believe me?

Definitely, You won't!

But let me tell you that, this is absolutely true, even you can do this yourself. Keep reading this article to gain complete knowledge about making money from YouTube, and I promise that as soon as you end up reading you will be ready to start making money online from the YouTube.

Even kids are making a hell lot of money from YouTube. If you hate your 9-to-5 rat race, then use this step by step guide to making a living from YouTube.


1. Set Up Your YouTube Channel

This is the easiest part of this journey because creating a YouTube channel is the same as a Google account which you can create in less than 10 minutes.

Every YouTube account has a channel attached to it. Either you can make a completely new Google/YouTube account or you can use your existing Google account to create a youtube account which totally depends on you.

A. Pick A Niche For Your Channel

Dedicating a niche to your channel is the top most important part, which can make or break your channel in a long term.

You must be thinking why not selecting a niche can break even?

So let me tell you that there is almost 300 hour of videos uploaded on youtube in every single minute & about 500 million channels do exist on this platform.

If you really want to get success in this most crowded platform then you have to do things what others are not doing.

I found the combinations of 3 aspects to find out a perfect niche very helpful (i) Your passion, (ii) Your target audience & (iii) Value Creation.

(i) Your Passion

Before jumping into a niche, ask yourself first that what are those topics you never get bored and love to talk about.

It can be anything like,

  • Food
  • Fitness
  • Motivation
  • Teaching
  • Traveling

Then write down all of them in a paper and think carefully that what is that single topic among all of them which can take place at the top of the list. Then go more deep down into that one topic to get something out of the box.

Don't decide so generic topic that is already crowded, the more specific you go the more chance of success.

As soon as you find that topic Boom! you are ready to jump into the next aspect.

(ii) Your Target Audience

After deciding your passion topic now you have to find your target audience.

Finding your target audience is a very important thing because in this way you will be going to know if there are people or not who have interest in your passion same as you.

To find your target audience you can head over to Google, Amazon Kindle or on YouTube, as these 3 are the best place to find out if your topic has the demand or not.

As or example;

Suppose your passion topic is "sleeping" then most probably you are not going to find an audience that wants to listen about sleeping even though everyone loves to sleep.

So at first place, you have to select a topic which potentially has an audience and they are also interested and passionate about that particular topic, as like food, traveling and many more.

Now you must be thinking that how to find my target audience on Google, Amazon Kindle, and YouTube?

• Google: It's simple! search your keyword (passion topic) on Google and see if there some well-written blog post come out of search result or not. If you can find Google's first page full with the same topic keyword then congratulations you have a target audience.

• Amazon Kindle: Head over to Amazon Kindle bookstore then type and search for your keyword then see if you can find some books similar to your topic. If you get to see a few books then must check reviews and comments on those books which indicate that the books are selling or not.

• YouTube: Same as Google search type your keyword on YouTube and see how many videos come out.

If you can find a handful of videos then analyze the views and comments on those videos, if they have got a satisfying amount of views and comments then this topic can work for you as well.

(iii) Value Creation

Hopefully, you have selected your topic and also found your target audience but now you have to filter your topic with this aspect which is the value creation.

Even if you have chosen a great topic that has a large target audience but if your audience is not getting any value from your topic then you are going to lose in the long run.

So no you have to decide that what kind of value you are going to create and it should be specific like in this website I teach people to make money online, and this is a kind of value which I create for my audience.

Hopefully, you have understood all the 3 aspects very well and also decided your niche for the youtube channel, so now let's jump into the next section.

B. Decide A Channel Name

Channel name is going to become the identity of your YouTube channel as well as your brand.

It sounds very simple to choose a name for your channel but believe me you need to spend more time than you think to decide a channel name.

Channel name is the most important thing because of the many reasons that you will understand by the end of this section.

According to the founder of Backlinko & SEO expert, Brian Dean channel names fall under the main four categories: Name, Brand, Category & Descriptive.

(i) Name (Taylor Swift)

Most of the already well-known people use their own first name & last name as their channel name because they want to be the face of their channel.

But this is not a good idea for you if you are starting from zero audiences and nobody knows you on any other platform.

(ii) Brand (Nike)

Any established company or rising brand always use their own brand name as their channel name

Choosing a name which can be the brand name of your own is a very good idea because people like to attach themselves to a brand.

(iii) Category (Classic Game Room)

Nowadays most of the people use their category as their channel name and it is a good practice to get noticed by the audience.

(iv) Descriptive (Epic Rap Battles)

It's similar to category name but in a more descriptive manner. If you use this category for your channel name then you will get noticed earlier by your audience and they will easily remember your channel name.

Tips for Perfect Name

• Unique Name: Your channel name should be unique and it shouldn't be similar to any other channel because it can create confusion for your audience.

• Kiss: (Keep it Super Simple) Must keep it simple & easy to remember which should also describe your topic at the same time.

[Bonus] Usernames & Domain Availability

Always check the availability for your channel name in all the popular social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram because it is good to have social media profiles with the same name as your channel from the day one.

Also, check the availability of a dot com (.com) domain as your channel name because when your channel will grow then you would need to create a website to build a brand around it because having a website is very beneficial these days.

Therefore, having the same name domain as your YouTube channel from the beginning is a great decision.

Tip: There is a tool can help you to check the availability of your username in all the social media platform as well as the domain availability.

C. Make A Channel Icon

Your channel icon is just like your Facebook or Instagram profile picture that represents your channel in front of your audience.

Channel icon is the first thing which appears on most of the youtube pages so people can recognize your channel easily by your channel icon.

There are many kinds of images you can use as your channel icon as like your own front face image if you run your channel alone, your group image if your channel runs by your group or your brand logo if you don't want to add your image.

Channel Icon Size

Your channel icon should be 800 x 800 px image in size but must check this out after you upload as it should look good in that 98 x 98 px icon box of youtube.

To create your icon either you can use Adobe Photoshop or an absolutely free online site which is a great tool for beginners.

D. Create A Channel Art

Channel Art is the very first thing that people see when they visit your channel because it is a big header image or banner image of your channel.

So it is very important to represent your brand through the channel art.

You should add your own half body image to your channel art and you also can add a short description or a tagline of your brand to make your channel art more attractive and appealing.

Channel Art Size

Size of the channel art image should be 2560 x 1440 px because less than this size will not be uploaded on youtube by default.

Channel art looks different on PC, mobile & TV screen so it is recommended to use 1546 x 423 px center area of 2560 x 1440 px image to add all the text image and logo that you want to show on the phone screen perfectly.

To create the channel art you can use either Photoshop or as I mentioned earlier.

E. Research For Channel Keywords

Channel keywords play a big role in youtube ranking factor.

Youtube use your channel keywords from your tags and description to understand the context and what kind of videos you produce on your channel so that they can show up your channel in front of the appropriate audience.

So always find some keywords that represent your channel category in front of the audience and use those keywords in your channel description as well as in the channel tags section.

You can easily find the keywords for your channel on:

  • Other related youtube channels
  • On google search and related results
  • On keyword research tool like ubersuggest

You are going to learn more in details about keyword research in the "Video Keyword Research" section very soon.

F. Write A Channel Description

Channel description is also known as the about section of your youtube channel where you should describe the topic of your channel in brief so people can get to know what your channel is about.

It is highly recommended to write the first 100 to 150 characters to explain about your channel and why people should subscribe to your channel because when someone searches the channel then youtube will show that first 100-150 characters snippet next to your channel's search result.

If you want then you can mention your video upload schedules in this channel description section that can be helpful for your audience to wait for your next video.

Also, you can include a "Call to Action" below your description to ask your audience to do something like "Please subscribe to my channel or Comment your feedback etc".

G. Make A Channel Trailer

Youtube Channel trailer is nothing but a video version of your youtube description.

Channel trailer is the third powerful thing after channel art and channel icon which catches the attention of youtube visitors who still haven't subscribed to your channel.

It is recommended by youtube to keep it short though there is no exact mention length for a channel trailer.

But most of the youtubers keep their channel trailer 30 to 90 seconds long which should be enough to make a perfect trailer video if you keep your script ready.

In this 30-90 second, you can describe everything about your channel including what your channel is about and what kind of video you post on your channel.

You can also include a call to action (e.g. Please Subscribe my Channel) at the end of your trailer video.

Founder of Backlinko Brian Dean suggested a very good T.O.P. formula to create a powerful channel trailer.

T.O.P. Formula Full Form:

  • T=Target Audience
  • O=Orgin Story
  • P=Pitch

If you can create a powerful video for the channel trailer then it can help you to gain more subscriber in a short time.

2. Videos Creation for YouTube Channel

Shooting a video might be an easy task for you, but creating a video for youtube channel is not that easy my friend because a well-created video is a key of success on youtube which can bring you more likes, comments, subscribers & absolutely money at the end.

To create a video that attracts your target audience you need to follow some basic rules which I am going to explain in details below.

A. Planning & Outlining For The Video

Planning a video shoot & outlining everything before the shooting is the most important thing.

There is not everyone makes a planning & outlining for video shooting,

Some people just hit the record button and rant in front of the camera lens, other people make a complete script then record video word to word as per the written script.

But it is highly recommended to outline a complete script point to point then do some practice following that script in front of the mirror so that you can understand what and how you are doing it.

Afterall "Practice Makes Perfect".

If you want to create a perfect video then you have to keep in mind few tips:

(i) Outline The Concept

Always try to outline some points for your video to keep viewers engaged because nobody has time to listen to a raw rant video without any specific point, it will also help you not to forget any important point you want to discuss during the recording.

(i) Record With Flow

In today's world, people are always in a hurry, so to grab their attention and make them stick with your video, you have to record your video with a good flow with less unnecessary hmmm & aaahs.

(i) Make A Trial

Before begin recording the video keep it in your mind that after you record you have to edit the video so always record a 15-20 seconds trial video to check lighting, focus, and audio if everything is fine or not.

(i) Start With A Blast

Remember one thing that first 15 seconds are very very crucial for any video content which decide that the video will "Hit or Flop". Because if people like the beginning of your video then chances are high that they would watch the entire video.

Now once again I am going to quote a great H.I.I.C. formula created by the founder of Backlinko Brian Dean.

The H.I.C.C. Video Structure Formula Full Form:

  • H=Hook
  • I=Intro
  • C=Content
  • C=Call To Acton

It simply means that start your video with a hook so that people get to stick to it, then share the intro so people can understand that what the video is about, then explain the content point to point and at last call to action which means ask people to take any "One Action at a Time" at the end of your video.

B. Video Shoot For YouTube

So now you are ready to hit that record button!

Not everyone shoot videos in a professional studio with a lot of most expensive gadgets, gears & cameras, you can shoot your video with really low budget gears & cameras or even with your smartphone at the beginning stage.

Shooting a video for youtube can be really overwhelming when you don't have proper knowledge about the gears, and most importantly about the process.

So at first, you need to develop a process for your daily recording to get the job done smoothly and quickly.

After that, there are two most important thing you should care about while recording videos for Youtube that I mentioned in the below.

(i) Noise Free Audio

To create a quality video content for youtube it is mandatory to record the video in a noise free place because it doesn't matter how good the video quality is but if it has a bad audio quality nobody is going to watch your video.

(ii) Good Quality Video

To produce a good quality video you need to have a good light condition at the place of your recording because the video is the second most important thing after the audio that people care about during watching a video.

C. Video Editing For YouTube

Video editing is the magic portion of this journey because this can make your video look professional and attractive with a few simple tweaks.

If you have knowledge about editing video then it can be a great advantage for you, but even if you don't know how to edit a video then you can learn this thing really quickly with the help of many available tutorial videos on youtube itself as well as you can find many helpful articles on the google.

Here I can suggest to you some great video editing software to make your life easier.

There are two options for video editing for you, one is the computer which is the best way to edit any video and the second is the smartphone which I recommend only if you don't have a computer or laptop.

Video Editing Softwares For Computer

Video Editing Softwares For Smartphone

As soon as you select the video editing software, you will need to keep a few important tips in mind while editing the video that I mentioned in the below section.

(i) Color Correction

Even if you had a good lightning condition during the video shoot you might need to do some color correction while editing your video which can make your video shinier.

(ii) On Screen Graphics

To entertain your audience even more or to hide your bad shots you can use on-screen graphics to explain your video key points while editing. On-screen graphics is a very powerful technic to make your video more entertaining and dynamic.

Like cooking videos use on-screen graphics in the form of text to help you take note of each step and ingredients about the cooking.

(iii) Add A Music

Music has the ability to make your video more interesting because music influences our emotion.

But few things to keep in mind when you are adding a music to your video, never use any copyrighted music as it can get your channel into trouble always find some free music like YouTube audio library and Wistia's free music collection.

Music should not be louder than your voice and it should complement the theme of your video.

(iv) Video File Name

Always use the main keyword of your video in your video file name because it can help you to boost your ranking.

For example, if your main keyword is "How To Edit Video For YouTube" then your video file name should be "How To Edit Video For YouTube.mp4", Make sure you rename your video file name before uploading the video on youtube.

3. Video Upload & Optimization On YouTube

Now it seems like you have gone through the beginning procedures and ready to hit that upload button on youtube which means you are ready to make money from youtube.

In this section, I will discuss all the important tasks you have to focus on during the video upload session.

A. Keyword Research for Video

According to Mushroom Networks Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world.

That means people are using youtube every single moment to find video contents, to find those content they are using some words or phrases which is called keyword in marketing language.

So here is the deal!

If you can find those words and phrases what people are using to search videos on youtube, then optimize your content's title & description around those keywords then there is high chance to get your video on their search results.

There are many ways to find keywords for your video content which I am going to explain in the below section.

(i) YouTube Search Autocomplete

This is a great option to understand what keywords people are using to search videos on youtube. Simply just head over to youtube search box then start typing any phrase and see what Youtube is suggesting as an autocomplete phrases against that phrase.

And whatever autocomplete phrases you are getting from youtube those are actually the keywords people are using every time when they are searching for something on youtube.

(ii) Competitors Most Viewed Videos

Always keep an eye on some well-established channels similar to your niche and find their most viewed videos where you can find some already tested keywords on their video title, description, and tags that you can use for your videos.

(iii) Ubersuggest

This is an absolutely free tool from a very well known online marketing expert Neil Patel. You can use this tool to find the search volume, CPC, and competition on any particular keyword. Also, you will get some similar related keywords to yours.

The best thing about Ubersuggest is that it brings all the data from the Google Keyword Planner Tool and Google Related Search Results as those are the very authentic sources from Google itself.

(iv) Google Video Search Result

You can search on google using any keyword and if you get some videos on the search result then there is a high chance to make your video rank using the keyword from those video results.

B. Write A Video Title

A title is one of the most important things about your video content so you should spend more time to optimize your video title because the title and thumbnail play the main role to attract visitors to your youtube video.

So always use your main keyword in your video title and try to keep it in the beginning phrases.

Create A Perfect Title

If you want to make your title perfect then use this 3 things in your video title:

  • Add a number to your title
  • Use attention-grabbing phrases and words
  • Use emotion in your title like "Amazing, Wow" etc.

One last thing I want to tell you that "Create a title that tells everything about your entire video".

C. Write A Video Description

This is the thing which can help you rank in the Youtube because Youtube uses title, description, and tags to understand the complete video context and this way they are able to serve most relevant search results to the people those are searching for it.

See what Youtube said about the video description:

“YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. And writing descriptions with keywords can help viewers find your videos more easily through search.”

Create A Perfect Description

There are few things to remember when you write a killer description for your video.

  • Never use a tiny description
  • At least write 150 words description
  • Use your main keyword in the first line of the description
  • Repeat the keyword at least 2 to 3 times in the description
  • Use related keywords to your main keyword
  • Don't use the same description for all the videos

[Bonus] Use Video Transcription

It is a good practice to transcribe your video and use that transcription in the description section because in this way Youtube can easily understand what your video is all about and it can help your video in ranking.

Although it can be a time-consuming work still it's worthwhile.

If you don't have time for this then at least mention the main key points of your video along with brief summaries, it will also help you in the long run.

D. Use Tags For Video

Tags are the very helpful factor in YouTube SEO.

You should use your main keyword as the first tag and then related keywords in the tag section of the video, also you should use some phrases which can tell Youtube that what your video is all about.

Tips For Using Tags

While using tags for your video few most important things to keep in mind:

  • Never use tags longer than 3 words
  • Use 7-8 tags not more than that
  • Never use tags which don't describe your video topic
  • Use superspecific tags that anyone can understand your video topic even without reading the description
  • Copy tags from some popular videos related to your video using a very helpful and dedicated tool for youtube known as TubeBuddy

E. Analyze The Engagement Signals

YouTube itself has mentioned that:

“Videos are ranked based on a variety of factors including how well the title, description, and video content match the viewer’s query. Beyond that, we look at which videos have driven the most engagement."

- YouTube

Drive Engagement

Following Youtube's statement, I am going to give you some tips.

  • Always ask for like, comment, share and subscribe at the end of your video
  • Leave a pinned comment with a question that engaged your audience
  • Write for like, comment, share and subscribe in the description as well as in video end section.

F. Audience Retention

The average percentage of video watched by the viewers called audience retention.

For example, suppose your video length is 4 minutes long and the viewers watch that video on an average of 2 minutes then your audience or viewer retention on that video is 50 percent.

If you want to know why audience retention is so important then read what YouTube stated about this:

“We’ve started adjusting the ranking of videos in YouTube search to reward engaging videos that keep viewers watching.”

- YouTube

YouTube also said:

“And videos with consistently high audience retention and watch time have the potential to show up more frequently in Search and Suggested locations on YouTube.”

- YouTube

G. Watch Time

Watch time is the total accumulated time viewers watched your video on youtube since you first published it.

According to YouTube:

“The longer you can keep people watching on YouTube because of your content, the more your content may get surfaced.”

- YouTube

Increase Watch Time

There are a few strategies that can help you increase your channel watch time.

  • Increase audience retention by creating super interesting videos
  • Create long-form videos (12-15 minutes) so people spend more time on youtube

The more you will understand regarding how you can increase the watch time of your videos in the below cards, end screen, and thumbnail sections.

H. Use Cards To Promote Videos

Cards are the very useful feature on youtube for content creators.

You can easily promote your videos, channels even external website using cards which appear on the desktop as well as on the mobile screen.

Cards can help you to keep the audience engaged on your channel especially cards help to increase the watch time of your channel.

Simply add cards in the middle of your video and before the end of your video when there is a high chance people might leave your video because in this way you can funnel people to other related videos whenever they tend to leave your channel.

In this way, you can increase the overall watch time session of your channel that Youtube also loves.

I. Use End Screen To Promote Videos

With the help of the end screen, you can promote your other videos, playlists, channel and subscribe button 5-20 seconds at the end of your videos.

Normally people can do anything they want after your video ends.

For example, they can click on other suggested videos or they can head over to the search bar even they can leave Youtube after watching your video which is a very bad signal to Youtube and definitely not good for your channel.

That is the reason end screen is a very helpful feature because using this end screen feature you can let people watch more of your videos that they don't even know about.

In this way, viewers discover more videos of your channel which helps you to increase the watch time of your channel.

J. Create A Video Thumbnail

Video thumbnail is the thing which alone has the ability to attract bunches of new viewers to your video among thousands of other videos on youtube.

The success of any of your video relies on the video title and thumbnail because people need to click on your video to watch how good your content is at the first place and here thumbnail plays a big role to bring viewers to click and watch your content.

You can either use Photoshop or for creating a thumbnail. Even you can find some creative ideas to create an outstanding thumbnail on canva.

Tips for Thumbnail

I want to give you a few important tips to create an eye-catching thumbnail that works:

  • Always create a custom thumbnail
  • Use colors that stand out
  • Write a hook line using big texts
  • Add graphics & your face
  • Use a similar layout for all videos
  • Include your logo on it
  • Keep contrast high which draws attention
  • Don't use the title on the thumbnail
  • Title of the video and thumbnail should compliment each other

4. Gain An Audience On YouTube

As soon as you launched your channel and put some videos on it then the next target should be gaining an audience on your channel because this is the way you can potentially make some money on regular basis.

Build a community of audience even youtube wants that:

“Building a community on YouTube lets you have a deeper connection with your audience and can lead to long-term channel growth.”

- YouTube

In simple words, you can't make money if you don't have an audience!

A. Increase Channel Subscribers

Getting subscriber can lead your channel to success.

See what youtube says about this:

“Subscribers… tend to spend more time watching your channel than viewers who are not subscribed.”

- YouTube

Ways To Gain Subscriber Fast

There are hundreds of ways to gain subscribers but I am going to share with you the best of them. If you follow these strategies then you will definitely able to gain a good amount of subscribers for your channel fast.

  • Comment on every video you watch on YouTube
  • Reply to every comment of your videos
  • Ask people to subscribe your channel
  • Do collaboration with other youtubers
  • Tweet your videos to influencers related to your niche
  • Upgrade channel branding to test out what works
  • Solve people's problems by creating amazing tutorials
  • Upgrade your gears to make your content quality better

B. Get More Video Views

Getting views on your video after it's uploaded is the main thing you really need because when people would watch your videos then only they can know about the channel which possibly makes them subscribe your channel.

(i) Ways Gain Video Views

Here are a few ways you can get more video views on your channel:

  • Do proper research before making any video
  • Create remarkable content that provides value for years to come
  • Post videos consistently as per the schedule
  • Give your audience "Call to Action" in every video
  • Model your channel around some most successful channels
  • Use the list in every video to divide the content into few chunks
  • Post a top subscriber list frequently to make them feel connected
  • Repurpose content by taking small clips from an old video and then upload as a separate video
  • Cross-Promote your videos on the other video descriptions
  • Use background music that compliments your video topic and touches the emotions

(ii) Types of Videos You Can Create

There are 7 Types of videos that work great on YouTube:

  • How To's
  • Lists
  • Compilation
  •  Reviews
  •  Interviews
  •  Case Studies
  •  Guides & Tutorials

Create all the 7 types of videos and test them out then see what works for you. If any type among them work well and get more views for your channel then rinse and repeat creating more contents like that.

C. Promote Your Video

There is no doubt that youtube is the most crowded video website where millions of videos already exist with every possible topic you can find.

So even if you have a killer content on your channel but it won't work until you take some steps to promote it.

But don't worry, there is no rocket science in promoting videos online and not even you have to spend a single buck because I am going to share some already proven FREE strategies to promote your videos online which can give your content a big boost.

(i) FREE Promotion Strategies

  • Promote your video on Reddit with a paragraph explaining it
  • Answer a related question on Quora and then link your video as a source
  • Share your video on social networks like Facebook, Twitter & Google+
  • Write a blog post around the topic of your video then embed your video on that post
  • Send the video to your email subscribers (if you have any)

(ii) Focus on First 24 Hours

Promote your video with all the efforts in the first 24 hours because this is the most crucial time when Youtube also helps new videos by promoting them on their homepage.

That means there is a very high chance to get a big spike on video views in the first 24 hours from the video gets uploaded with the help of Youtube algorithm.

So don't miss this great opportunity and push your video hard to promote as soon as it goes live because you can make your video successful in these time period.

D. Create Channel Playlists

A playlist is a great feature on a youtube channel, where you can add all the videos with the similar topics at one place so that when people come to watch your playlist then all the videos from the playlist play automatically.

There are many proven advantages of having playlists on a channel that you also should implement to your channel to take those advantages.

Benefits of Playlists

  • You can organize your videos in category wise playlists
  • People can easily find the videos that they are looking for or interested in
  • Playlist with the SEO friendly title and description can help your playlist rank for a particular keyword
  • People spend more time on your channel which increases overall watch time

YouTube mentioned that:

Great playlists can keep viewers watching longer.”

E. YouTube Studio Utilization

Youtube studio can be a game changer if you use it properly, and analyze all the data you can find on youtube studio to make your videos better than before every time.

There are many important metrics you can see and your job is to look closely at those metrics to improve your performance on the platform.

I have explained about a few of them in the below.

(i) Impressions & CTR

These metrics tell you that your video is getting lots of impressions but not getting enough clicks, which can help you to gain more clicks by testing different title, description, and thumbnail.

(ii) Traffic Source Types

Here you can find which source of traffic doing well so that you can put some extra effort into the particular source to increase more of your traffic.

This metric helps to discover some untapped keywords what people are typing on the youtube search box when finding videos and your videos appear for those keywords. Now you can optimize your video around those keywords to make your video more relevant.

(iv) Youtube Watch Page

In this section, you can find which video brings more subscriber and then promote that video more with the help of a channel trailer, and screen, cards to boost your subscriber count.

(v) Top Playlists

Find out which playlist brings the more watch time and then add more relevant contents to that playlist to increase more watch time.

(vi) Top Videos

Same like top playlists you also can find the top videos from your channel, as soon as you get to know which video brings more views, then you can create videos related to that topic to boost more views.

F. Branding Watermark On Video

Using the branded watermark feature you can insert a logo or any image in the bottom right corner of your videos,

but this is not the end because it allows people to subscribe your channel within the video just by clicking on the icon or image added using the branded watermark.

Maximize Channel Growth

Now here I want to give you some tips for utilizing this feature to maximize your channel growth:

  • Don't use your logo in branded watermark because no one will understand that they can subscribe your channel using that
  • Use a same subscribe button icon that youtube has because it can draw the attention of people to subscribe the channel, and it will help you to increase the channel subscriber
  • Use the watermark on the entire video but just after the intro video completes
  • Don't add anything on the bottom right corner while editing your video because the branded watermark will block whatever you add over this section
  • Last but not the least tip is that you can track the performance of your branded watermark, which will help you to understand if the icon you used is working for you or not

G. Use YouTube Community Tab

Community tab is a section on your channel where you can post an image, poll and text-based post, this feature helps creators to engage with their audience outside of your video.

There are many ways you can potentially use this community tab feature for your good:

(i) Share Your Other Side

Usually, people only see you in your videos, but you can show some other parts of your life using the community tab to interact with your audience.

(ii) Use for Polls 

You can use polls for next video suggestion for your channel to make your audience happy.

(iii) Promotions

Use the community tab to promote your videos before it published, as well as promote your old videos and also you can cross-promote someone else's video over here in exchange for your video promotion.

(iv) Do Shout-Outs

This the best place where you can promote a product or service, also you can ask your subscriber to support your channel by donating through a service like Patreon.

5. Monetize Your YouTube Channel

After all the hard work finally, it's time to make money from youtube. I know this is not an easy deal but believe me this the proven strategy to make money online.

There are a few ways you can make money from your youtube channel that I am going to explain in the below sections.

A. Monetize Channel With AdSense

Youtube partner program is considered as the main monetization method for the percentage of the Youtubers for making money from a youtube channel. To monetize your channel with Youtube ads you will need to apply for a Google-based ad service known as AdSense.

Earlier it was just a few clicks away to connect an Adsense account with the Youtube channel to enable the monetization, but in the January 2018 Youtube rolled out some new set of criteria to become a member of Youtube Partner Program and activate the Adsense monetization on a Youtube channel.

I have briefly explained the process and criteria to enable the monetization in the below section.

(i) 4000 Hours of Watch Time & 1000 Subscribers

If you want to enable Adsense monetization on your Youtube channel then according to Youtube, before that you have to gain 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of video watch time in the previous 12 month period.

Also, you have to maintain the Youtube policy & guidelines and you should know how ads work on Youtube.

As soon as you complete this threshold, youtube will review your channel carefully which can take a few weeks,

if everything seems good on your channel as per the Youtube guidelines, then they will allow enabling the ad monetization on your channel by joining the Youtube partner program.

(ii) Set up Google AdSense

As soon as you complete the threshold given by youtube, head over to the Google Adsense page and sign up for the Adsense program which is free of cost,

just you have to provide a bank or PayPal account details to receive the earnings, also you need to provide a valid mail address for account verification purpose.

Note: Don't apply if your age is below 18 years, in that case, you need your parents to help you.

(iii) Become a YouTube Partner

So now when you have created your Adsense account, you are ready to apply for the youtube partner program, and for that, you have to follow a few simple steps to enable your monetization.

  • 1st Step: Head over to the Youtube creator studio and enable your channel monetization.
  • 2nd Step: Connect your Adsense account with your Youtube channel in order to make money and get paid.
  • 3rd Step: Select "Monetize with Ads", and then select formats to run the ads on your channel videos from the 6 provided format options in the video manager.
  • 4rth Step: While uploading video, must tick the checkbox to agree with Youtube's advertiser-friendly guidelines.
  • 5th Bonus: Before you begin uploading videos, don't forget to check the video monetization criteria.

B. Other Monetization Methods

Most of the new youtubers don't even know that they can monetize their channel in so many ways other than just Youtube partner program.

So take these as bonus strategies for making extra money from Youtube that I am going to explain in the below sections.

(i) Sponsored Videos for Influencer Marketing

One of the best ways to make money is to do the partnership with brands then promote their brand or product on a video from your channel, this is also called the influencer marketing which is quite famous these days.

For that, you don't even have to create a dedicated video for that brand, what you have to do is that just create the normal video as you create on the regular basis,

and then somewhere in the video, mention that brand or product as for example "this video is sponsored by xyz", after that you have to describe the product in brief.

If you are in the technology niche then most of the time you have to do a product review or product unboxing video to get paid by the brands.

Just for doing that the brands will pay you a good amount of money because they can showcase their brand or product in front of the right people as they know that you have a niche audience base that they are looking for.

Getting a partnership with brands is not so easy thing at least at the earlier stage, as soon as you make an audience of your own, you can get sponsorships from brands related to your niche.

Tip: When you grow your channel you can go through Upfluence to find brands to partner with.

(ii) Affiliate Marketing

If there is something which can make money with the snap of finger then definitely that is affiliate marketing. In this case, you just have to sign up with an affiliate program and then you are ready to go.

Now you just have to share your affiliate link of the products or services with your audience and you will get a commission whenever someone purchases something following that link,

and the most interesting thing is that the buyers don't have to pay any additional cost for that.

There are millions of affiliate program exist across the internet like Amazon Associates, ClickBank, JVZoo, ShareASale and many more to count, but you should always select a service or product based on your niche and audience.

Tip: If you find some product or service which is related to your video or channel and probably your audience would likely to buy then go for it and share your affiliate link on the description of your video.

(iii) Crowdfunding

This is a kind of donation where you can raise fund from your audience to support your channel using service like Patreon.

Recently youtube also launched their own crowdfunding feature caller Sponsorship. This is far better than services like patreon because you will get a sponsor button just beside the subscribe button and your fans can support you following this button on a recurring basis.

Although this feature is not available for everyone right now but in the near future all the Youtubers would get this sponsor button on their channel hopefully.

(iv) YouTube Traffic Into Email List

If you really want to play a long-term game by creating your own brand then must begin with list building strategy, because if you able to convert your traffic into the email list then you can make more money than ever.

In this case, you just have to send regular helpful newsletters to your list, and in those emails, you can suggest some affiliate products or services which can be helpful for your audience, in this way you can make a good amount of affiliate commission all the time.

By the way, email marketing is a broad topic for money making, which I will cover some day in this blog to teach you everything about list building strategies.

(v) Sell Old Videos

After reading the headline you must be thinking that how could you sell your videos?

So let me give you some bonus tips that you can use to generate some extra bucks by using your old videos.

Transcribe your most popular old videos into the text form and use them as blog posts which also can be monetized with the Adsense ads, also you can use the longer version of your video transcription to create an eBook which you can sale on amazon kindle store for few bucks.

Tip: if you are too busy with your other works and don't have enough time for transcribing videos yourself then use for this transcription job outsourcing in a professional way.

(vi) Coaching & Consulting

If you have expertise in some field then you can make a good amount of extra money by giving a group or 1-on-1 coaching to your fans. Also if you become an authority in your niche then you can consult for big companies or can create some courses to teach hundreds of people by that.

I suggest you to must check out the video below to discover some cool ways to make money on YouTube.


I have covered almost everything about Youtube, from creating a channel to making money from it.

If you are really serious about making money online then Youtube is the best platform that provides the opportunity to utilize their platform to everyone without even charging a single penny.

There are many ways you can start making money online, but most of them are not free as Youtube.

So without wasting your precious time just start your Youtube channel from today onwards because "the best time to do this was ten years ago and the next best day is today".

If you have any question or suggestion related to this topic then go ahead and feel free to add some value in the comment box below.

And if you want to get more contents like this directly in your inbox then you can subscribe to Nixupken Newsletter following the subscription form below.

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