How to Install WordPress on Bluehost (Step-by-Step)

Here is the step by step illustrative guide to making a WordPress website with Bluehost for the beginners. Let's create your business website today.
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Last Updated: September 27, 2019
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Today in this beginner-friendly and illustrative guide you will learn how to make a WordPress website with Bluehost web hosting step by step. It will take less than 30 minutes to create a completely new website from scratch if you follow the instruction of this blog post properly.

In today's digital scenario everyone wants to make their own strong online presence, which is really a great way to get online success.

There are a bunch of ways to get your business online and a number of advantages of having a business website which I have explained on my other blog post if you want to read that then just click on the hyperlink within this paragraph.

Also if you want to learn what are the necessary things you are going to need to create your business website then please read my in-depth blog post just by clicking the hyperlink within this paragraph.

Most of the people in this generation usually use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Youtube (many more on this list) to create their online presence.

But if you want to make your own platform with full control, for your digital presence then making your own website is the best ever choice.

Because with your own website you can make a lot of money with the proper monetization and the best thing about having your own website is no one will have any control over this except you. You will be the sole owner of your website which is not in the case of social media sites.

So now without taking further time, let's get started!

Why Choose Bluehost Webs Hosting For Your Website

First of all I want let you know that there are a number of web hosting companies exist and most of them are doing well, but after using some of the web hosting services I finally decided to move my websites to bluehost as it is also a recommended web hosting by WordPress itself.

According to me, you should consider mainly three qualities while choosing your web hosting; #1. Reliable Web Hosting Company, #2. Fast Web Hosting Service, #3. Best Customer Support.

If any one of them is missing in your web hosting then you are going to make your life complicated and that will become your worst nightmare.

As per my personal experience and many of my client's experience Bluehost has all these 3 qualities within their web hosting,

first of all, they are a reliable and established company, secondly they have fast servers which make your site loading speed even faster, and lastly they have out of the box customer support team dedicated to their customers.

Set Up Your Fresh Bluehost Hosting Account

In this section, you will learn to set up your fresh and new Bluehost hosting account, to set up your fresh Bluehost account follow the below step by step instruction to speed up the process.

Click here to get started now with Bluehost account creation! It's an affiliate link and I will get a commission without any additional cost to you if you follow my link to get your Bluehost web hosting, and I don't want to hide this from you as I feel proud to promote Bluehost.

Create Your Account With Bluehost

Hopefully, you have landed on the homepage which should look exactly like the below image.

Bluehost Front Page
  • Save

Now click the "login" button as pointed with the arrow in the above image or you also can click the big green "get started now" button, as soon as you click any of the buttons, a page will be opened just like the below image which is actually the login page of Bluehost.

Bluehost Create Account
  • Save

As you are totally new to Bluehost just ignore everything and hit the "create account" button as pointed by the arrow in the above image.

Select Your Bluehost Hosting Plan

By clicking the create account button you will be landed on a page called select your plan, where you will get to see total three option to select from;

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Prime

As you can see in the below image.

Bluehost Plan Selection
  • Save

Now you have to select any one of the plans and its totally depends on you that which plan you want to go for as per your budget and requirements.

But I can guide you to select a better plan as per your needs.

If you are a beginner and just want to make a website for your own profile or for blogging purpose then I would highly recommend you to select the basic plan which would be more than enough for you.

But if you are a business or want to run multiple blogs and websites at the same time, then you should definitely go for plus or prime plan.

I use prime plan for myself as I run my digital agency business website and many other niche websites as well. Even before getting started with Bluehost I had three websites and I already planned to make more blogs and websites so I decided to sign up for the prime plan.

Now select any of the plans from basic, plus or prime as per your budget and requirements just by clicking the green "select" button as you can see in the above image.

Claim Your Free Domain On Bluehost

After clicking the select button you will be landed on the sign up now page as you can see in the below image.

Bluehost Domain register
  • Save

On this page, you have a total of two options;

  • New domain
  • I have a domain name

Here I want to tell you that whatever plan you select in the Bluehost you will get a free domain name along with that. So now its time to decide the name of your website wisely.

As for example, hostingvsdomain is the name that I have decided to keep for my blog so I would have type this name in the new domain section then I would leave the .com extension as it is without any changes, then I would click the "next" button.

Note: If you are not able to register the domain name you have decided, most probably it is already taken by someone else. So you have to try some other variations or add some extra words to your decided domain name as a suffix or prefix then hopefully you will be able to find and register your domain name.

Check Your Domain Name Availability Right From The Below Tool

Fill Up Your Personal Information For Bluehost Account

After clicking the next button you will get to see the below page called create your account.

Bluehost personal information
  • Save

On this page, you have two options to select in order to provide your personal information.

  • Sign in with Google
  • Fill up the complete details form

I suggest you click the Sign in with Google option so that Bluehost can automatically get the all your details from your Google account and after that must check all the fields if they are accurate or not.

Otherwise, you can also fill up the complete details form manually if you wish.

Select Your Bluehost Package Account Plan & Complete Your Payment

After filling up your personal details just scroll down the page and you will see a section of the package information which is normally the reconfirmation of your selected hosting plan as you can see in the below image. Now in this section, you have to select the hosting account plan duration.

Bluehost package & payment information
  • Save

I would recommend you to to get the 36 months plan because when you select a larger plan you will get a good discount from Bluehost and it will save a big amount of money for you. By the way its totally your choice so better you decide which account plan duration is suitable for you.

You also can see some extra options provided by Bluehost which is usually a set of upselling items. I don't recommend to select all of them as it will cost you unnecessary extra money.

But I strongly suggest you spend $0.99 per month for domain privacy protection (recommended but not mandatory) as this thing will protect your personal information on the domain whois data so that people cannot find your personal information which will protect you from getting spammed.

After that scroll the page below in order to complete the payment process where you will see a section called payment information. Fill up all the fields with your credit card details or if you don't have a credit card just click the more payment options to find some other payment options to complete the purchase.

As soon as you have done everything as shown and suggested in the above image you must check the "Bluehost Terms & Service, Cancellation Policy & Privacy Policy" checkbox and then hit the green "submit" button to complete the payment process.

Create Your Password For Bluehost Account

After clicking the submit button your purchase process will be completed and you will be landed on Welcome to Bluehost page as you can see in the below image.

Bluehost Create-Your-Password
  • Save

Once paid and registered you can create your account password by hitting the big green "create your password" button.

After you click the "create your password" button you will see Create Your Password page and on this page, there will be total two fields for password & re-enter the password, as you can see in the below image.

  • Save

As soon as you enter your passwords then you just have to click the checkbox of Bluehost privacy policy and terms of service, then just hit the "next" button and boom! You are ready to go.

So congratulations you have finally registered for your domain and hosting, so now you are ready to create your own website in the next steps.

Create Your WordPress Website In Your Bluehost Account

So now hopefully you have signed up for the Bluehost account and also registered for the domain & hosting plan. After that, you have also created your password for your Bluehost account. If yes, then now its time to create your dream website with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Let's make your website...

Login Into Your Bluehost Account

To create your website at first you have to log in to your Bluehost account. So now just open the Bluehost homepage in your browser and click the "login" button from the top right corner of the home page as you can see the below image.

Bluehost Front Page
  • Save

After clicking the login button you will see the next page which is the account login page as you can see in the below image.

Here you can click on the "Sign in with Google" button if you want Bluehost to get your login details from your linked Google account automatically, or else you can fill up your login details manually in the below domain or username & password fields and then you just have to click the "submit" button to login into your Bluehost account.

Bluehost account login with google
  • Save

After you click the submit button you will be reached to your account dashboard page as you can see in the below image. This is the main control panel for your website backend and you can control almost everything about your website from this page.

Bluehost Dashboard
  • Save

Today our main focus is to create your website so just ignore everything on this page and hit the "My Sites" option from the top left side of the page as you can see the arrow pointed section in the above image.

Start Creating Your WordPress Website

Once you click my sites option on the dashboard page you will be landed on a new page called My Site page which is the actual page where you are finally going to create your website.

In this my sites page, you have to click the "create site" button which is on the top right corner of the page as you can see the arrow pointed in the below image.

Bluehost Create Site Button
  • Save

Provide Your Website Name And Tagline

Once you click the create site button you will be landed on Create a new WordPress site page where you have to fill up two fields.

One is site name where you have to type your domain name (as I have typed Hosting vs Domain in the below image) which you have registered during the hosting purchase process and this will be the name of your website.

And the second field is site tagline where you have to enter a slogan or a tiny tagline of your site (as I have entered "Learn everything about hosting & domain" in the below image).

After that just click the "next" button on the page as you can see in the below image.

Create wordpress site page
  • Save

Select Your Registered Domain And Start WordPress Installation

Once you click the next button you will see a new page called choose a domain page where you have to select the domain name in the drop-down domain field leave the directory fields absolutely blank which is at the right side of the domain field section.

Then in the below section of the same page, you will see a helpful free plugins section, where you must uncheck the checkboxes of WP form, Opt-in Monster plugin and keep the Monster Insight plugin checked then just hit the "next" button.

Follow the visual instruction in the below image.

Bluehost choose domain
  • Save

Once you click the next button immediately a page will appear where you will see a message "Nice! Setting up WordPress for you" as you can see in the below image. It will take a few seconds to set up and load.

Bluehost wordpress setting up
  • Save

After loading for a few seconds it will automatically redirect you to a new page called WordPress installed successfully, it simply means you have successfully uploaded the WordPress content management system on your hosting server. So now let's move to the next very important steps.

Basic Set Up Of Your Website

In this page, click "go back to my site" link as you can see in the below image.

Wordpress installed successfully
  • Save

When you click go back to my sites link you will reach again to the same my sites page where you have started making your website, but this time just to do some basic setup and launching your already created website.

This time on this page you will see your newly created website just like Hosting vs Domain website in the below image, so now just head over your mouse cursor on that and two buttons will appear as soon as you do this.

You just have to click the "manage site" button as you can see in the below image.

My sites with my domain
  • Save

Claim Your Free Bluehost SSL Certificate

After clicking the manage site button you will be landed on your website's Bluehost dashboard page where you have to do some basic setup to launch your website.

In this page at first head over your cursor to the "security" link and click the link as shown in the below image.

Bluehost Security Option
  • Save

As soon as you click the security link you are ready to claim your Free SSL Certificate provided by the Bluehost for free. You just have to turn on the "Free SSL Certificate" Button as instructed in the below image.

Then within 24 hours, your site URL will be converted from HTTP to HTTPS, and your website will get a secure lock badge on the top left of the browser just before your website URL.

After you claim the SSL then click the settings link from the top menu option on the page as you can see in the below image.

Bluehost ssl
  • Save

Add "WWW" to your Website Name And Turn On The Auto Update Options

When you click the settings link you will be ready to launch your website! But before that, you need to do some basic tweaks.

If you want to add the traditional "WWW" before your website name then you need to type www. just after https:// and just before the, then just hit the "save updates" button to apply this setting.

As soon as you hit the button you will see a notification [Site URL updated successfully] just on the below-left side of the page.

Note: By the way, this is not mandatory to add "WWW" in your website name so you can skip this step if you don't want to add "WWW" in your website name.

Next thing you have to do in this page is to turn on all the three "WordPress core", "Plugins" and "Themes" buttons from Automatic Updates section.

Bluehost www
  • Save

Turn Off The Coming Soon Page To Launch Your Website

After that just scroll down the same page and you will find a section of coming soon page where you just have to hit and turn off the "coming soon page on my site" button.

And Boom! Congratulations finally your website has been launched!

Bluehost coming soon
  • Save

Visit Your WordPress Dashboard And Website Homepage

Now scroll up to the page again and then click the "log in to WordPress" button from the top right corner of the page as you can see in the below image.

Bluehost login to wordpress
  • Save

Once you click the login to WordPress button you will be redirected to your WordPress dashboard page which exactly looks like the below image.

Wordpress dashboard
  • Save

On this page just head over your cursor on the top left corner where you will find a home button along with your website name, as soon as you bring your cursor over this, a "visit site" option will appear which you have to click immediately.

As soon as you click the visit site option you will be landed on your website home page as you can see in the below image, which means you have finally created and launched your own website completely by yourself.

Congratulations once again...

Website homepage
  • Save


In this detailed illustrative guide, you have learned how to make a WordPress website with Bluehost step by step, but this is not the end!

WordPress is a highly customizable CMS where you can install any kind of theme from free to paid one to make your website looks as you want it to look. Also, you can install a bundle of good plugins to expand the functionalities of your website.

So, if you want to set up and design your website yourself then go ahead and start creating your first website now, but before that, you should know what are the essential features you would require for your website and I have a written a definitive checklist in this topic if you want to read then just click the hyperlink within this paragraph.

But if you don't have time to learn everything from scratch, still you are determined to get your own professional business website, then let us create a professional website for your business, just click the hyperlink within this paragraph to explore the details.

Please share this article with your friends from the below options, as it will show me that you like the content and also it will encourage me to provide more valuable contents like this.

If you have any question or confusion please let me know in the comment box below.

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