9 Quick Steps to Choose Right Colors for Your Brand

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Mohammed Wasim Akram
First Published on:
September 13, 2018
Last Updated on:
February 22, 2022
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After creating a website, deciding and choosing the color schemes for the site can be the most confusing and complicated task for any web designer. Especially if someone doesn't belong to a graphics designer background.

So don't worry, after reading this compact guide you would be enough confident to select the color schemes for your website.

Because after extensive research, I have able to create this compact guide for you, which will make this color selection task easier for you with the help of color psychology and many other important proven strategies.

I have come up with the idea of creating this post, after a discussion with one of my clients Mrs. Roberta Sabbatini, who runs a wedding planner business in London.

She asked for my help to select the color schemes for her website as she is very confused with the colors.

I would like to thanks to her for giving me such a great inspiration to write this blog post about the website color schemes selection for my readers.


So now let's begin...

As per the Kissmetrics;

85% of shoppers place color as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product.

80% increases in brand recognition when using color. Brand recognition directly links to consumer confidence.

When you are designing your website one thing always keeps in mind that the color you are choosing for your website should represent the purpose of your brand.

And it also should represent the emotions, which psychologically connects with your audience because colors speak louder than words.


Select The Website Colors Based On The Types Of Buyers

A. Impulse buyers go for Red, Royal Blue & Black.
B. Buyers on a budget go for Navy Blue & Teal.
C. Traditional Buyers go for Pink, Skyblue & Rose.

(Source: Website Builder Expert)

So now take a piece of paper and note down a group of color based on the above mention buyers types.

3 Main Types Of Colors That Are Connected With Our Emotion

There are 3 main categories of standard colors that are connected with our emotions subconsciously.

Each individual color has an ability to trigger an emotion and attract specific types of customer, and can even change consumer behaviors.

That is the reason big brands always select their colors based on color psychology.

Warm Colors

Red: Love, Adoration, Romance, Danger, Passion, Excitement, Urgency, Rage, Energy, Vibrancy & Anger


Yellow: Delight, Youthfulness, Satisfaction, Hope, Optimism, Cheerfulness & Deceit

Orange: Power, Friendliness, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Joy, Energy & Vitality

Cool Colors

Blue: Peace, Calm, Stability, Loyalty, Focus, Truth & Sorrow

Green: Nature, Success, Prosperity, Wealth, Health, New Beginning

Purple: Wealth, Luxury, Royalty, Respect, Spiritual, Exotic, Prosperity Success, Wisdom & Abundance


White: Cleanliness, Purity, Virtue & Holiness


Black: Mystery, Mystic, Elegance, intelligence, Class, Evil, Power, Sophisticated, Luxury & Authority

Grey: Demure, Old, Fashioned, Formal, Neutral, Simplicity, Camp, logic, Timeless, Practical & Futuristic

Brown: Trust, Chastity, Trust

Now it's time to select and note down some of the colors based on the emotion that is connected to your target audience.

Top 3 Favorite Colors For The Men And Women

Kissmetrics conducted a study on colors and, as a result, they found that there are total 3 top favorite colors for men and women.

Women: Blue, Green & Purple
Men: Blue, Black & Green

(Source: Kissmetrics)

3 Most Important Colors To Considers For A Website

1. Dominant Color

Choose a dominant color as your brand's primary color, and the primary color of your logo should be used as a dominant color of your website.

Note: Choose any warm or cool color based on your target audience, which should be the main color of your website.

2. Accent Colors

Use 1 to 2 accent to create a color scheme for your site.

Note: Monochromatic is best for this because it made with different shades of 1 single color, so there is no chance for the color mismatch and it looks beautiful together.

Use this for the secondary color of your site, and another accent color with high contrast should be used to attract customer attention to a dedicated place such as a call to action, contact form, phone number, menu tab, highlighted information etc.

Backdrop Color

Use the background color as a backdrop of your website design.


Note: Neutral colors are dedicated for this and white is one of the neutral colors that most big brands prefer for their site background such as Facebook, Google etc.

So now decide the colors for your website based on these 3 considerations and note it down on the paper.

Steps To Select The Colors For Your Website

Step 1: Color should be based on your targeted buyer's categories.

Step 2: Decide if you want to go for a warm or cool color.

Step 3: A color should represent your brand's purpose so select the color as per the emotions behind it.

Step 4: Select a color based on the male and female based audience targeting. The best practice to select a color that is favorite for men as well as women at the same time, such as blue and green.


Step 5: Use the dominant color from your logo as well as in the places that you want to highlight to attract the attention of your audience.

Step 6: Select a color that is suitable for your targeted market audience, so that they can easily connect with your brand.

Step 7: Use the 60/30/10 ratio to design your website. The main color for 60% of your site, the secondary color should be 30% and 10% is for your logo the dominant color with high contrast.

Step 8: Use neutral color for the background which should complement all the other colors of your site.

Step 9: Use online tools like Adobe Colors and Coolors to select your color palette.

As soon as you have completed these steps, you are ready to select the color schemes for your website with enough confidence.


I would strongly suggest you watch this video about the basic understanding of colors in graphics designing.


Although I'm not an expert in color selection, still I created this useful guide for my readers as well as for myself which would definitely make your job easier to choose a color scheme for your website.

I have successfully able to create this guide just because I'm a passionate learner and love to take new challenges in my life.

If you like this article then please don't forget to share this with your friends, also If you want to add some point to compliment this article then please feel free to leave your feedback below in the comment box.

Thank you so much for your precious time. 🙂


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