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Zion Builder Review: Best Alternative to Bricks Builder

If you're looking for a WordPress Builder that offers advanced features like Oxygen Builder and a user Interface like Divi and Elementor then I am going to review Zion Builder which is one of the most powerful WordPress Website Builders to build complex website projects.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
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Last Updated: June 2, 2021
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If you're looking for a WordPress Builder that offers advanced features like Oxygen Builder and a user Interface like Divi and Elementor then I am going to review Zion Builder which is one of the most powerful WordPress Website Builders to build complex website projects.

This tool offers many useful features that will fulfill your needs to create complex custom websites with a layout-first approach using their beautiful user interface.

Introduction of Zion Builder

Zion Builder is a relatively new yet powerful website builder for WordPress. It's designed by the Hogash team the same company that developed the top-selling and high-rated Kallyas theme of Theme Forest to help you create complex websites easily and without hand coding. With Zion Builder, you can use a drag-and-drop interface to build any type of website you can imagine.

It has several powerful features that make it easy to create complex websites without hand coding. You can use this tool to create professional, complex, and fully functional websites for almost any kind of project.

You'll get almost all the benefits of the most popular website builders of the WordPress ecosystem like Elementor, Oxygen, and Brizy combined with the power and simplicity of using the most widely used content management system in the world.

Useful Resources for Zion Builder

In this section, you will find all the much-needed bookmarkable official and 3rd party resources for Zion Builder to make your workflow easier while building websites using it.

Main Features of Zion Builder

Explore the main feature of Zion Builder to get an overview of what you're getting with it and how you can utilize these features for your website projects.

Pro Features

  • Header & Footer Builder
  • Theme Builder
  • Repeater Queries
  • Dynamic Data
  • Blog archive & Blog single-page builder
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Slider builder
  • Modal builder

Core Competencies

  • Elements and templates at your fingertip
  • Independent composition of elements
  • A Unified System of options
  • Global styles
  • Live responsive editing
  • Custom rich text on click
  • Gradient background
  • Manage loaded resources
  • History of actions

User Experience

  • Dragging elements
  • Dragging size and spacing
  • Right-click actions
  • Top right toolbar shortcuts
  • Custom workspace
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Searchable options
  • Discard changes
  • Easily change the number of values
  • CTRL + Drag

Design Features

  • Blending Background
  • Color picker
  • Pseudo - selectors
  • Element's motion control
  • Flexbox control
  • Powerful background image
  • Filters
  • Borders
  • Shadows
  • Typography
  • Transform
  • Transitions

Library System

  • Library Panel
  • Templates and blocks
  • Saving templates
  • Insert template with a click
  • Searchable library
  • Custom categories
  • Export / Import
  • Templates preview
  • Templates Editing

Advanced features

  • Post revisions
  • Role Manager
  • Regenerate CSS
  • Replace URL
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom javaScript
  • Renaming elements
  • Element's visibility
  • Custom HTML element
  • Columns sizes and offsets
  • Extendable options

Best Features of Zion Builder

As you can see there are dozens of features available in the Zion Builder but in this section, we will only explore a few selected features that I think are the best in this WordPress Builder.

Header & Footer Builder

With the powerful built-in header and footer builder, you can add header and footer sections to any page of your site with just a few clicks. It's really useful if you don't want to use the limited header and footer section provided by the theme you're using.

These are some of the most critical sections of your website as they are where your visitors will see your branding, navigation menus, and any other important messages or calls to action on your site.

By using the header and footer builder, you will be able to easily and completely customize the look and feel of your site while saving a lot of time and energy.

Theme Builder

With Zion Builder, you can use the theme builder to create custom archives and singular templates of various post types including blog, category, products, and pages as well as custom post types. The best part is you don't have to know coding to use this tool.

This theme builder allows you to create custom website designs as per your needs especially if you're not satisfied with the default templates that your theme offers.

You can choose from multiple layouts and drag and drop elements to build your own unique template. It's easy and fun! You can also use the pre-designed templates to get started immediately.

Repeater Queries

Zion Builder provides advanced repeater query features which you can use within the advanced elements like sliders, accordions, tabs, etc.

A "repeater" is just what it sounds like - it's a way of creating a query that will retrieve the dynamic information multiple times from different posts of the same post types.

PROS of Zion Builder: Why Should You Use It?

In this section, I will discuss all the good things about Zion Builder based on my experiences of using this tool which will help you decide why you should consider using it for your website projects.

A Free Version is Available

Zion Builder has a free version available in the WordPress repository which you can use to create basic websites, if you just want to design simple web pages or check out the UI & UX of Zion then the free version should be enough for you.

But if you are serious about running website building services then you should consider upgrading to the full version as it will give you much more functionality and allow you to create more unique and complex websites.

No Bloat, Clean Valid Markup

Zion Builder is a WordPress-powered website builder which allows you to create fast and unbloated websites with Valid HTML Markups. It means websites built with Zion would be super lightweight and much faster as compared to the other builders.

Multiple Views & Adjustable Structure Panel

The built-in structure panel in the Zion Builder Content Editor has multiple views - Tree, Section, and Wireframe view - that are available for you to easily navigate through the page that you are currently designing. The movable, resizable wireframe view is especially helpful in laying out individual elements of your page.

Fast Backend & Fast Front End

The back end, as well as the front end of the Zion Builder, is very fast which allows you to create websites that load quickly and can be used to build websites that are faster than the websites built using other WordPress builders.

Custom Code Blocks

Zion Builder allows you to write any of these code languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP right on the editor window. This is very convenient because it saves time by removing the need to switch between different code editors.

Advanced Child Selectors

It offers you to style any child CSS selectors of the elements and even for custom CSS classes. The user interface is easy and intuitive and provides a highly functional set of tools to customize the child elements however you want.

A Combination of Popular Builders

When you Zion Builder, you will get the essence of multiple website builders like Oxygen, Elementor & Brizy. The interface is compelling and helps bring out the very best in any business due to its well-thought features.


In this review article, I tried my best to evaluate Zion Builder which is an advanced and one of the Best WordPress Builders in my opinion.

Oxygen Builder has been my top favorite builder for building custom websites for a long time now I will also start using Zion Builder for my future projects.

I hope you found this article helpful and if it is true then please consider sharing it with your circle and community in order to make them aware of this powerful piece of tool.

Also if you're willing to share your constructive thoughts about this topic then feel free to leave your message in the comment section to engage in a discussion with our other readers and community members.

Thanks for visiting our website!

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