Blocksy vs Kadence: Best WordPress Themes Comparison

If you've shortlisted the Blocksy and Kadence themes but still thinking about which one you should purchase, then this side-by-side comparison post and table chart will help you make your final decision a little easier.
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Last Updated: February 17, 2021
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If you've shortlisted the Blocksy and Kadence themes but still thinking about which one of these WordPress Themes you should purchase, then this side-by-side comparison post and table chart will help you make your final decision a little easier.

I have premium versions of both Blocksy and Kadence themes and after testing and comparing both of them side by side I end up creating this comparison post along with a complimentary table to help you understand which one is the best fit for your needs.

I had been a religious user of the OceanWP theme for multiple years and in my opinion, OceanWP is one of the most advanced and fully featured-packed multipurpose themes.

However, as time passed OceanWP became heavy which started impacting the website performance and it seems like it started becoming backdated gradually so I decided to find a new theme, and then I found Kadence (Pro), and then Blocksy (Pro) after a few months.

Both Kadence, as well as Blocksy, offered the true lifetime deal for unlimited sites on their premium versions which made me ditch the OceanWP eventually and embrace the new themes for my future projects.

Here are the product page links for Blocksy and Kadence Themes:

So without further talking let's begin...

Comparison Table of Blocksy & Kadence Themes

Why Should You Grab Blocksy Theme?

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Blocksy is an underrated multipurpose block-based, fully responsive, and lightweight theme well-crafted using the latest technologies like React, Webpack, and Babel which offers various advanced features to build powerful WordPress websites for almost any kind of project.

There are multiple reasons to grab this beautifully crafted theme, and in this section, I am going to share with you a few reasons to choose Blocksy Theme.

  • Dark Mode: You can convert the WordPress customizer into a dark mode view which I love as I use almost everything in dark mode.
  • Integrated Schema: You are getting built-in schema markup and Google structure data options out of the box without any 3rd party plugin.
  • Pagination Types: It offers multiple pagination types such as the standard (previous and next), number, and load more.
  • Lazy Loading: If you use Blocksy you don't need any third-party plugin for image lazy loading.
  • Condition System: Blocksy allows you to show or hide any element or content based on various conditions which is an advanced feature.

Why Should You Grab Kadence Theme?

Kadence Theme - Featured Image - SyncWin
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Kadence is one of the most popular multipurpose, full-responsive, and lightweight themes that offer multiple unique features to build great websites and it has been trusted by many WordPress experts.

However, in this section, I am going to share a few reasons to choose Kadence Theme.

  • Global Button Settings: Easily change various settings of the button such as color, typography, border, and border radius then apply the changes to the entire site.
  • CSS Preloading: Kadence offers to preload CSS in the theme header and calls then when needed which improves the overall performance.
  • Global Colors Integration: It has advanced color palette integration features that allow you to link the color palette with your favorite builders like Elementor and Gutenberg builder.
  • Advanced Accessibility Support: You can make your Kadence site accessible using technologies like WCAG 2.0, Keyboard Navigation, Aria labels, and Focus control.

Similarities between Blocksy & Kadence Themes

Both Blocksy and Kadence themes are very similar in terms of features, user interface, user experience, and work with the Best WordPress Website Builders.

Even there was an allegation on Kadence that they ripped off most of the features from Blocksy and used them on their theme.

It was a much-debated topic in the past by WordPress users, even a few WordPress influencers produced content to share their point of view about this matter.

However, I have nothing to say on this topic as I'm not here to judge who copied whom and who is right or who is wrong but the purpose of this post is to compare them side by side which I hope I did gracefully.

In my opinion, both the themes are very similar as I already said earlier as well, and here are a few things that are the same for both Blocksy as well as Kadence:

  • Multipurpose Themes: Both Blocksy and Kadence themes can be used to build almost any kind of website.
  • Block-Based Themes: Both the themes are crafted using Block-Based frameworks to work seamlessly with Gutenberg.
  • Identical UI & UX: The User Interface and User Experience are very much similar and identical in both themes.
  • Fast Performance: Both are lightweight and high-performance themes.
  • Advanced Hooks System: Both have advanced Hooks Systems to inject content to various locations of the site.
  • Better Customer Support: You will get great official as well as community support for both themes.
  • Active Development: Both the themes are actively developing which means they are constantly adding new features with each new update.

Learning Hubs for Both the WordPress Themes

Any theme without the proper documentation and tutorials is useless, because even if the theme has various advanced features still if you don't know how to leverage and use those features while building websites then what is the point of having all the bells and whistles?

Therefore, here I am sharing the much-needed learning hubs that include blogs, YouTube Channels, and dedicated forums to learn more about both Blocksy and Kadence themes.

Official Learning Hubs for Blocksy Theme

YouTube Channel:
Facebook Group:

Official Learning Hubs for Kadence Theme

YouTube Channel:
Facebook Group:


In this comparison post, I tried my best to compare both Blocksy and Kadence themes side by side without being BIAS.

Here you can see a detailed comparison table chart, reasons to choose Blocksy as well as Kadence, similarities between both the themes, and available learning hubs for both of them.

Although I have the premium version of both the WordPress Themes still I prefer using Blocksy over Kadence for most projects and my reason for that preference is not only the features as both the themes have identical features.

Actually, I think Blocksy is an underrated theme with huge potential that needs more support and exposure to grow which Kadence already has in the first place.

Therefore, I prefer Blocksy and actively promote it among my community as well as on this website, and also I have a good rapport with one of the main developers Blocksy Sergiu Radu who always helps me get in touch with him and asks questions when needed.

Now it's totally my personal preference and it's up to you which theme you choose for your projects as both Blocksy and Kadence are great themes in terms of features, support, and active development.

Check the Toolonomy Deal Pages here to find if any exclusive offer is running or not for Blocksy and Kadence Themes:

I hope you found this post valuable and if that is the case then consider sharing it with your friends and community so that they also can take advantage of all the information I put together in this comparison.

Also if you have to say or ask something then feel free to use the comment box below to add some additional value to the community.

Thank you for visiting!

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