Best WordPress Gutenberg Builders: Website Building Plugins

I have compiled a list of the top handpicked WordPress block builder plugins that will take your website to the next level. So, let's dive into the world of Gutenberg-powered website builders and find the perfect one for your needs!
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Last Updated: August 31, 2021
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Are you a WordPress user struggling to find the best Gutenberg block editor plugin for building your website without using any non-Guteneberg-based website builder solution? Well, you're in luck!

In this blog post, I have compiled a list of the top handpicked WordPress block builder plugins that will take your website to the next level. I understand the frustration of not being able to find the right page builder solution for your website, so we've done the research and compilation for you.

My goal is to provide you with a simple and effective guide to finding the best block builder for your website-building needs. So, let's dive into the world of Gutenberg builder addons and find the perfect one for you!


GreenShift - Featured Image - Toolonomy
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Greenshift is a comprehensive suite of plugins and add-ons for WordPress that helps users build modern and dynamic websites using the power of highly customizable Gutenberg blocks.

It includes a free core version and several premium add-ons such as GreenshiftSEO, GreenshiftQuery, GreenshiftGSAP, and GreenshiftWoo, which offer additional functionality for tasks like SEO, query building, animations, and more.

It also has reusable templates, dynamic and conditional content, and full site editing support. While the backend editor can feel a bit slow, the affordable pricing and active community group make it a popular choice for WordPress users.

GreenshiftWP is a great solution for those looking to create engaging and professional websites with WordPress blocks editor without breaking the bank.

Key Features of Greenshift

  • Full Site Editing Support: Modify your entire site using a single interface, and make changes to your homepage, blog, or any other page.
  • Dynamic & Conditional Content: Personalize your website based on user data, show different content to different visitors, or depending on the time of day.
  • GreenshiftSEO: SEO blocks to improve website visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • GreenshiftQuery: Create custom listings, directories, taxonomy archives, voting, and wishlists.
  • GreenshiftGSAP: Add modern animations and transitions to your website.
  • GreenshiftChart: Create graphs and charts to display data on your website.
  • GreenshiftWoo: Enhance Woocommerce blocks to showcase products more effectively.
  • Reusable Templates & Styles: Save your favorite blocks and styles as templates and reuse them across your site.
  • White Label Feature: Replace Greenshift branding with your own to create a more personalized experience for your clients.


  • Free Core Version: GreenshiftWP has a completely free core version that is always free to download and use.
  • Dedicated Free Theme: It provides a dedicated free theme that has a modern design and is built with SEO in mind.
  • Full Site Editing Support: It provides full site editing support, allowing you to customize your entire website using the Gutenberg editor.
  • Dynamic & Conditional Content: It enables you to create dynamic and conditional content that changes based on user behavior and other parameters.
  • Reusable Templates & Styles: It provides a library of reusable templates and styles that you can use to quickly build complex page layouts and designs.


  • Backend Editor Feels Slow: The backend editor in GreenshiftWP can feel a little slow when compared to other popular block builders.
  • Documentation Page is Unorganized: The documentation page lacks search options, making it difficult for users to navigate and find relevant information.
  • CSS Class System is Missing: It doesn't have a CSS class system, which means that CSS frameworks can't be used.
  • Multiple Plugins Required: It requires the installation of multiple plugins to perform different tasks, which can be overwhelming for some users.


Cwicly Builder - Featured Image - Toolonomy
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Cwicly is a no-code WordPress solution that enables users to create, design, and publish website content without any coding knowledge or juggling between different environments or page builders.

It works seamlessly with the Gutenberg editor, allowing users to build custom pages and posts by selecting from a library of hundreds of customizable blocks with responsive styling properties. It also supports dynamic data, interactive effects, and user interactions to enhance website functionality.

It generates fast, clean, and compliant code, ensuring that websites are optimized for speed and search engine rankings. It also complies with accessibility standards, making it easy for people with disabilities to access the website. Additionally, the platform supports popular SEO plugins to help improve website visibility.

With Cwicly, users can reduce their reliance on multiple plugins and enjoy a simpler, more streamlined experience. The role editor feature enables users to give clients restricted access to the website, ensuring they only see what they need to see. The platform is regularly updated with new features, and the team is responsive to user feedback and requests.

Key Features of Cwicly

  • Integration with Gutenberg Editor: This feature means that you can edit the content on the front end of your website, instead of switching between different environments or page builders.
  • Customizable Blocks: It offers hundreds of responsive styling properties that can be customized to your liking. You can add your own branding and design elements to make your website unique.
  • Dynamic Data: You can display dynamic content on your website using Cwicly, such as custom fields recent posts, and featured products.
  • Interactive Effects: It allows you to add interactive elements to your website, such as hover effects, animations, and pop-ups.
  • Clean & Compliant Code: It writes clean, fast, and compliant code that is optimized for search engines and loads block assets only when necessary. This feature ensures that your website is fast, secure, and accessible.
  • SEO & Accessibility Support: It supports SEO plugins and complies with accessibility standards to ensure that your website is visible and accessible to all users.
  • Role Editor: This feature provides a role editor that gives users control over what their clients can see and do. For example, you can limit access to certain pages or features on your website.


  • Customizable Blocks: It offers a vast collection of customizable blocks with a wide range of responsive styling properties to create unique and visually appealing pages.
  • Dynamic Data Support: It supports dynamic data like custom fields which allows users to display data from various sources on their websites.
  • Accessibility Compliant: It complies with accessibility standards to ensure that websites built using the platform are accessible to all users.
  • Role Editor: It provides a role editor that gives users control over what their clients can see and do to make it easier to manage websites with multiple contributors.
  • CSS Class Manager: It allows users to use 3rd party frameworks to organize styles and build well-structured sites faster.


  • Learning Curve: While Cwicly Builder is a no-code solution, users will still need to learn how to use the plugin effectively, which may take some time and effort.
  • No Free Version: Unlike some competitors, it does not offer a free version. This means users will need to invest in a paid plan to access its features.


Stackable - Featured Image - SyncWin
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Stackable is a WordPress builder plugin that offers lightweight and feature-packed Gutenberg blocks to build professional-looking websites quickly without needing any coding skills.

It has ready-made designs, extensive block collections, UI kits, and wireframes, making it easy for web designers, agencies, bloggers, and beginners to create visually appealing websites.

The plugin has hundreds of pre-made sections, and thousands of active installations, and was used in creating over a hundred thousand websites. Its intuitive page-building tools, lightweight blocks, UI kits, dynamic content, and advanced design controls allow for efficient website building and design without requiring any coding skills.

Stackable also offers resources such as courses, community showcases, documentation, and customer support. It is available for free download, with premium options available for additional features.

Key Features of Stackable

  • Wireframes: Speed up your design workflow by starting with wireframes. You can use wireframes to plan out the layout of your website before adding content.
  • Live Response Editing: Edit your website and see changes in real time. You can adjust the size and placement of a block and see how it looks on different devices.
  • Dynamic Content: Add dynamic content to your website, like custom fields, posts, or products. You can use the dynamic post block to showcase your latest blog posts.
  • Motion Effects & Animations: Add motion effects and animations to your website for a more engaging experience. You can use the parallax effect to create a sense of depth and motion on your website.
  • Copy Paste Styles: Easily copy and paste styles from one block to another. You can copy the font and color style from one block and apply it to another for consistency.
  • Global Settings: Change settings across your entire website at once. You can change the font size and color across your website with just one setting change.
  • Role Manager: Manage user roles and permissions on your website. You can create an editor role that can only edit certain parts of your website.


  • Easy to Use: With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Stackable is easy for anyone to use, regardless of their technical expertise.
  • Free Version: It offers a completely free version with all the necessary features for designing web pages.
  • Developer-Friendly: With custom CSS and advanced design controls, Stackable is a great choice for developers looking to create complex designs without writing any code.
  • Customer Support: It offers one-on-one customer support to its users, ensuring they receive prompt assistance with any issues they may encounter.


  • Learning Curve: Stackable can take some time to learn due to its extensive features, which may be overwhelming for beginners.
  • No CSS Class Management System: It doesn't have a CSS class management system, which means that third-party CSS frameworks can't be used to quickly design websites.

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks - Featured Image - SyncWin
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Kadence Blocks is a WordPress builder plugin that provides users with a Gutenberg editing toolkit to create unique and meaningful content with ease, without requiring any coding knowledge.

It is a lightweight and open-source plugin that offers responsive controls, layout controls, typography controls, color and background controls, and spacing controls. It also offers a design library with pre-built content, making it easy for users to launch any project quickly.

It offers a free version with all the necessary features and a paid pro extension that includes added features, extra blocks, and prebuilt content. The pro version also includes Animate on Scroll, Custom Icons, Dynamic Content, Custom Fonts, Premium Design Library, and Page Specific Scripts.

Kadence Blocks provides intelligent loading, which means it only loads what is being used on a page, making it faster and more efficient. They have a public roadmap where users can submit requests and vote on items. They also have an in-depth documentation page to help users.

Key Features of Kadence Blocks

  • Intelligent Load: The plugin loads CSS and JavaScript only when you need it and only for the blocks you're using on a specific page. For example, if you're using the Advanced Button block, only the styles for that block will load.
  • Responsive Controls: You can edit the design of your site for each screen size, including mobile and tablet settings while previewing your changes in real time in the WordPress editor.
  • Layout Controls: With the row/layout block, you can build any layout you can imagine and control it for any size.
  • SVG Icons: Adjust the size, color, and stroke width of over 1500 SVG icons. No font family is loaded, so they load fast.
  • Color & Background Controls: Control gradients, overlays, blends, parallax backgrounds, borders, and other design settings.
  • Configurable Defaults: Once you define default settings, they will automatically be applied every time you add a block, making development a breeze.
  • Setting Visibility Controls: You can hide block settings from certain user roles to keep them focused on content.
  • Animate on Scroll: Add on-scroll animations to reveal content in an engaging way.
  • Dynamic Content: Dynamically pull custom fields into your blocks for powerful site control.
  • Custom Fonts: Upload a custom font or use Adobe Fonts to create the perfect design.


  • Free Version: Kadence Blocks offers a completely free version with all the necessary features for designing websites.
  • Visibility Controls: You can hide block settings from certain user roles, so they can focus on content, and you can keep them out of the block designs.
  • Reusable Settings: You can define default settings that will automatically apply to every new block you add, making development faster and more efficient.
  • Build Dynamic Website: It allows you to pull custom fields into your blocks, making it easy to manage your website's content.
  • Upload Custom Icons: You can upload your own custom icon or an entire set of icons so you're never without the perfect icon.


  • Can Be Overwhelming: For beginners, Kadence Blocks may seem overwhelming as it offers a wide range of features and settings that can be challenging to navigate.
  • No CSS Class Management Solution: It doesn't have a CSS class management solution to integrate third-party CSS frameworks to quickly design websites.


WPSpectra - Featured Image - Toolonomy
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Spectra (Formerly Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg) is a block-based visual website builder that works with the default WordPress editor. It is 100% beginner-friendly and enhances the default Gutenberg block editor.

It is fast and stable, secure, and integrated with the native WordPress interface. It has over 100 pre-built websites or page templates that you can customize and personalize for your website. This plugin offers better performance, unmatched page speeds, and usability with zero bloat and no dependencies. It is powered by the revolutionary React framework and is designed for websites of all niches.

It offers advanced website design options not available with the default WordPress block editor, as well as organized block settings, typography, colors, and flexbox containers. It offers a library of unique and creative blocks, customizable design options, and one-click block presets.

Spectra comes with a huge library of icons and images, built-in SEO features, GDPR compliance, and mobile-friendliness. It has a user-friendly dashboard and a thriving community with detailed documentation, troubleshooting steps, how-to guides, and regular updates.

Key Features of Spectra

  • Native WordPress Interface: Spectra seamlessly integrates into the same WordPress editor, allowing you to easily create stunning websites using an interface that you're already familiar with.
  • Just-in-time Compiler: The JIT markup compiler only loads the assets that are necessary for the blocks you are using, resulting in faster page loading times.
  • Zero Bloat, No Dependencies: The code is kept clean and efficient by minimizing external scripts and file dependencies. This results in smaller file sizes and faster loading times, ensuring your website loads quickly and smoothly.
  • Organized Block Settings: The block settings are organized with a clear navigation structure and collapsible tabs, making it easier to edit and customize your website.
  • Flexbox Containers: It includes flexbox containers that make it easy to create responsive websites with a flexible layout that adapts to different screen sizes without needing to know how to code.
  • Copy Paste Styles: This feature makes it easy to maintain design consistency throughout your website by copying the styles of a specific block and then pasting them onto other blocks.
  • Built-in SEO Features: It includes built-in SEO features that help you optimize your website for search engines. The combination of optimized assets, faster load times, and schema support make it easier to create SEO-friendly websites that rank well on search engines.
  • GDPR Compliance: It is fully compliant with GDPR regulations, allowing you to import templates and pull Google fonts on your server.


  • Free Version: Spectra has been offering a completely free version with all the necessary features for designing websites.
  • Design Consistency: Copying and pasting block styles with Spectra helps maintain design consistency throughout the website, ensuring a more professional look and feel.
  • Better User Experience: Its organized block settings, collapsable tabs, and flexible containers all contribute to a better user experience for building responsive websites.
  • GDPR Friendly: It allows users to import templates and host Google fonts on their own servers, ensuring GDPR compliance and protecting user data privacy.


  • Steep Learning Curve: While Spectra's native WordPress interface may be intuitive for some users, others may find it challenging to learn how to use the platform effectively.
  • No CSS Class Management Settings: It doesn't include CSS class management settings to integrate third-party frameworks to quickly build websites.


GenerateBlocks - Featured Screenshot - Toolonomy
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GenerateBlocks is a collection of lightweight blocks that can be used to build anything in WordPress. It includes several versatile blocks such as Container, Grid, Image, Headline, Buttons, and Query Loop. These blocks can be used to organize content, create layouts, add images and text, and drive conversions.

This tool is designed for web designers who want more control over their designs with precision controls for typography, spacing, colors, gradients, backgrounds, and SVG icons. It is built to deliver fast sites with clean HTML5 code and advanced flexbox grids, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a lightweight, flexible, and high-performance WordPress block editor.

The pro version offers even more options, convenience, and flexibility without sacrificing usability or performance. With the pro version, users can access hundreds of patterns, create global styles, add effects, advanced backgrounds, container links, asset library, copy and paste styles, device visibility, and custom attributes.

GenerateBlocks is an excellent choice for web designers who want to create stunning and responsive websites with ease.

Key Features of GenerateBlocks

  • Container: Use this feature to organize your website content into rows and sections, giving it a more structured look. You can create a row to showcase your website header and a section for your blog posts.
  • Grid: Create complex layouts easily with flexible grids that allow you to customize the number of columns and row spacing. Use this feature to create advanced layouts like magazine-style blog pages or custom product pages.
  • Query Loop: This feature enables you to build a list of posts from any post type, such as blogs or product pages. You can easily customize the post type, order, and filter to create dynamic content.
  • Typography: With the typography feature, you can choose from Google or local fonts and fine-tune every aspect, such as sizes, weights, and spacing. You can create unique and branded typography styles that resonate with your audience.
  • SVG Icons: Use your own custom inline SVGs in your buttons and headlines. With this feature, you can add your own personalized icons to make your website stand out and communicate your brand identity.
  • Global Styles: Save time and improve consistency by creating global styles. With this feature, you can create a set of styles and apply them throughout your website, giving it a more cohesive look.
  • Copy+Paste Styles: Copy and paste your block styles throughout your website with ease. This feature saves you time by allowing you to apply the same style to different blocks throughout your website.
  • Device Visibility: This feature allows you to easily show or hide blocks on the desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. For example, you can hide certain blocks on mobile devices to optimize the user experience.
  • Custom Attributes: Customize your elements with any custom data-* attributes using a simple user interface. With this feature, you can add unique data attributes to your website elements for greater flexibility and control.


  • Third-Party Compatibility: GenerateBlocks is compatible with all major WordPress themes and plugins, so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues.
  • Free Version: It offers a free version with all the necessary features for building professional websites.
  • No Bells & Whistles: It offers a limited number of blocks and features as compared to the competitors but they are sufficient to build almost any kind of website.


  • Limited Block Selection: GenerateBlocks currently offers a limited number of pre-built blocks compared to other page builders, which may limit design options for some users.
  • Less Features than Competitors: It offers a limited set of features compared to some of its competitors, which may not be suitable for some advanced users or those looking for a wider range of options.
  • No CSS Class System: It doesn't include a CSS class system to integrate third-party frameworks to quickly build designs and layouts.

Genesis Blocks

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Genesis Blocks (Formerly Atomic Blocks) is a premium block library and block editor enhancement tool that enables users to build sites faster-using content and page-building tools for using the WordPress block editor, also known as Gutenberg.

The tool offers prebuilt and custom content sections and full-page layouts, in addition to additional content blocks and layout selectors. Users can also create custom libraries of templates and control editing permissions.

Genesis Blocks is available in a free version with dozens of new blocks, multiple pre-built full-page-layouts, and pre-built sections, and a pro version offers other dozens of new blocks, over 50 pre-built full-page layouts, and hundreds of pre-built sections, advanced block-level user permissions, and additional advanced features for the Genesis Product Suite.

Key Features of Genesis Blocks

  • Pre-Built Content Sections & Layouts: With Genesis Blocks, you get access to a library of pre-built content sections and full-page layouts, which you can customize to fit your needs.
  • Additional Content Blocks: It comes with additional content blocks that enhance the Gutenberg editor.
  • Custom Libraries of Templates: You can share your own custom library of templates and ensure they stay on-brand with editing permissions.
  • Block Permission Control: With role-based editing permissions, you can make sure that your layouts stay on-brand while giving the right levels of control to the teams that need them.


  • Block Permission Control: With fine-tuned block permission control, you can ensure that your website stays on-brand while giving the right levels of control to the teams that need them.
  • Google AMP Support: It is optimized for AMP, which can help improve your website's performance on mobile devices.
  • Free Version: It offers a free version that is good enough to design web pages.


  • Potential Learning Curve: While Genesis Blocks is designed to be user-friendly, it may still take some time to learn how to use it effectively, particularly for users who are not familiar with the WordPress platform.
  • No CSS Class System: It doesn't have a CSS class management system to integrate third-party CSS frameworks to build web designs in an organized way.

Comparison Table of Greenshift vs Cwicly vs Stackable vs Kadence vs Spectra vs Generate vs Genesis Blocks

Explore the comparison table of the best WordPress Gutenberg Builders including Greenshift vs Cwicly vs Stackable vs Kadence vs Spectra vs Generate vs Genesis Blocks and see which one suits your needs.


I hope this article has been helpful in your search for the best Gutenberg block editor plugins for your WordPress website building requirements. With our handpicked list of top WordPress block builders, you can easily find the one that meets your needs and takes your website to the next level.

Sharing is caring, and I would be honored if you would help spread the word about our article. If you found the information in this article useful and think it could benefit others, I encourage you to share it with your friends, colleagues, and anyone else who might find it helpful.

Also, we value your opinion and would love to hear your feedback on our article. I understand that every website has unique needs, and I strive to provide a comprehensive list of Gutenberg block editor plugins to meet those needs.

Your input will help us improve our content and make it even more useful to the community. So, don't hesitate to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts and experiences with this post.

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