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If you're around the fence about purchasing a WordPress Form Builder Plugin for your websites or business, but not sure which one would suit your needs, then this comparison post containing a side-by-side table chart is surely going to help you make the right decision of grabbing the best form builder.
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Last Updated: October 24, 2020
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If you're around the fence about purchasing a WordPress Form Builder Plugin for your websites or business, but not sure which one would suit your needs, then this comparison post containing a side-by-side table chart is surely going to help you make the right decision of grabbing the best form builder.

In this post, I am going to compare only the best WordPress form builder plugins side by side using a long table chart. Currently, you could find Fluent Forms, HappyForms, Piotnet Forms, Bit Form, and Gravity Forms in this post but we will keep adding more options when we find something good.

All the above-mentioned form builder plugins are compatible with most of the WordPress Website Builders like Oxygen Builder, Elementor, Zion Builder, Bricks Builder, Gutenberg, and so on, also most of these form builders are lightweight which is a great thing if website performance is one of your main priorities.

This is not going to be a full-fledged review of all these form builder plugins, but you will find a side-by-side features comparison table chart that will make your decision of choosing a product a lot easier I believe.

Mostly, I make these kinds of side-by-side comparisons for our personal benefit as it always helps us to decide which product should we consider for our business, but whenever I put my effort and invest my time to compare the products I always publish them on this website so that others can also take advantage of my research.

WordPress Form Builders with Lifetime Deal

If you're a Lifetime Deal Lover and missed out on the opportunity to grab one of the best and the most popular Fluent Forms LTD when their pricing was much more affordable, then you would love this post as I have brought a few most powerful yet underrated form builders for you and also compared them with Fluent Forms side by side.

Those LTD options are Piotnet Forms and Bit Form, I have tested both the products and personally use them on my projects, and to be very honest I'm very much impressed.

Currently, Piotnet Forms, as well as Bit Form, are available with a Lifetime Deal at a very affordable price range and I think both the form builders have a huge potential to compete with other big players in the future if the developers keep innovating and updating the products.

Fluent Forms

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Being a highly popular choice for creating advanced forms for websites, Fluent Forms provides advanced tools for creating advanced forms for your WordPress website. It allows you to create your forms with a few clicks. The plugin is designed to create forms very easily, and its advanced editor makes it possible to create forms with a great deal of flexibility.

I really Like Fluent Forms but being an LTD lover their pricing for the lifetime deal seems to be unreasonable to me which might be fine for you but it's too much for me for a form builder plugin, in my honest opinion. However, still, it is one of the best form builders in the market without any doubt.

Why should you consider Fluent Forms?

  • The most loved Form Builder
  • An easy-to-use editor
  • A long list of integration
  • Active development
  • Very well documented

Important Resources for Fluent Forms

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms - Featured Image - SyncWin
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Gravity Forms is one of the old and trusted form builder plugins in the WordPress ecosystem, creating advanced forms for your website can be a real challenge and can sometimes turn into a game of patience so Gravity Forms was created to help you out, It is a powerful Form Builder plugin that will allow you to create advanced forms without any coding knowledge.

One thing I don't like about Gravity Forms is that you have to install multiple add-ons if you want to leverage all of its capabilities and integrations which is a minus point in my opinion as I don't like installing multiple plugins for one single purpose.

Why should you consider Gravity Forms?

  • One of the old product
  • Loved by the users
  • A long list of integrations

Important Resources for Gravity Forms

Piotnet Forms

Piotnet Forms Plugin - Featured Image - SyncWin
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Piotnet Forms is an elegant, responsive, and powerful form builder plugin that will help you create attractive forms for your business websites. It comes with various form-building options such as contact forms, questionnaires, login forms, order forms, and other types of forms.

It is packed with multiple advanced features like Range Slider, WebHook, Visual Checkbox, Radio Buttons etcetera, and it also offers integrations for popular products like Woocommece Pods, Meta Box, ACF, and many more.

Why should you consider Piotnet Forms?

  • Powerful & Unique Features
  • The most affordable pricing model
  • Lightweight & fast performing
  • Versatile form builder

Important Resources for Piotnet Forms

Bit Form

Bit Form Featured Image - SyncWin
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Bit Form is one of the most underrated yet powerful form builders for WordPress. It enables you to create and manage unlimited forms for your site in just a few minutes due to its easy-to-use editor.

Also, the Bit Form is not yet advanced as the other form builders on the list but the team behind this product is really passionate and willing to improve the product and they are very helpful and responsive.

Why should you consider Bit Form?

  • Easy-to-use editor interface
  • Super active development
  • A long list of integration
  • They listen to the community feedback
  • Great customer support

Important Resources for Bit Form


HappyForms Featured Image - SyncWin
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HappyForm is an easy-to-use, feature-rich form builder that lets you build and style beautiful forms in minutes using our favorite WordPress customizer.

With a few clicks, you can create forms for sign-ups, surveys, polls, and checkouts for your WordPress website and the best part is that this plugin is designed to work with almost any WordPress theme as well as page builders.

Why should you consider HappyForms?

  • WordPress native editor interface
  • Great single-purpose form builder
  • Global and inherit styling option

Important Resources for HappyForms

  • Official YouTube Channel: Unavailable
  • Official Facebook Group: Unavailable
  • Official Documentation:
  • Official Roadmap: Unavailable
  • Official Changelog: Unavailable
  • Official Support: Click Contact Button on the website.

WordPress Form Builders Comparison Table Chart

I have tried my best to include all the features of the listed form builder plugins in the comparison table chart, but it's possible that I might miss something or some of the details might be inaccurate as we don't have the licenses for each of these plugins so I couldn't test them personally.

However, all the listed features on the table chart are collected from the official websites, and docs as well as from my personal experience of testing a few of them.

Therefore, in that case, if you find something that needs to be added or updated on the comparison chart, please feel free to let me know in the comment box and I would update the needful as soon as humanly possible.


In this comparison post, I have tried my best to compare all the powerful form builders including FluentForms, Gravity Forms, HappyForms, Bit Form, and Piotnet Forms side by side without being BIAS as every listed feature in the above table chart has been captured from the official websites and documentation pages.

If you want to settle with a more established form builder plugin, then go for either Gravity Forms or Fluent Forms as both have huge brand value and they are also great in terms of features and capabilities. Also, the yearly subscription pricing for both Gravity and Fluent Forms is affordable.

After extensive research and comparing all of these products I found that Piotnet Forms and Bit Form are great in terms of features and possibilities if you're looking for a form builder with an affordable one-time payment.

I think every serious business owner, web designer, and developer who uses WordPress should consider grabbing the LTD license for Piotnet Forms AND/OR the Bit Form which could save a lot of money on a yearly subscription for other form builders plugins.

Also, consider checking Toolonomy Deal Pages to find out if these products are running any exclusive discount offers or not:

I hope this comparison was helpful to you and if you also think the same then consider sharing it with your friends and community to help them decide which form builder plugin is the best for their needs.

Also if you have something to ask or say about this topic that can add value for the other readers and the community then you are most welcome to leave a comment below.

Thank you for visiting!

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