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Issue #28 - SyncWin Weekly Digest Newsletter

In this 28th issue of SyncWin Weekly Digest, we have compiled some value-packed information around Words of Wisdom, SyncWin Ecosystem, Selected Deals on BizDev Tools, Best Digital Products, Bad Graphic Design, On-Site Search, Becoming a Content Creator, Fixing Hacked WordPress Site, IGTV is Shutting Down, and WordPress Pattern Directory.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
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Last Updated: January 19, 2024
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In this 28th issue of SyncWin Weekly Digest, we have compiled some value-packed information around Words of Wisdom, SyncWin Ecosystem, Selected Deals on BizDev Tools, Best Digital Products, Bad Graphic Design, On-Site Search, Becoming a Content Creator, Fixing Hacked WordPress Site, IGTV is Shutting Down, and WordPress Pattern Directory.

🀯 Valuable Words of Wisdom from Elon Musk

β€œIf you're trying to create a company, it's like baking a cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the right proportion.”
β€” Elon Musk

πŸ“ Our Wisdom Breakdown

Building a company is a lot like baking a cake, you need the right ingredients in the right proportions to get the desired results. Similarly, when you build a business, you need to have all the ingredients in the right proportion.

You’re probably already familiar with the phrase β€œthe recipe for success.” However, most of us don’t really understand what this means.

The truth is, you can’t just throw together a bunch of ingredients and expect them to magically turn into a successful company. You need to have a clear idea of what you want your company to look like before you start and what you want it to accomplish. That way, you can put the right ingredients in the right proportions.

You need to have a business well-thought plan that you can put together by answering the following questions:

  • What is the product or service that you are offering?
  • Who will be your customers?
  • Where will you sell your product or service?
  • How will you deliver your product or service?
  • How will you finance your business?
  • Will you need a license or permit?
  • What are the laws in your area?
  • What is the competition like in your area?
  • What are the risks and challenges of starting your own business?
  • What are the advantages of starting a business?
  • How will you market your business?
  • How will you advertise?
  • How will you promote your business?
  • How will you sell your products or services?
  • How will you keep your customers happy?
  • How will you keep your employees happy?
  • How will you manage your time?
  • How will you make your business grow?
  • How will you make money?
  • How will you make your business last?

In conclusion, to create a company, you need to understand the principles of business. You need to have a clear idea of your goals, the type of products you want to sell, and the kind of customer you want to attract.

Then, you need to create a strategy for your company. You need to make sure that your company has all the right ingredients and they should be in the right proportions. You must keep the right focus, as you can’t be everything to everyone.

🀫 Insider Information from the SyncWin Ecosystem

Stay updated with the insider updates of SyncWin Ecosystem that you should know and care about being an Insider Community Member.

πŸ“’ Our Announcements

[SyncWin] Website Revamp & Content Strategy: As soon as the SyncWin & Toolonomy separation process is completed we will start working on the complete revamp of the SyncWin website to keep things clean and organized as right now so many things are going on around the website. Also, we will reposition the content strategy and produce content around our experiences of running the online business for multiple years to help our community.

πŸ“ˆ Our Business Roadmap

[Toolonomy] Website Design & Blog Status: We have already migrated all the posts from SyncWin to Toolonomy which includes post types like Reviews, Resources, Comparisons, Guides, Tutorials, Snippets, and Deals. Currently, the singular and archive templating for the blog posts are ready and live but we're still working on the templating of snippets and deals post types which will be ready in a week hopefully.

⌨️ Our Latest Blog Post

[Social Media Marketing] How to Create Instagram Reels: If you're looking for an easy and simple way to produce short videos for Instagram Reels to grow your Instagram account and gain brand awareness, then in this post we will teach you the step-by-step beginner's friendly ways to produce Instagram Reels that will bring thousands of videos views faster than ever.

🌐 Information from the World of Digital Entrepreneurship

Let's discover what's happening around the world of Digital Entrepreneurship that resonates with online entrepreneurs like you and us.

πŸ€‘ Deals of the Week

[Limited Lifetime Deal] WPGridBuilder - WordPress Facet Builder: Easily query and display WordPress content from your post types, taxonomy terms, or users with an intuitive and stylish admin interface. Show off your content in Masonry, Justified, or Metro layouts. Each layout type can be put into a responsive carousel.

[Lifetime Deal] Infinity - Customizable Work Management Platform: Infinity is the one tool to organize all your work your way, work together with your team, store everything in one place, and organize projects the way you want using any of the views from Columns, Table, Calendar, Gantt, Form, and List.

[Free Tool] Reflow - Turn Any Website Into a Store: Reflow is a free JavaScript library that you can integrate with any website. It adds functionality like product listings and shopping carts, turning your site into a fully working online store. Just link your PayPal and/or Stripe accounts, and start selling.

πŸ“š Resource of the Week

[Online Business] Best Digital Products to Sell Online: You can make tons of money just by selling digital products as it is much lucrative and easier to do than selling physical products and to get started you just need to pick up the right products and market them well.

In this post, the author has listed the 12 best digital products that you can sell online and I am going to share 6 of them here with you, and if you want to know what are the remaining ones then consider checking out the post.

  • Ebooks & Audio Books
  • Online Courses
  • Digital Art
  • Subscriptions and Memberships
  • Video content
  • Software

πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈ Comparison of the Week

[Creative] Good vs Bad Graphic Design: If you want to create a design that can please your audience then first you need to take care of some of the common things which can spoil your visitors' experience. And here I am going to share with you 5 things mentioned in the post, which you should avoid to save your business reputation.

  • Placement
  • Colors
  • User Experience
  • Typography and Fonts
  • White Space

🧐 Review of the Week

[Website UX] On-Site Search Should Be a Priority: If you have a search box on your site then use it to understand what your users are searching for, and Google Analytics can help you a lot in this process as it has an excellent site search report that makes this task a lot easier.

On-site search data helps you determine which content is most relevant for your audience, what type of content is most useful to searchers, and on which page your site visitors are spending most of their time. I just shared with you a piece of cake from the post, and for acquiring more information about on-site search you can check out this post.

πŸ‘£ Guide of the Week

[Content Marketing] How to Become a Successful Content Creator: If you want to become a successful content creator then you have to start with a topic where you already have some knowledge or a topic where you can develop your knowledge as this will ensure that you will get a better return on your efforts.

And this post is a step-by-step guide that you can read to become a successful content creator as soon as possible and we've mentioned the steps below:

  • Choose a Niche to Develop Your Knowledge and Skills
  • Choose a Content Creation Skill You’d Like to Develop
  • Create a β€œdo 100” Project
  • Get a Job as A Content Creator
  • Furthering Your Career

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Tutorial of the Week

[Website Security] Find & Fix Backdoor in a Hacked WordPress Site: If you want to know a step-by-step process on how to fix your hacked WordPress site then read this article as it will show you how to find the backdoor in a hacked WordPress site and ways to fix it.

There are many signs your WordPress site has been hacked and some of them include a drop in website traffic or performance, for example, added bad links or unknown files, a defaced home page, inability to log in, suspicious new user accounts, and a lot more.

πŸ“° News of the Week

[Social Media] Instagram Is Shutting Down IGTV: Instagram just reported to TechCrunch, that it is ending support for its standalone app for IGTV and it will be removed from the app stores in March. And the company also said that in-stream video ads, previously known as IGTV ads, are not supported anymore as now it shifted its focus to Reels.

πŸ“Œ Update of the Week

[BizDev Tool] WordPress Pattern Directory Public Submissions:'s contributors are now going to open the doors of the Pattern Directory to public submissions and Alex Shiels said that the new Pattern Creator will allow public pattern submission which eventually means it will allow you to create your own patterns for public submission.

πŸ’° Promotions of the Week

[Toolonomy Blog] Insider Discount Coupons: If you're looking for Discount Coupons on Business Development Tools and you're a SyncWin or Toolonomy Insider Community Member then we've managed to negotiate some exclusive discount coupons on a few worthy tools just for you to take benefit of being an insider which you can find inside this post.

[Toolonomy Blog] Ending Deals: Explore all the Ending Lifetime Deals on the selected BizDev (Business Development) Tools from the various platforms and don't miss out on the opportunity to grab your favorite ones that you think might have the potential to help you grow your business.

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Stay tuned for the next issue of the newsletter until the upcoming Wednesday.

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