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In this 23rd issue of SyncWin Weekly Digest, we have brought some value-packed information regarding How to Make Money Blogging, WordPress Photo Directory, GPT-Neo, A Free Alternative to GPT-3, Chrome 0-Day Bug Under Active Attack, WPFunnels & Oxygen Builder Integration, WordPress Vulnerability Report, Selected BizDev Tools Deals, and many more.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
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Last Updated: January 19, 2024
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In this 23rd issue of SyncWin Weekly Digest, we have brought some value-packed information regarding How to Make Money Blogging, WordPress Photo Directory, GPT-Neo, A Free Alternative to GPT-3, Chrome 0-Day Bug Under Active Attack, WPFunnels & Oxygen Builder Integration, WordPress Vulnerability Report, Selected BizDev Tools Deals, and many more.

🤯 Valuable Words of Wisdom from Bill Gates

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”
— Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft

📝 Our Wisdom Breakdown

Everyone wants happy customers which is a great thing for any business but when your customers are unhappy you should be more concerned about it because unhappy customers will give you the most valuable feedback to improve your product.

If you pay attention to this group of customers then you will learn a lot of things from them which you can't learn from elsewhere and it will help you to make your product even better from the last version every single time.

Always appreciate the unhappy customers for helping you to find what can be further improved in your product as well as in your business process and keep iterating as you move forward.

If you do this then it will be an unfair advantage for you in your industry as in this way you will always be one step ahead of most of your competitors.

🤫 Insider Information from the SyncWin Ecosystem

Stay updated with the insider updates of SyncWin Ecosystem that you should know and care about being an Insider Community Member.

📈 Our Business Roadmap

[Work in Progress] Toolonomy Website Status: The homepage and blog post templates are live and we have also published a blog post "Ending Lifetime Deals" recently. Currently, we're working on other areas of the website like blog archive, deals, resources, and other important pages. As soon as they're ready we will then start migrating business development tools-related content from the SyncWin website.

👥 Our Popular Community Posts

[Toolonomy Community] The Code Editor Community Use: The most popular community post of this week is an image shared by the group admin Wasim asking the community members which editor do they use for programming where people shared their answers and it ultimately became the most engaging post of this week.

🌐 Information from the World of Digital Entrepreneurship

Let's discover what's happening around the world of Digital Entrepreneurship that resonates with online entrepreneurs like you and us.

🤑 Deals

[Freebie] Jupitrr - AI Video Maker: Jupitrr is a creator's tool that makes content creation on social media fast and easy. Make use of bite-sized audio into shareable video.

[Lifetime Deal] Ligna - Business Management Tool: Ligna is a complete sales and marketing platform with every feature you need to close clients, manage content, oversee projects, and track every detail.

[Lifetime Deal] Formaloo - No-Code Form Builder: Formaloo is a no-code platform that enables you to build custom forms, quizzes, surveys, databases, and even mobile apps up to 10 times faster.

[Lifetime Deal] Usetiful - Product Tours Builder: Usetiful is a digital adoption platform that helps you craft onboarding experiences that reduce user churn.

📚 Resources

[Code Snippet] Consent for External Content: You are violating the data protection directives in the EU if you do not ask for the visitor's consent before using the standard procedures provided by WordPress or Page Builders. For that reason, the code snippet described here provides WordPress shortcodes that are compliant with the GDPR and at the same time as simple and efficient as possible.

👣 Guides

[Blogging] How to Make Money Blogging: In this article, the author shared how he made from $0 to $3,878 after 3 months of blogging part-time. He shared his personal experience and knowledge on how to start earning from your blog.

Here are the 5 steps for making money blogging:

  • Set Up Your Blog To Make Money
  • Write Compelling Content That People Want To Read
  • Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic
  • Learn From The Best In The Business
  • Don’t Be Afraid Of Investing

📰 News

[Artificial Intelligence] GPT-Neo, A Free Alternative to GPT-3: The Eleuther AI team set out to generate an open-source dataset of a scale comparable to that of the OpenAI's GPT language model. After researching and training tirelessly they released two trained GPT-style language models, GPT-Neo 1.3B and GPT-Neo 2.7B. The code and the trained models are open-sourced under the MIT license.

[Creative] WordPress Photo Directory: WordPress released a Photo Directory that aims to provide an image resource for the open web. Several content management systems offer integrated photo libraries - something WordPress has lacked. Everything in the WordPress Photo Directory utilizes the most liberal of these licenses - CC0. This means images can be used for any purpose, modified, and freely redistributed.

📌 Updates

[Security Alert] Chrome 0-Day Bug Under Active Attack: Google has fixed eight security issues in the Chrome web browser, including one high severity issue being actively exploited in real-world attacks. It had addressed 17 zero-day flaws in Chrome in 2021.

[Security Alert] WordPress Vulnerability Report: If you want to prevent your websites from being hacked, then find out the list of popular WordPress plugins that have been vulnerable to various security issues and update them to the latest patched version immediately.

  • WP Cerber Security Vulnerability: Unauthenticated Stored Cross-Site Scripting (Patched in Version 8.9.6)
  • Email Subscribers & Newsletters by Icegram Vulnerability: Subscriber+ Blind SQL injection; Unauthenticated arbitrary option update (Patched in Version 5.3.2)
  • PHP Everywhere Vulnerability: Contributor+ RCE via Gutenberg Block; Subscriber+ RCE via Shortcode; Contributor+ RCE via Metabox (Patched in Version 3.0.0)

[New Feature] WPFunnels & Oxygen Builder Integration: WPFunnels is now fully compatible with Oxygen Builder which means now you can create and design funnel pages using the Oxygen Builder within WPFunnels.

Let's see what are the things we are getting in this update:

  • 5+ Conversion Optimized Funnel Templates
  • 5 Dedicated WPF Elements
  • Any Oxygen Elements When Designing Funnel Pages
  • Complete Guides To Help You Build Your Sales Funnel

💰 Promotions

[Toolonomy Post] Ending Deals: Explore all the Ending Lifetime Deals on the selected BizDev (Business Development) Tools from the various platforms and don't miss out on the opportunity to grab your favorite ones that you think might have the potential to help you grow your business.

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Stay tuned for the next issue of the newsletter until the upcoming Wednesday.

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Hello myself Wasim, I’m from the city of Mother Teresa Calcutta (currently Kolkata), which exists in India, a country of unity in diversity.I belong to the sales and marketing field with 10+ years of experience. In December of 2017, I switched my career from a 9 to 5 traditional job to the digital entrepreneurship.Currently, I am a Google and HubSpot certified Digital Marketer, a WordPress Specialist, Web Designer & Strategist and the founder of SyncWin.
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