Swiss Knife Oxygen Review: Best Workflow Enhancer Addon

Swiss Knife is the most-powerful Oxygen Builder Add-on with various mind-boggling useful features including but not limited to Dark & Light Mode, HTML to Native Elements, Cross Domain Copy-Paste, and Font Manager which make this an Ideal Oxygen Workflow Enhancement Tool for WordPress Builders.
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Last Updated: March 13, 2021
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If you want to boost your productivity and enhance your workflow while building websites with Oxygen Builder then you must read our review of Swiss Knife Oxygen as this is one of the Best Oxygen Builder Add-ons that drastically improve the overall user interface, user experience, and includes various must-have missing features to offer everything you need as a website designer and developer.

You can find zillions of addons for Oxygen Builder on the web but only a few of them are truly great and Swiss Knife for Oxygen is one of those few addons that actually offers a mind-blowing amount of value as the name suggests just like a real Swiss Army Knife.

Earlier Hydrogen Pack used to be my top favorite addon but recently after the Swiss Knife Oxygen Version 4.0, it completely changed my mind as now it offers almost everything that my old favorite addon used to offer plus so many super important features no other single addon offers, which means now Swiss Knife can completely replace the Hydrogen.

Currently, my top 3 favorite addons for Oxygen Builder are as follows:

  1. Swiss Knife: The Ultimate Productivity & Workflow Enhancer
  2. Recoda Workspace: The Ultimate Workflow, UI & UX Enhancer
  3. OxyMade: The Best CSS Framework & Design Templates

Introduction of Swiss Knife Oxygen

Source: Official SyncWin Tools YouTube Channel

Swiss Knife is the most powerful Oxygen Builder Add-on with various mind-boggling useful features including but not limited to Dark & Light Mode, HTML to Native Elements, Cross Domain Copy-Paste, and Font Manager which make this an Ideal Oxygen Workflow Enhancement Tool for WordPress Builders.

This product is crafted by one of the most active and trusted contributors of the Oxygen Community and my good friend Marko Krstić the Founder of DPlugins, a company dedicated to solving problems of the WordPress professionals.

The DPlugins Team has hard-working and talented members including:

  • Marko Krstić - Owner of DPlugins
  • Muhammad Osama - Co-Founder of DPlugins
  • Joshua Gugun Siagian - Co-Founder of DPlugins
  • Milen Grigorov - Supporter
  • Udoro 'Cracka' Essien - Tutor & Senior Product Designer

The company has multiple problem-solving products in its portfolio including:

Valuable Resources for Swiss Knife Oxygen

Explore all the links to useful resources for Swiss Knife Oxygen that I included in this section in order to make it easy for you to find everything important in one single place.

Why Do I Love Swiss Knife Oxygen?

There are multiple reasons for loving this awesome piece of tool but the main reason is that most of the features Swiss Knife Oxygen offers are to improve and enhance the workflow while working on website building projects with Oxygen Builder.

Also, I love how the developers are dedicated to improving the tools by rapidly fixing bugs, and adding brand new innovative features after listening to the community of users even after offering the license for one-time pricing which is very hard to find for most products these days.

Main Features of Swiss Knife Oxygen

Swiss Knife has a long list of features which I am going to list below and I am not going to explain each of the features individually although I will talk about the best features of this tool upcoming section that I like the most.

However, if you want to learn more about each feature of the Swiss Knife Oxygen then head over to the official product page and learn more about all the features this tool offers.

Source: DPlugins Official YouTube Channel

Explore all the main features of the Swiss Knife:

Oxygen Editor Themes

  • Default Theme
  • Dark Mode
  • Light Mode


  • Debug
  • Pages List - Drop-Down Menu
  • Oxygen Templates List - Drop-Down Menu

Left Sidebar

  • Edit Text elements from the left sidebar
  • Lorem Ipsum generator
  • Random Unsplash Images
  • Hide Oxygen's content editor
  • Class Manager (Insert and Lock)
  • Advanced Settings tabs on the left side
  • Bigger Padding and Margin boxes

Structure Panel

  • Structure Icons
  • Open Structure on load
  • Structure Width

Code Editor

  • Code Hint
  • Code Mirror Theme
  • Swiss Knife
  • Code Editor font size

Custom Fonts

  • Enable Font Manager
  • Allow upload WOFF and WOFF2

Scripts & Styles

  • Enable Scripts Manager
  • Allow CSS/JS Uploads


  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Import Classes
  • Swiss Knife Menu - Hide for all users except admin
  • Template Tags
  • Oxygen Templates List - Drop Down Menu in WP Admin topbar
  • Pages List - Drop Down Menu in WP Admin topbar
  • Clipboard - Cut, Copy, and Paste elements between pages or websites
  • Show Clipboard icons in the top bar (Cut, Copy, and Paste)

Right Click

  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Copy Conditions
  • Paste
  • Duplicate
  • Make Reusable
  • Rename
  • Set Conditions
  • Change ID
  • Wrap with div
  • Delete


  • Delete Data when plugins are uninstalled

Best Features of Swiss Knife Oxygen

Although most of the features that Swiss Knife offers are innovative and unique in their own way, still in this section I am going to talk about a few best features that are my favorites.

Copy with Hydrogen & Paste with Swiss Knife

This feature allows you to paste any strings or text codes copied or generated using Hydrogen Pack or Hydrogen Paste from any Oxygen-powered website and paste it into your Oxygen Editor.

It means now if you get the strings copied by Hydrogen Addon then you can simply paste that with the Swiss Knife paste feature to use the design as well as retain all the styles and properties without any issues.

For example; if you own the Dezign4Fun Templates then you can import them into your projects even if you don't install the Hydrogen plugins on your website as this product offers importing templates with the Hydrogen Paste option.

Convert HTML to Oxygen Elements (Magical Feature)

When I saw the release note of this feature it seemed unbelievable to me and then I saw an official video explaining this feature which completely blew my mind.

This feature allows you to copy any HTML elements and paste them directly inside the Oxygen Editor which will magically convert those HTML elements to the native elements of Oxygen Builder.

Also, it will retain all the CSS classes as well as HTML tags and attach them to the Oxygen Elements automagically.

And the best part about this feature is that you don't require to set up anything under the Swiss Knife settings page as the default paste feature has been enhanced so it will work automatically.

One last thing, this feature is fully compatible with Tailwind which means If you have Winden you can use any available free or premium Tailwind Designs and convert them into Oxygen pages with zero hassle.

Source: DPlugins Official YouTube Channel

Scripts Manager

Swiss Knife Scripts Manager - Image - SyncWin
  • Save

Swiss Knife Oxygen offers a Script Manager feature to securely Enqueue Scripts and Styles for the Oxygen Builder. Using this feature you can upload scripts as well as styles to your Oxygen-powered websites and enable/disable them based on your requirements.

This is a very handy and unique feature if you don't want to use any additional plugin for this purpose, but if you need a more advanced solution then you could check out the stand-alone plugin Scripts Organizer by the same team.

On the other hand, you can also check out our detailed article about Advanced Scripts Review which is a great alternative product to SCORG by the same team as Hydrogen Pack.

Font Manager

Swiss Knife Fonts Manager - Image - SyncWin
  • Save

The Font Manager is a much-needed feature if you're concerned about the website's performance and font reliability.

It makes the whole font self-hosting process much easier and offers to upload your favorite font face with all the available variants just with a few mouse and clicks the best part is that it also offers all the Font Display options to select from which is the most important to improve the overall website performance.

I wrote a dedicated tutorial about a custom way to self-host Google Fonts in WordPress which is very helpful if you don't have the Swiss Knife add-on or you want to implement this on a Non-Oxygen website, but if you already have it in your toolbox then you can achieve the same thing in a much easier way.

Debug Mode

Swiss Knife Debug Mode - Image - SyncWin
  • Save

This feature is a lifesaver for Oxygen Builder users because most of the time we encounter a white gap issue on mobile devices which often happens due to the misaligned element of that particular page.

And in order to help you fix that issue, I wrote an in-depth tutorial containing code snippets that contains multiple reasons and ways to fix the white gap issue.

However now if you face a similar issue on your site then using the Swiss Knife's Debug Mode feature you can outline all the HTML elements in multiple groups and each group has its unique color. In this way, you can find the main culprit of the misalignment or white gap issue and fix that relatively quickly.

Light & Dark Theme

Swiss Knife Light & Dark Theme - SyncWin
  • Save

I just love this Light Mode and Dark Mode feature of Swiss Knife Oxygen as it allows you to change the default Oxygen editor theme to a completely new light or dark mode which is really helpful nowadays as not everyone is fond of the default theme skin hence looks for more options for the apps they use on a day to day life.

Some people don't like dark mode so in that case, they are free to use the light theme which is really elegant. Also, the other group of people including me always prefer the dark mode thus I love how the Swiss Knife offers a different variation of dark theme other than the Oxygen's default with some great UI improvements.

Integrations & Compatibility of Swiss Knife Oxygen

In this section, I am going to list the Oxygen Builder Addons that are either integrated or compatible with Swiss Knife Oxygen just in case you want to know how seamlessly it works with the other add-ons.

Also if you know the other addons that are compatible with Swiss Knife then feel free to let me know in the comment section so I can include them in the list.

  • Recoda Workspace
  • Hydrogen Pack
  • Hydrogen Paste
  • Oxy Toolbox
  • OxyMade

PROS of Swiss Knife Oxygen

There are so many things to talk about Swiss Knife Oxygen when you ask me about the good things about this tool. Therefore in this section, I am going to share a few PROS that make this tool outstanding in my opinion.

Solve Real Problems

If you're an Oxygen Builder user then you would know that even though it's the best and most powerful website builder, still it lacks various things, which is not good for the people who use this builder to professionally design and develop websites.

Therefore tools like Swiss Knife comes to the rescue and offer us those missing features to enhance the UI/UX and workflow of the Oxygen Builder to make our lives much easier as web creators.

In this way, Swiss Knife solves a real problem that Oxygen users face while working with the Oxygen Builders.

Active & Supportive Community

I love when a product or brand has a dedicated community where you can discuss anything about the tool, and in the same way, the parent company of Swiss Knife Oxygen has a dedicated Facebook Group known as DPlugins Community with its original brand name.

The best part about this group is that it's one of the most active communities among all the Oxygen Builder-related popular community groups.

Therefore if you need any kind of help related to the Swiss Knife for Oxygen then just post it on the DPlugins group and someone from the community members will help you. However, most of the time the DPlugins Team Members themselves would jump into the conversation to help you out.

Quick Customer Support

Customer support is the very first thing we should concern about while going to use a product because without any official support most likely we will get stuck in some situations if we encounter bugs or don't understand anything from the documentation which is really frustrating as a web professional.

However, as far as I know, Swiss Knife Oxygen has a great support system as Marko (the main mind behind this tool) is the most active person who is always ready to provide support and solve any problem you may encounter while using the product.

Better Pricing & Licensing System

The pricing plan is very affordable which is great for the end-users like us as we're getting immense value against the money we are paying but in the long run, it's not good for the company which I will discuss in the CONS section below.

Like most add-ons in the Oxygen ecosystem, Swiss Knife also offers an unlimited website license with lifetime updates and support which is a genuinely mind-blowing offer for value-packed, feature-rich, and power-house tools like this.

CONS of Swiss Knife Oxygen

It is not an easy task to find the bad things in this perfectly crafted tool but still, each product has its own PROS as well as CONS, even if it's fewer.

Hence I have found a few CONS that seek more attention from the developers as well as from the users like us to help this product live and thrive in the long run.

The Pricing Model Should Be Revised

Currently, they are offering only one pricing plan for Swiss Knife Oxygen which offers the highest tier possible as purchasing this gives you the benefit of installing and using the addon on an unlimited number of websites and you will get lifetime updates as well as support.

You might be thinking what's wrong with the pricing model, it's simple! However, let me tell you that not everyone requires an unlimited website plan and some people only need it for a few websites.

Also, it is a huge commitment to offer the update and support for the lifetime as it would require a lot of manpower and resources which is going to be unprofitable and unstable in the long run.

Therefore I would highly recommend the DPlugins Company rethink the pricing model and introduce a new pricing model with different plans offering a different number of website licenses.

Also, they should only offer free support for a fixed amount of time let's assume 2 years after selling the product. And after that period, they should charge the customers yearly or per ticket basis to renew the product support.

These are my personal opinion and I know it may offend many people as everyone wants true lifetime deals on business development tools but to be very honest it's not safe in the long run if the company continually only offer lifetime deal and don't think about the other pricing model like MRR.

Everyone needs to pay the bills and if they couldn't afford to pay them then they would eventually have to abandon the product which no one would ever want as a user, so we should encourage the product owners to adopt a new pricing model other than one-time price.


In this review article, I have shared my experience and opinion about the Swiss Knife Oxygen Add-on. I've discussed why I love this tool, its main features as well as the best features, also PROS & CONS.

If you want to check the complete list of all the Oxygen Builder Add-ons then head over to our other blog post here:

I hope you found this review article valuable and helpful so if my guess is right then please consider sharing it with your circle and community of other Oxygen Builder users in order to help them explore this awesome piece of tool.

Also, if you want to ask or say something about this topic then feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section in order to add value to the community and other readers.

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