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Virusdie Showcase: Alternative to WebTotem & Wordfence

Virusdie is an antivirus suite you need to protect your online business and websites. Fix all your hacked sites in one click and protect your websites from future attacks with daily scans, automatic cleanup, and a website firewall.
Tool Highlights
A brief and concise overview of this tool at a single glance
  • Protect your website from hacks and malicious infections like a Pro
  • Alternative to WebTotem & SiteLock
  • Analyze easily all the malicious files
  • Best for website owners who are looking for a tool to protect their sites from an wanted attacks
Tool Type
Video Source: PitchGround Official YouTube Channel
Tool Description
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Virusdie has made a complete and close environment for digital agencies to help them generate some extra income for themselves and some peace of mind for their clients by keeping their sites free of malware.

Digital Agencies and SMBs can now protect their clients' sites, deliver more trust to their clients and up-sell their offering with new security products (not only antivirus or firewall but and 3rd party cool security products as well they can deliver to their clients using Virusdie) - all in one place. Including billing and invoices further right through the Virusdie platform.

In any case, you need to protect your business from harmful hackers and so you need to know the risks you're facing and the steps to counter those attacks.

Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful tool.
  • Remove Malware with 1 Click: Scan the site and remove infected files, Trojans, backdoors, shell scripts, and other malicious code from PHP, JS, HTML, images, system files, and even binary files. Virusdie uses its own anti-malware database to accurately remove malware from files.
  • Automatic Website Cleanup: Flip the switch to clean your website automatically. It's green when automatic cleaning is on.
  • Timeline Diagram: Find out if malware was detected on your website with an easy-to-read timeline. Red blocks show that your website was infected that day. Green blocks show that no infected files were found on your website that day.
  • Malware Scan & Removal Reports: You can view malware scan and removal reports for the last 30 days. They're available from a simple list at the bottom of the website antivirus panel. Just click on a report to view more details.
  • Protect Sites in Seconds: You can deploy Virusdie Website Firewall (a web application firewall) automatically in less than one second to protect sites from the most common attacks.
  • Pie Chart: The WAF tracks and monitors traffic on your website. The pie chart shows you the difference between regular traffic to your website and blocked traffic (malicious or suspicious traffic).
  • Detailed Traffic Statistics: The line graph shows detailed traffic statistics on your website for the last 30 days. The red line shows blocked traffic, and the blue one shows regular (unblocked) traffic on your website.
  • Detailed Daily Blocked IP Reports: View detailed daily reports for each blocked IP address. Analyze blocked requests easily, and add IPs to your whitelist by clicking a simple plus icon
  • Check 60+ Blacklists: Virusdie helps you see when a website has been blacklisted and helps you un-blacklist sites easily. If one of your sites is blacklisted, access to that site will be restricted by one or more services (e.g., Google), meaning that your customers will lose visitors.
  • Scan Website Pages: In addition to a complete internal antivirus scan, Virusdie scans sites externally, too. The external scanning engine checks HTML pages and connected JS files, as well as analyzes site behavior, and checks links for phishing characteristics.
  • Analyze and Edit Files: A built-in file editor with malicious code highlighting helps you examine malicious and suspicious code in your files. You can easily see malicious code fragments in files and analyze, edit or remove them.
  • Automatic Backup: You can restore cleaned or deleted files using the switcher (Current file / Backup) in the built-in File editor by clicking it from the malware removal report. You can restore cleaned or deleted files over the last 30 days.
  • File Permissions: It helps you set the permissions to files on your website with a built-in file editor. Just click on a switch to enable or disable specific file permissions.
  • File Info: Detailed file info shows all file data you need (file path, size, date of last modification, etc.) including the last scan or malware removal report summary.
  • Navigate Files Easily: A built-in file manager helps you navigate the structure of your websites. Infected files are marked with red dots in the file manager. It's an awesome way to see a clear "infection map" of any site.

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