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Swift Performance Showcase: Alternative to WP Rocket & Fastest Cache

Swift Performance is a cache and performance booster plugin. It can speed up your site, improve SEO scores and user experience. Say goodbye to slow-loading websites and say hello to Swift Performance one of the best cache and optimization WordPress plugins.
Tool Highlights
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  • Speed up your website just with a single click
  • Alternative to WP Rocket & LiteSpeed Cache
  • Fasten your website speed by optimizing your images
  • Best for web developers and designers who want a tool to enhance their site's performance
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Video Source: Swift Performance Official YouTube Channel
Tool Description
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It provides everything that you need to speed up your WordPress site (replacing several optimization plugins) and improves users’ website experience. A professional solution even for beginners! Swift Performance provides awesome API features, like Critical CSS, Minify scripts with API, Remote Cron, Remote Prebuild, Image Optimizer, and automatic updates.

It can optimize automatically CSS delivery. For this it will find and merge all embedded or inline CSS on the page, and merge them into one CSS file. In this merged CSS Swift Performance can easily manipulate things (shorten URLs, color codes, force font-display:swap etc), and also can generate critical CSS from it.

Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful tool.
  • Caching: It provides an intelligent, modern caching system. You can even cache AJAX requests, and dynamic pages, and you can add exceptions (URL, page, or content-based rules).
  • Image Optimization: It provides a highly customizable, unlimited Image Optimizer.
  • Database Optimization: Keeping your database clean is extremely important for speed. It has a built-in DB Optimizer to maintain the WordPress database.
  • CSS & JS Optimization: One of the most important things for performance is to optimize the delivery of static resources. Swift Performance not only combines and minifies the CSS files but generates the Critical CSS for each page automatically.
  • Plugin Organizer: With Plugin Organizer you can disable plugins on certain pages, and let plugins run only where it is really necessary.
  • GZIP Compression: With Swift Performance you can enable GZIP compression you can reduce the sizes of pages by up to 70% which will improve load times and decrease bandwidth usage.
  • Page Cache: Swift Performance cache your pages, so the browser can load them more quickly. Page caching decreases TTFB, improves performance scores, is good for SEO, and also saves some server resources.
  • Browser Caching: You can enable browser caching, which reduces page load times for repeated visits. It is an essential feature to speed up your WordPress site.
  • AJAX Cache: You can cache any AJAX requests which are using WordPress AJAX API. It can be useful if you would like to cache AJAX search or any AJAX-loaded content on the page.
  • Dynamic Cache: By default dynamic pages (which has “?” in the URL) won’t be cached. However, Swift Performance provides an intelligent and highly configurable Dynamic Cache feature to make exceptions (eg: search, fbclid, gclid, etc).
  • Warmup Table: In Swift Performance you can easily see which pages (or AJAX/Dynamic requests) exist, and what is their cache status. You can manage the prebuild priority and manage the page cache manually.
  • Prebuild Cache: Swift Performance provides a well-configurable cache prebuild solution. You can set the cache priority, and prebuild speed, add exceptions, and if necessary use the remote prebuild bot.
  • Proxy Caching: With the built-in proxy caching feature you can use EDGE servers without issues with content updates. Basically, it can provide Cloudflare APO functionality without any other plugin and for free.
  • Lazyload Content: If you have any dynamic part on your page you don’t need to exclude it from caching. You can let Swift Performance cache the whole page, and use AJAX to load specific widgets, Gutenberg blocks, or shortcodes.
  • Varnish Support: Swift Performance supports Varnish. If you enable auto-purge Varnish cache will be cleared when it is necessary.
  • Keep Headers: You can keep original response headers. It can be useful if some headers are set via PHP, so other cache plugins may not send them when a page is loaded from cache
  • Nonce Management: With Swift Performance you can forget issues which caused by the expired nonce. In Swift Performance you can control nonce validation or specify Short Lifespan Pages.
  • Minify Assets: Swift Performance provides powerful CSS and javascript minify and optimization methods. It can decrease the total size of your site, and also improve Web Vital scores and page load time.
  • Include Assets: With Swift Performance you can include any 3rd party CSS or javascript. It will decrease DNS lookups and help to optimize 3rd party assets.
  • Preload Assets: You can specify CSS and javascript files, to optimize static file delivery on your page. With this feature, you can prioritize essential assets.
  • Server Push: Server push is a modern technology, which allows you to send site assets to the browser before it has even asked for them.
  • Preload Fonts: You can preload fonts automatically or manually to prioritize fonts that are necessary to render above-the-fold content. It can help avoid FOUT and FOIT issues.
  • Local Fonts: Swift Performance can automatically download and host locally any 3rd party fonts which are used on the page. It can speed up rendering fonts and avoid FOIT and FOUT issues.
  • Font Display: Swift Performance can force font-display: swap; for any font which is used on the page. Like with other font optimization features, this can also help to avoid FOIT issues.
  • Minicart Support: You can cache an empty mini cart, or even disable it (conditionally). This can speed up the initial page load for visitors which can increase your sales.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Ajaxify Prices feature will let you cache the whole page, but load prices via AJAX. This can solve cache issues in multi-currency shops and on-the-fly TAX calculations.
  • Session Cache: You can preload and cache Cart and Checkout pages for every user separately. This feature can speed up the checkout process, which can boost your sales.
  • Prebuild Variations: You can prebuild variations for variable products using Dynamic cache. It can improve load time even for the first visit to the variation page.
  • Stock Management: Swift Performance will clear the cache – even the category and shop home pages – for products when stock has been changed
  • Cloudflare Support: Swift Performance supports Cloudflare, so you can use it as CDN. You can configure API credentials, then Cloudflare CDN can be cleared when it is necessary
  • CDN Support: You can use any CDN provider. In Swift Performance you can set different CDN hostnames for CSS, javascript, and media files. You can also manage which file types should be loaded via CDN
  • Whitelabel: You can completely rebrand Swift Performance. Only with a few clicks, you can change the plugin name, slugs, cache folder name, etc.
  • Cronjobs: With Swift Performance you can limit cronjobs, even fully disable them and use real remote cronjobs with Swift Performance API.
  • Google Analytics: You can bypass Google Analytics with smart AJAX requests, which will use the Measurement Protocol to send data to Google Analytics.
  • Heartbeat Control: With Swift Performance you can fully control your Heartbeat. You can change the frequency, and also can fully disable it on specified admin pages.
  • Database Optimizer: You can optimize and keep your database clean. You can clear unnecessary entries, optimize or reindex tables, also you can schedule these operations.
  • Contact Form 7: With Swift Performance you can configure Contact Form 7 to load assets only pages that contain a contact form. It can reduce CSS/JS bloat on other pages.
  • Elementor: Swift Performance is fully compatible with Elementor, moreover you can lazyload Elementorbackground videos as well
  • Hosting: Swift Performance is compatible with managed WordPress hosting providers like WP Engine or Kinsta.
  • Nginx Helper: Swift Performance supports Nginx Helper. If you install and configure the Nginx Helper plugin, Swift Performance will clear Nginx/FastCGI and Redish the cache when it is necessary
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  • AI Optimization
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  • Regular Updates
  • Free Image Optimization
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