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SureMembers: Alternative to MemberPress & Paid Memberships Pro

SureMembers is the fastest and easiest way to protect content on your website. Experience the new modern way to build a membership website with WordPress.
Tool Highlights
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  • SureMembers can help you create a sense of exclusivity for your members, making them feel special and value
  • Alternative to MemberPress
  • By offering the ability to drip-feed content, you can keep your audience engaged and coming back for more
  • Best for those who are looking for a good membership plugin
Video Source: SureCart Official YouTube Channel
Tool Description
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With Suremembers you can do simple paywalls and drip-feeding, secure digital downloads as it has a variety of features that can make it simple and secure for you to control who has access to your product. It has earned the trust of over 3,800 businesses because of its strong client retention rates. It is suitable for a broad spectrum of users, including agencies, bloggers, podcasters, influencers, e-commerce specialists, and people who create courses.

Tool Features
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  • Drip Content: Give access to some content now and some content later, on a schedule you set.
  • Access Rules: Easily add, change, and view what content is protected in an access group.
  • Paywall: Protect your premium content with a custom call to action.
  • User Role Sync: Create and use user roles for deep integration with page builders.
  • Menu Item Visibility: Smarty show or hides menu items based on access groups.
  • Bulk Edit Users: Quickly add or remove groups of users into access groups with bulk user editing.
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