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StoryBlaze Showcase: Alternative to Getbotz & Wpautomatic

StoryBlaze is an AI powered Web Story Creation & Automation tool to generate and schedule web stories to WordPress site or Social channels.
Tool Highlights
A brief and concise overview of this tool at a single glance
  • Leverage the ChatGPT integration to write better stories and embed them into your WordPress site via plugin
  • Instantly convert existing text content into a compelling online story to boost your search visibility and site traffic
  • Alternative to Getbotz & Wpautomatic
  • Best for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, SMEs, Content teams, Digital Ad companies, and Agencies
Video Source: AppSumo Official YouTube Channel
Tool Description
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With StoryBlaze, you can convert blogs, articles, or product pages into web stories for more visibility and traffic coming from Google. This tool uses AI to automatically generate content summaries, so you can fit everything on a few image slides.

You have complete freedom to adjust colors, fonts, margins, and opacity to achieve the look and feel that fits your brand. Plus, you’ll be able to add a custom call-to-action to help drive traffic to your website, landing page, or affiliate link.

You’ll be able to create web stories about trending topics with a keyword, so your business can tap into whatever’s hot right now. The AI-powered tool will scrape popular images and articles to create an entire web story that connects with your audience.

Once StoryScraper is done, you can edit the image captions to correct errors or add more context to your story. You can also choose from tons of pre-built templates to instantly create stories for any industry, niche, or brand.

Thanks to the ChatGPT integration, it’s a cinch to draft new content and ensure your storytelling is top-notch every time. Best of all, StoryScraper connects to your WordPress site via a plugin or REST API, so you can easily embed your stories.

Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful tool.
  • AI Story Generator: Generate captivating web stories by AI in 1 click
  • Post to Story: Transform any blog Posts into stunning web stories using AI
  • Keywords to Story: Turn Any Keywords into Engaging Web Stories using AI
  • Web Story Editor: Create, design & schedule your story for your site and social channels
  • Single Story Scraper: Effortlessly Scrape & publish a Web Story by URL
  • Bulk Story Scraper: Save Time and Scrape Bulk Stories with 1 time Set up
  • One Click Story Generator: Quickly Generate Web Stories with One Click & export to various formats
  • One Click Automation: Automate Your Scraping Process with One Click
  • Cloud-based Tool: Access Your Scraping Tool from Anywhere
Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to StoryBlaze
  • Free Future Updates
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • Live Chat Support
  • Web Story Editor
  • Brand Preset
  • Premium Web Story Templates
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$29 / One-Time $10 / Monthly
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Exclusive Lifetime Deal on StoryBlaze, an AI Web Story Automation Tool.
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