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SliceWP Showcase: Alternative to AffiliateWP & Solid Affiliate

SliceWP makes it easy to connect to your favorite eCommerce platform (such as WooCommerce) and run your affiliate program straight from your WordPress dashboard.
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  • Grow your shop or membership site with affiliate marketing
  • Alternative to AffiliateWP & Solid Affiliate
  • Manage an affiliate program efficiently straight from your WordPress dashboard
  • Best for WooCommerce shops looking to grow their business & agencies looking to integrate an affiliate program
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It makes it easy to connect to your favorite eCommerce platform (such as WooCommerce) and run your affiliate program straight from your WordPress dashboard. Save time with automatic tracking of commissions and visits, which will give you more time to focus on what’s important in your life.

Keep everyone up to date with email notifications about generated commissions -- notifications that get sent out automatically, making you and your affiliates happy. Customize pages where your affiliates can manage their account while being kept up to date on how their affiliate strategies are going.

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All the features of SliceWP

Best WordPress Plugin to Run Your Affiliate Program

SliceWP provides you an intuitive way to connect to your existing eCommerce WordPress plugin, onboard affiliates, learn from real-time reports and easily manage your affiliate program directly from your WordPress dashboard.

  • Affiliate Area: Set up a dedicated area where your affiliates can log in to quickly grab their affiliate link, edit their account details and view how many visits and commissions they generated.
  • Affiliate Coupon Tracking: Tie affiliates to coupons to track referrals without using referral links. Once an affiliate-specific coupon code is used on checkout, the affiliate tied to the coupon is rewarded a commission.
  • Real-Time Reports: Understand how your affiliate program is performing by analyzing real-time data for referred visits, commissions, revenue, and affiliate registrations.
  • One-Click Pay Pal Payouts: Connect your PayPal business account to SliceWP and pay your affiliates in bulk, with one click, directly from your WordPress dashboard.
  • WordPress E-Commerce Integrations: Because SliceWP integrates with the popular WordPress eCommerce plugins, you'll be able to set up your affiliate program without touching any code.
  • Customizable Commission Rates: Customize the amount you reward affiliates. Set fixed amounts or percentage-based commission rates. Set custom commission rates per each affiliate, per each product, or per each product category.
  • Powerful Affiliate Management: Moderate affiliate registrations, update individual affiliate accounts, view affiliate reports, and see your top earning affiliates. Everything, from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.
  • No Commission Fees: SliceWP is installed on your WordPress website, meaning you own all the data. There are no intermediaries, so you can rest assured that you won't pay any extra fees.

Start Your Affiliate Program in Just a Few Minutes

Get your affiliate program up and running from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard, with just a few clicks.

  • Setup Wizard: SliceWP comes with a step-by-step setup wizard to help you get started as quickly as possible.
  • Built-in Integrations: With a simple flick of a switch, SliceWP integrates deeply with the WordPress eCommerce plugin you use for your business.
  • Intuitive Interface: SliceWP blends seamlessly into your WordPress interface, so you can manage your affiliate program effortlessly.
  • Highly Customizable: From commission rates to affiliate coupons, to referral links, to affiliate notification emails. You can customize (almost) everything.

Set up A Dedicated Dashboard for Your Affiliates

Add a registration form for your affiliates to sign-up for your program and a dedicated dashboard where they'll be able to grab their referral link and view their performance.

  • Affiliate Dashboard: Set up a dedicated page for your affiliates, where they can log in and manage their efforts promoting your business.
  • Affiliate Registration: Add a registration form where affiliates can sign-up for your program. Customize the fields that appear on the form to your needs.
  • Email Notifications: Keep your affiliates in the loop. Enable and customize automatic email notifications, both for you and for your affiliates, that get triggered by certain actions.
  • Custom Referral Links: Affiliates can generate their own custom referral links from their affiliate dashboard with the referral link generator.

Take Full Control of Your Affiliate Program

Because SliceWP is built specifically for WordPress, you have full access and control over your affiliate program's data.

  • Real-Time Statistics: Know how your affiliates are performing. Track and filter affiliate referred visits, commissions, and earnings all in real-time.
  • Easy Management: All of your affiliate program's data is at your disposal, right in your WordPress dashboard. Search and filter any data.
  • Data Export: Export any of your affiliate program's data into a CSV file if you need to upload it on another platform.
  • Made for WordPress: SliceWP is a native WordPress plugin. It was built from the ground up to integrate deeply with your WordPress-powered website.

Everything You Need to Run Your Own Affiliate Program with Word Press

SliceWP brings you all the tools you need to run a successful affiliate program for your WordPress powered business. Here's everything you get...

  • Unlimited Affiliates: As they say, sky is the limit. Whether you partner with a few affiliates or many, SliceWP will help you manage them all.
  • Affiliate Approval Process: Want to work only with the best affiliates? Perfect! You can vet each and every new affiliate coming your way.
  • Auto-Approve Affiliates: Want to turn all your customers into affiliates? With a simple switch you can automatically register all new users into affiliate partners.
  • Affiliate Social Sharing: Enable social share buttons in your affiliates' account page so your affiliates can promote your products directly from their account.
  • Affiliate Coupon Codes: Connect coupons to affiliates. This way, affiliates can incentivize their audience with a discount and drive more sales for you.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Pages: Let affiliates explore how their affiliate marketing efforts are going with their own account page. Registering affiliates is also a breeze. With a simple page, the process is all set up.
  • Product Custom Commission Rates: Do you want to offer different commission rates for each product/service you sell? With a few clicks you can do it.
  • Recurring Commission Rates: Attract top-tier affiliates and keep them for longer by offerring them a commission each time a subscription renews.
  • Lifetime Commissions: Link customers to affiliates and reward your affiliates for all future purchases made by these linked customers.
  • Customizable Email Notifications: Keep your affiliates in the loop with customizable email notifications. Convey your persona and make your affiliates feel like a part of your family.
  • Accurate Tracking: Referred visits and generated commissions. SliceWP tracks all of them behind the scenes so you can have more time developing other parts of your business.
  • Custom Affiliate Link: Affiliate links don't need to be bland. Personalize them so your affiliates understand they're dealing with something special.
  • Custom Cookie Duration: The time frame you track referrals can be an incentive for top-tier affiliates to join your program. Customize it to fit both your needs and your affiliates'.
  • World Class Support: With a decade of experience helping customers, They can safely say you are in good hands.

Other Features

  • Integrates with The E-Commerce Word Press Plugin that Powers Your Business: We built SliceWP to work seamlessly with the other WordPress plugins you use for your business. This way, you can manage both your store (or membership site) and your affiliate program directly from your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Take an In-Depth Look at How Slice Wp Looks Once Installed: Being a WordPress plugin, SliceWP integrates beautifully within your website, both on the admin side and on the affiliate's side.
  • They Are Here to Empower You: Thousands of businesses already agree that SliceWP is one of the best affiliate plugins for WordPress. But, it's more than just the product. We strive to provide stellar support, easy step-by-step documentation articles and affiliate marketing growth guides.

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