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ShortPixel: Alternative to TinyPNG & IMGHaste

ShortPixel is an image optimization service that uses advanced compression technology to reduce the image size without affecting the before/after quality, so your pages will load faster.
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  • Optimize your images and boost site performance and SEO ranking, with a plugin for automatic image compression
  • Alternative to TinyPNG and Imagify
  • Properly size and smart-crop pictures to fit in placeholders with the ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin
  • Best for Site owners and web agencies looking to help clients cut down on site load time and improve rankings
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And ShortPixel allows you to take advantage of high-quality images thanks to its advanced compression technology that reduces image sizes by up to 90%! Whether we’re talking JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, or WebP, ShortPixel makes sure your images are the best version of themselves.

ShortPixel gives you three compression options: Lossy, Glossy, and Lossless. With ShortPixel drastically reducing file size, you might worry that the quality of your images will take a hit. But that’s not the case—image quality will be unaffected.

ShortPixel has two powerful WordPress plugins that can automatically optimize your images. Both plugins can be installed directly into your WordPress Dashboard where you can easily manage the image reduction process.

The first plugin is the ShortPixel Image Optimizer, which optimizes images automatically. You can even configure this plugin to compress past images and optimize your website history.

Next up is the ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin, which properly sizes and optimizes images, with smart cropping that automatically detects the subject of an image and then crops to emphasize that subject.

The Adaptive Images plugin helps when images are larger than their placeholder (e.g. display a 500x500px image in a 100x100px placeholder) and just optimizing won't do the trick. This plugin is an SEO powerhouse that makes your site faster, so you can get the rankings you deserve.

Images are processed on the fly to accommodate each user’s viewport and served from ShortPixel’s CDN for maximum speed! On top of that, the plugin serves "next-gen" images (e.g. WebP) to the browsers that have such support and can also serve images in a "lazy-load" fashion.

Tool Features
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  • Speed up Your Website With Ease: You will not have to worry about delivering optimized "next-gen" images, properly adjusting the image size, and serving them through a CDN... Well, with ShortPixel tools, you can accomplish all of that and more.
  • Install and Forget: Whether you have just one website or manage hundreds of websites, ShortPixel can help. No more worries about editors forgetting to resize the 5 MB image they took with their phone. Or other time-consuming processes before uploading the images to your website.
  • Smart Compress for Best Image Quality: ShortPixel does not work this way. Our goal is to deliver original-looking images at the smallest possible size. And to achieve that, we take each image and optimize it multiple times with our proprietary algorithms until we have the perfect, smallest possible image.
  • Next-Gen WebP and AVIF Formats: ShortPixel takes all the complexity away from you and makes everything simple: with just a few clicks you can convert all your JPG/PNG images to WebP/AVIF and make them available to the right browsers.
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  • One Month Access to ShortPixel
  • GDPR Compliant
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  • Choose Image Optimization Level
  • 100 MB Filesize Limit
  • Automatically Scale Down Large Images
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