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Scripts Organizer: Alternative to WPCodeBox & Advanced Scripts

Scripts Organizer is one of the lightweight WordPress plugins that lets you dynamically inject scripts into different locations of any specific pages, posts, taxonomies, or post types of your website.
Tool Highlights
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  • Scripts Organizer gives you the power to schedule your codes for a specific timeframe like running a special function on BlackFriday
  • Instead of working manually for hours schedule your codes with this tool and go for a long vacation, it will do the work for you
  • No need to worry about how to use it if you are a WordPress user as they are reusing WordPress scripts, styles, classes, and functions so that you can use it easily
  • Best for WordPress users, web designers, and developers who want to enhance their productivity
Video Source: Official DPlugins YouTube Channel
Tool Description
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Scripts Organizer is one of the best WordPress Code Management Plugins made for web designers & developers that offer a variety of powerful and advanced features like Location-based Script & Code Injecting, Live Preview, Safe mode, Scheduling, Enable & Disable, Export & Import, Short Code, Light & Dark Mode directly inside the WordPress editor with a simple user interface for better user experience.

Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful tool.
  • Live Preview: No need to have the website in a new tab and constantly reload the browser to see the changes. Press CTRL + S and reload changes on every save.
  • Add Custom Functionality to Your Word Press by Writing SCSS, CSS, JavaScript, PHP: With Scripts Organizer you can write CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, HTML, and PHP. The Header and the Footer blocks are HTML-based and wrap scripts and styles in closing tags.
  • Safe Mode: No more fear of last-minute online edits. In case of something go wrong we got your back.
  • SCSS Partials: CSS files can be long and important parts can not be reused. The solution to this is to split your CSS into parts and merge them with Scripts Organizer.
  • Generate CSS and JS as files: Whenever you choose JS, CSS, or SCSS from the dropdown in the header or the footer on the right side you will get an option with a checkbox to generate a file instead of creating it as an inline script or style.
  • Insert Oxygen's Global Colors: Include Oxygen's colors with only 1 click. No need to recreate or remember hex values anymore. Color will be included as an Oxygen Builder native variable, the same as you would write it in the code block and partials.
  • Schedule Script Date: The easiest way to explain this is that the daily setting will be run every day without any interruptions or any limit this option will also unlock the section below to choose days in a week, from Monday to Sunday.
  • Scripts Manager: With this powerful feature, you will be able to enqueue and register scripts and styles and trigger them in the same way as any other code you are writing inside Scripts Organizer.
  • Exclude Conditions: Have the option to select the entire website except: "Post types, Handpicked single posts, Taxonomies, or Terms."
  • Code Editor: With version 2.0 and above you will get Full Visual Studion code experience. We have integrated Monaco and with that, you will have a feeling like you never left the desktop coding application.
  • Export-Import: They are using native WordPress post logic and with this, you can use WordPress post or pages "Export-Import" plugins.
  • Code Navigator: Navigate quickly between code blocks with a sidebar list without leaving Code Editor. It is available for Code Blocks and SCSS Partials
  • Organize Scripts: Since Scripts Organizer is WordPress native-oriented you can manage scripts the same as any other post or a page. In the Scripts list, you can sort them by title or date.
  • Scripts Location: What distinguishes Scripts Organizer from others is that you can write Scripts and Styles inside Header and Footer, and on top of that you can write PHP Action or Hook, or you can create a Shortcode at the same time.
  • Shortcode: Use flexibility to create one group of elements and reuse it across the website. Shortcodes can be scheduled the same as the scripts and styles.
  • Current Server Time: We got you covered thereby including the server time and server date widget on the top of the settings, every time you refresh the browser the time will be updated. It is not updated in live time as we are saving server resources.
  • Word Press Native Under the Hood: They are reusing using WordPress scripts, styles, classes, and functions to get the most of the performance as you already loaded everything. With WordPress's native look and feel, the learning curve will be minimal and you will quickly get comfortable with the entire environment.
  • Themes: Looking at the code all day long is hard, so we are making constant improvements. From Dark to Light mode, transition between night and day for better contrast, to even custom code editor font size
  • Easy Way to Enable Disable Scripts: Scripts can be easily enabled-disabled by pressing the toggle switch on two locations.
Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Scripts Organizer
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Priority Support
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • SCSS Partials
  • Scripts Locations
  • Get Builder Colors
  • Caching Files
  • Files Sync
  • Files Safe Location
  • Time Trigger
  • Date Trigger
  • Date Range Trigger
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