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Publitio: Alternative to Playbook & CloudApp

Publitio’s Media Asset Management helps you easily organize and manage your website’s media assets by offering reliable and long-term storage for large numbers of files.
Tool Highlights
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  • It makes your videos, files, and domains extra secure so that you don't have to take tension about it
  • One of the best cloud storage tools for web and mobile apps
  • You can say it is the most secure video hosting tool
  • Best for WordPress users and people who are looking for a trustworthy tool to manage their media
Video Source: Publitio Official YouTube Channel
Tool Description
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MAM makes it possible to store, access, edit and share your rich media library. It is the warehouse for your files, including images, video, and multimedia files.

It works as an online video converter that allows you to easily convert video files between multiple formats. You can convert your video file to any audio, but also image and audio files. Easily optimize your video files for the best possible performance of your website or mobile app.

Tool Features
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  • Media Asset Management: Media Asset Management system provides a single warehouse for uploading, storing, and distributing images, video, and multimedia files. MAM concept also includes media processing and transformation. With flexible user management, Publitio allows you to upload, edit, and download content, creating the perfect infrastructure for your business. Also, you get complete control over who can access your content and what they can do with it.
  • Digital Asset Management: Digital Asset Management is one system that makes your digital assets seamlessly stored, managed, organized, created, found, and published. Think of it as an intuitive library in Publitio for all your digital documents with more storage room than your typical device enables and more nuanced than "just a better storage and synchronization service for documents."
  • Video Management: Publitio has effective video management for your video media library. Store, scale and process your video files using Publio transformations, conversion between formats, up to watermarking and tagging. Each video is getting stored and backed up on Publitio's back-end so your video files can be available when You needed them.
  • Image Management: Image management is a part of the Publitio system for maintaining your digital image assets. It allows you to optimize, manipulate and deliver your image assets, using privacy features, URL transformations, and creating special URLs for downloading and adding tags and watermarks. Using IM you can scale your images where ever U are, saving time for image optimization and reducing the cost of delivering your digital assets.
  • Audio Management: Publitio is an Audio Management platform that allows full support for work with Audio types of files. Publitio can be used for uploading, hosting, transcoding/processing, and delivery of sounds, music, and audio (next to images and videos). Publitio provides a URL-based API form through which you can perform all file transformations on the fly & instantly, just above the browser, by altering the file URL parameters. For resizing, cropping, trimming, watermarking, and/or quality adjustment, you can use it to transcode your audio files between formats.
  • Wordpress Media Management & Offloading: Publitio provides plugins for Wordpress Media Library Management and Wordpress Media Library Offloading. Both are an easy ways to store media libraries on Publitio infrastructure & CDN - thus improving your website speed and offloading all heavy media work (like video transcoding, streaming, etc.) to us.
  • Domain Level Protection: Add an extra layer of protection for your files making sure they can be viewed only on domain names (sites) you've chosen.

  • HLS Video Encryption: With HLS video encryption you're able to secure your streaming videos even better, and make it extra hard for the end visitors to save your video to their device.

  • Detailed Analytics: Analytics gives you a chance to see which content your customers like the most. You can focus on the most-viewed files and pages and provide more of them. Additionally, find out about the least-viewed content and work on ways to improve it.

  • Boost Your SEO: It keeps your files optimized by reducing size while retaining the quality, lowers loading time, reduces the response time, and more!
  • No Programming Knowledge Needed: Publito also handles the delivery of videos for apps and the web. It includes a free HTML5 video player with custom skins that brings your video to life right away.

Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Publitio
  • No Priority Support
Deal Features
  • 200 GB storage space
  • 1000 GB monthly bandwidth
  • 20 Players
  • 20 Ad tags
  • 20 Watermarks
  • 2 Custom CNAMEs
  • Domain Level protection
  • HLS video encryption
  • Analytics
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