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PostX Showcase: Alternative to Post Grid & Content View

PostX is a Gutenberg post block plugins for creating beautiful post grid, post listing dynamic post slider and post carousel. It comes with default shortcode support so that you can easily integrate blocks within any existing page builder.
Tool Highlights
A brief and concise overview of this tool at a single glance
  • Create customizable post grids, sliders, and carousels using PostX
  • You can easily integrate it with almost any existing page builder
  • Alternative to Post Grid & Content View
  • Don't want to do anything from scratch, use ready-made templates and customize it as you want
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Tool Description
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It has everything you need to build a beautiful Website like Advanced Query Builder, Exclusive Archive Builder, Ajax Powered Post, Filter Dynamic & Advanced Post, Slider Elementor & Shortcode Support, Readymade Design Library, Custom Taxonomy, Support Pagination & Infinite Load more.

Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful tool.

Archive Builder

Archive Builder is easy to use with lots of customization options. Create customized design templates for all archive pages like Category, Custom Taxonomy, Search & Date Pages.

  • Advanced Editing: The Archive builder lets you choose your archive page type and shows you the available options to showcase it. You have the choice to display the template to category, date, author, post_tag, and other pages while being specific.
  • Customized Page Creation: You have the option to offer a fully customized experience using the Archive Builder. You have the liberty to create highly customized pages and work with the templates. You can be as precise as you want with the in-built options.

Filter Category Without Reloading Page AJAX Powered

The Category filter is the best tool to show many contents in a small place. By clicking on a category users can easily read what they are interested in.

    • Precise Content Filtering: Enable high-level filtering using specific filter customizations along with the appropriate filter value. Make sure to change the Filter text as well with the in-built option for users to go through your content easily.
    • Implement Easy Navigation: Offer high-fidelity navigation to your readers with the help of AJAX Pagination. With PostX, you can easily add custom pagination with different designs, positioning, and design properties with proper responsiveness.
    • Read More Functionality: Take advantage of the baked-in ‘Read More’ functionality with all its customizable components. You can not only change the text but also make design changes with the appropriate styling and slider controls.
    • Unlimited Customizations: Build the best version of your website using in-built filtering and pagination. There are different options for you to play with, which essentially means you don’t have a leash on customization. Design and filter content as per your choice!

    Advanced Query Builder

    Using Query builder you can customize queries as you want. You can easily display your posts according to different criteria. The number of posts, Category, Tag, Order By, Order, Exclude, and Offset are now applicable from the block settings panel.

    • Quick Query Picker: Pick appropriate posts for showcasing with the Quick Query Picker dropdown. Select the best posts based on comments, popularity, order, and more to show on your blog page. Take control over your content without difficulty!
    • Pinpoint Posts Taxonimically: Use Post Taxonomies to highlight posts to entertain your readers. You can easily show specific categorical posts and narrow them down using the Taxonomy Value. Again, it’s all a matter of choosing the value from the dropdown!
    • Ordering is Easy: Ordering your posts is super simple with the Query Builder. There are dedicated buttons and filters to help you order your posts by date, order, value number, and more. There’s a convenient offset slider as well for hands-on users.
    • Further Pickings: Very few plugins will let you include or exclude posts. But PostX lets you do that using the specific post ID. Furthermore, there’s also the option to use your Author ID and show posts of that specific author. Cool right!

    Other Features

    • Typography Control is Now Groundbreaking: Typography is one of the major concerns for readability. Gutenberg Post Blocks accumulates all the Google free fonts in one place. So you have an amazing array of options to choose from.
    • Lots of Blog Listing Variation: Blog Listing blocks come with the query builder and many other settings. Gutenberg Post Blocks offers each block with different designs so that you can choose what is best for you. 
    • The Easiest to Build Grid Layout: Using a blog post in a grid layout inside the landing page is a common practice. Complete control of these blocks can enable you to create a stunning and beautiful grid section in minutes.
    • Dynamic Post Slider Blocks: Post Slider is now easier to build using post slider blocks. It is fully dynamic and custom queries can be applied to display the post.
    • Ready-made Design Blocks: PostX features a wide range of ready-made design blocks for you to use on your posts/page. All of these ready-made blocks feature endless customization features for you to explore your creativity. 
    • Starter Packs: These are a combination of clean ready-made post blocks. The designs are both multipurpose and easy to use. Moreover, there are specific packs geared towards the news reporter, chef, traveler, and many more!
    • Collapsible Table: The Table of Contents Addon allows you to add a collapsible table to your blog post. You can change the type of the table alongside the button placement. Furthermore, you can choose to change the opening and closing texts as well.
    • Sticky Table: You can choose to enable the sticky table functionality as well, making sure the user can interact with the content better. You can change the positioning of the table to the left, right, or top, whichever works for you.
    • Back to Top Functionality: There’s the option to enable a ‘Back to Top’ functionality that lets you reach the top of the page with ease. Again, there is the option to change the positioning and icon styling right in the settings, giving you more control over user interaction.
    • Table Styling: All of the functionalities available with the Table of Content blocks come with the necessary customizable design properties. You have full control over the heading, table body content, and others to make the experience better.
    • Category Styling and Positioning: Make the most of showing the right categories to your visitors. With the in-built styling and positioning dropdown, you can choose to showcase your categories over posts in different styles and orientations with ease.
    • Category Specific Color Pro: You can show category-specific colors with specific layouts using the ‘Specific Color Pro’ functionality. The color will automatically adjust to the category with selected layouts, adding extra style points to your website.
    • Content Excerpt: With this functionality, you’ll be able to show content excerpts just the way you want. There’s the excerpt limit functionality that allows you to show a chosen number of excerpt characters. Also, you can show all excerpt content if you want.
    • SEO Meta Functionality: PostX supports RankMath, SEOPress, All-in-one SEO, Yoast, and other popular SEO plugins. You can choose to enable any one of the SEO addons to write and show SEO meta descriptions for your posts.
    • Dynamic Image Animation: You can have the liberty to change the way content looks on your site. Use content image animations to grab the attention of your users. Several pre-made options and design properties like image overlay, type, and more are there for assistance.
    • Content Animation: You are free to animate content by setting the positioning, making it more appealing to your users. Furthermore, there are in-built animation options to add more to the overall design of your website.
    • Unlimited Templates: Create unlimited templates and save them as shortcodes for further use. The Save Templates Addon allows you to create your own customized Gutenberg blocks. Once you save it, you can use the shortcode to implement it on any page.
    • Elementor Compatibility: Make the most of the Saved Templates Addon by using it with Elementor. PostX features excellent compatibility with Elementor Shortcodes, resulting in smooth usability and functionality while offering creative freedom.
    • Innovative Typography Control: Apply top-notch typography to your Gutenberg block designs with built-in typography controls. Get amazing granularity for showing your innovativeness by dialing in custom typography settings. There’s support for Google fonts as well.
    • RTL Readiness: PostX breaks the language barrier by introducing RTL support. It allows you to show your content without any issues, whatever your native language may be. Furthermore, you can add other design customizations to your liking as well.
    • Indefinite Listing and Layout Combinations: Blog listings and layout combinations are infinite. You don’t just have to stick to the pre-made options. You have the liberty to mix and match designs and satisfy your creativity. There’s no better way to offer a customized experience!
    • Responsiveness Control: An advanced feature that lets users choose to show/hide content on certain devices. It’s a granular level setting, allowing you to further control the content visibility on select devices.
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    • Lifetime Access to PostX
    • Lifetime Support
    • Lifetime Updates
    • 10% Renewal Discount
    • 14 Day Guarantee
    Deal Features
    • 250+ Design Patterns
    • 26+ Starter Packs
    • All Upcoming Features
    • Including 11+ Pro Addons
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