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Pluginplate: Alternative to WP-Strap

Built by developers, they addressed the exact pain points faced while writing plugins, and ended up creating an amazing tool that will definitely make your development easier (and your repetitive tasks shorter)!
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Let's be honest - no one likes to do repetitive tasks manually, so why write a WordPress plugin again and again from scratch if you can generate a perfectly written template that is based on your needs in less than a minute?

Pluginplate solved exactly that issue!


  • Create highly optimized WordPress plugin templates based on your needs
  • Choose from 13+ additional modules the extra features you'd like to add to your plugin template and download it instantly
  • Every generated plugin follows the latest WordPress standards and offers a plugin structure that is optimized to your needs
  • Best for: WordPress Developers and Agencies that require high-quality plugin setups for their clients/products


  • Unlimited instant downloads
  • Access to all current and future features
  • Access to all current and future modules
  • Dynamically choose the best plugin setup
  • Full PHPDocs support
  • Plugin name & slug, plugin URI, plugin version & prefix, short description, author name, email, and author URI
  • Add General Public License (GPL)
  • Add readme.txt file
  • Add helper documentation
  • Add admin plugin-list action link
  • Add shortcode
  • Add configuration files (.gitignore, .distignore, .editorconfig)
  • Add CSS support
  • Add JS support
  • Add topbar menu item
  • Add admin menu page (including a fully working options panel)
  • Add WP CLI support
  • Add REST API support
  • Add dashboard widget
  • Add custom post type
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