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Originality AI: Alternative to Quillbot

It will put you in control of checking your content’s originality by identifying any Plagiarism and detecting if AI tools were used to create the content. Receive greater insight plus save time and money with Originality.AI
Tool Highlights
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  • Check your article with Originality AI before Publishing it
  • Alternative to Quillbot
  • Scan your whole site just by entering your URL into it
  • Best for those who are creating AI content and don't want Google to detect it.
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Tool Description
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Your needs, as a serious web publisher, for a plagiarism checking and AI detection tool are unique. Yet, all the existing plagiarism-checking tools are built with Academia in mind.

Originality.AI is built by a team of content marketing and GPT-3 AI experts that deeply understands your needs and includes features like Team Management (no more sharing your login), Full Site Scan (coming soon), Auto-Billing, Scan History by User and most importantly an AI Writing Detection tool.

You can now have all your content scanned with a record of who scanned it when it was scanned if AI is suspected and if any plagiarism was found all saved for reference later.

You will no longer need to rely on their promise that it is plagiarism-free, original content or waste time scanning it yourself. With the team management function and activity history, it puts you or your editor in firm control of your plagiarism checking.

Large teams scanning thousands of articles per month produce unique challenges. With Originality.AI’s “Team Management” module it allows you to add/remove and monitor team members' activity easily.

Plus, with the auto-billing feature for credits, you will never have your team at a standstill waiting for credits again. You can now provide increased confidence to your clients that content is produced by humans and is plagiarism free. Win business from your competitors not using Originality.AI

Full Site scan (coming soon)! No more spot-checking only the top pages of a site before you purchase it. With the Originality.AI website scanner, crawls the entire site and then completes a full Plagiarism Check and AI Detection Check on all the content. Get a complete picture of a site's plagiarism and AI content risk quickly. Whether a site has 10, 100, or 1000+ articles Originality.AI will check them all!

Tool Features
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  • Detect If Content Was Generated By An AI Writer: With Originality.AI’s AI detection module, it provides a score from 0-100 on the chance that the content scanned was produced by an AI writing tool. If our Originality AI module thinks the content was created using AI, then there is a reasonable chance that Google will also.
  • Take Back Control Of Your Team: You can add and remove unlimited team members, manage their access level, and see a complete record of all their activity. But most importantly since a record of all originality checks is kept no longer relies on a writer/editor saying they checked it for originality… you now have a history.
  • Simply Enter A URL And Scan The Entire Site For AI-Generated Content: The team at Originality.AI knows this pain and built a tool to scan an ENTIRE site automatically by just entering the URL. Simply enter the URL and Originality.AI will crawl the entire site and identify any potential plagiarism or if it suspects AI tools were used to create the content. With Originality.AI understand a website's Content Originality Risk before you buy it.
  • Save Money With $0.01 Per 100 Words And Auto-Renewal: Enjoy the improved experience, and massively increased functionality and save money. Plus, never wait for credits again with auto-renewal for credits. You can choose to save credits and select to scan for just Plagiarism or just AI. Originality.AI is less expensive than your current outdated Plagiarism checker.
  • Integrate AI Detection Into Your Tool Or Workflow – Easy-To-Use API: If you have an existing content creation workflow or custom tool that you would like to integrate AI detection into we have an API for you. API key access is available to any user of the tool. All requests are returned in JSON.
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