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Offermative: Alternative to FunnelKit & WPFunnels

Offermative is the only tool that lets you create fully automated up-sells, cross-sells, and discount campaigns with AI for your WooCommerce store. Simply launch the generated offer campaigns and you’ll notice a boost in sales and average order value within days.
Tool Highlights
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  • Generate offers, upsells, and discount campaigns for your WooCommerce store fully automatically with AI
  • The Offermative AI completes 15+ tasks for you automatically, from designs, copywriting, conditional logic, and more
  • Track the additionally generated revenue of the AI campaigns inside your dashboard
  • It’s like having a full-time growth marketer in your eCommerce team at no cost
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Tool Description
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Skyrocket your sales with the AI-based WooCommerce plugin that generates offers, upsells, discount campaigns for your store automatically. Designs, copywriting, conditional logic, and more – all done for you.

You can even run micro-offers. No need to run bumper discounts all the time, Offermative can run highly targeted offers on hundreds of products. Simply select which AI-generated campaigns you like to try, and hit ‘Publish’!

Tool Features
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All the features of  Offermative 

Discounts, Nudges or Reco

  • Discounts: Fixed, percentage, sitewide, cart discounts, conditional, exclusive… all sorts of discounts are covered.
  • Coupons: Powerful discounting rules without advanced coupon setup. Offermative will create coupons automatically.
  • Related Product Recommendations: Trending, frequently bought together, new, top seller. Offermative will recommend what’s likely to sell.
  • Upsells & Cross Sells: Increase average order size and life time value with smartly positioned funnel bumps.
  • Order Bumps: On the cart or during checkout, these are Order Bumps your customers will love.
  • Offers in Purchase Flow / Sales Funnel: Offers based on cart contents and pricing – with unobtrusive designs.
  • Post Purchase / Thank You Page Offers: Different types of promotions on the order complete / thank you page.
  • Free Gifts / Giveaways: Dynamically set price to zero to give away addons and free gifts.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Intuitive offer campaign rules for different dynamic pricing use cases.
  • Need something else: Offermative covers almost all offer types that have high conversion. Try it!

Optimize Your Sales Funnel

  • 5 Minute Setup: Answer a few questions – like the maximum discount you can give, products to never discount and a little insight about your audience. Offermative will set everything up – and learn from your existing order history.
  • AI Automation + Enough Control: While Offermative automatically generates ready-to-go-live onsite marketing campaigns, you can quickly tweak them to suit your needs.
  • Product Selection: Offermative studies your catalog and order history to pick up what products should be promoted, if they should be discounted or not. But you can change this easily.
  • Discounting: Sitewide seasonal sales, product / category specific fixed or percentage discount. Offermative will automatically pick an appropriate discount (or zero discount).
  • Product Recommendations: Upsells, cross-sells, in-category related products, pushing top-selling products or trying to clear inventory of items that are not selling as much. Offermative can run intelligent recommendations automatically.
  • Conversion Focused Placement in Sales Funnel: Too many or intrusive promotions and you may lose the customer. No promotions and you leave money on the table. Offermative’s offer messages are tested to improve conversions and shown at the right place at the right time!
  • Dynamic Targeting Rules: Who should see the promotion campaign? Offermative sets up multiple targeting rules so the offers show to a limited set of qualified customers. You can tweak this if you need.
  • Design Templates & Images: Graphics and design is a big task. Offermative includes dozens of high converting offer designs and automatically selects a design appropriate for the offer. It can use your existing product images or show images on its own.
  • Expert Copywriting & CTAs: This is where most of us get stuck. What headlines and CTAs will close the sale? How to tap into the pain and desires of the audience? Offermative takes away your pain by writing all the promotion copy for you!
  • Translations / Multilingual: We understand your site may not be in English. Offermative works with WooCommerce sites in any language, and our AI copywriting generator also supports translations for a whole range of popular languages.
  • A/B Split Testing: Would a popup work better or a header bar? Or an inline coupon? Each Offermative campaign can contain multiple messages and they are all split tested automatically.
  • Campaign Management: Set date / time as to when each offer campaign will be made live. You can extend campaigns that are working well or stop the ones that are not performing. And of course, you can edit various aspects of the campaign too.
  • Tracking & Analytics: Promising vs delivering… Offermative tracks everything it does and learns how to run better campaigns for you. The more you use it, better results you can experience.
  • WooCommerce Sales Automation: Since Offermative can take care of the entire sales / promotion process and is tightly integrated with WooCommerce, it will become your “automatic sales machine”, closing orders and making sales on its own.

Other Features

  • Physical Products: Clear inventory, control discounts, exclude certain products from promotions… Offermative is magical for e-commerce.
  • Digital Downloads & Virtual: Clever discounting and bundling can immediately improve results for everyone selling downloadable or virtual products.
  • Subscriptions: Offermative supports WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin and can run offers for recurring products easily.
  • Product Variations: Offermative is compatible with variable products and can allow people to select an appropriate variation when they claim an offer.
  • Themes: Offermative won’t mess up your WordPress theme, nor can your theme distort Offermative designs. They’ve tested it with popular themes as well.
  • Plugins: Offermative adheres to WooCommerce standards and works with other plugins. It would work even with other plugins that enhance the sales funnel.
  • Payment Gateways: Offermative is compatible with all payment gateways that WooCommerce supports. Plain and simple!
  • High Volume Merchants: Offermative won’t slow down your site. All campaigns have targeting rules so they will show only to an appropriate audience. Offermative can create breakthrough results for you.
  • Creators and Indie Makers: You can setup creative offer campaigns using Offermative easily. You don’t have to worry about design or technical complications.
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