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MXroute: Alternative to Zoho Mail & Proton Mail

MXroute was started by Jarland Donnell and Ryan Arp. They are both active in the hosting industry and recognized a need for reliable email.
Tool Highlights
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  • Now you don't have to worry about spam with MXroute
  • Alternative to SendGrid & Zoho Mail
  • It can help you to boost your email campaigns
  • Best for small businesses who are looking for well known email hosting provider
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Spammers ruin everything and that's why you have trouble running your own mail server these days. Go ahead, and check out what spammers think of MXroute. You want to be hated by at least spammers. MXroute is a low-cost service and very intentional so their goal is to give you the resources you need to be successful on their platform and provide ticket support as a fallback.

Tool Features
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  • Highest Sending Quality: They are unaware of anyone in the industry achieving such success with outbound delivery rates while blocking the least amount of outbound mail to achieve it.
  • Great Reviews: Listen everyone has bad reviews, but the customers that take the time to get to know us not only have great things to say, but they never leave. 
  • CrossBox: Seriously if you haven't seen CrossBox webmail yet, you're in for a treat. It is a huge favorite among our customers, and They even have an app for it on iOS and Android!
  • Spammers Hate Them: Spammers ruin everything, and they're why you have trouble running your own mail server these days. Go ahead, check out what spammers think of MXroute. You want to be hated by at least spammers.
  • Constantly Evolving: Their product is constantly evolving, and the best part is that we never raise prices on you just because They improved the service. They're not finished growing, but the earlier you get in on this the less you'll pay.
  • Addicted to Open Source: Their service consists almost entirely of open-source projects pieced together to accomplish the tasks. Dovecot, Exim, ZoneMTA, Rainloop, Roundcube, and all that jazz. They're committed to open source.
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Mxroute 
  • Non Refundable
Deal Features
  • 10 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Emails
  • 300 Outbound Per Hour (per Email)
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$99 / One-Time $199 / Onetime
⏰ Deal Validity: Until Nov 30, '22
Up to 50% Discount for Black Friday Cyber Monday on MXroute, an Email Hosting Provider.
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