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Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0: Build & Manage by AppSumo

AppSumo’s Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0 is an app collecting dozens of emails used by AppSumo, Sumo Group, and other successful businesses to build relationships and grow brands.
Tool Highlights
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  • Access an app with dozens of successful email templates that Sumo Group and its associates have used over the past 10 years
  • Get proven emails that have been used to grow six-figure products and a nine-figure business
  • Learn why different emails work with our favorite email hacks and behind-the-scenes secrets
  • Best for: Entrepreneurs who want to send better emails to grow their brand or business
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Tool Description
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The Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0 app lets you copy and paste into Gmail or any outreach tool for seamless implementation. Plus, you can sort through dozens of effective templates in no time with the search function to find exactly what you need.

Tool Features
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  • First Impressions are Everything: This app shows you how to use the right email at the right time to nail your shot at that big deal or connection. Get the inside secrets and details behind the reasoning of each email, like why certain words, phrases, and strategies are used.
  • View Counters: To help you secure that big deal, you get view counters on every email template to let you see which email templates other Sumo-lings have been eyeing the most. Then, you can use those same strategies to craft your own emails that get real results.
  • Multiple Templates for You: They’ve added more templates, easier search functionality, and simple copy-and-paste from the app (with a Gmail integration coming soon).
  • Use Them as You Want: You’ll also have the ability to quickly edit the emails to change around key fields, making it even easier to personalize them for your purposes
Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0
  • All Future Lifetime Plan Updates
  • An App Sumo Original, Created by the App Sumo Team as a Simple, Affordable Solution
  • You Must Activate Your License Within 60 Days of Purchase
  • No Refund Policy, Obviously it's Free
Deal Features
  • Get access to REAL templates that the AppSumo and Sumo Group teams have used to generate millions of dollars
  • Never-before-seen insider emails that you can copy and paste for your own business
  • 40+ templates for sales, outreach, partnerships, backlinks, and more
  • New templates are regularly added
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