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MediaPlace Showcase: Alternative to Eagle

MediaPlace is an all-in-one media manager that can save you save you time, and boost your productivity by streamlining your creative workflow.
Tool Highlights
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  • Save time and boost your productivity on creative projects by managing all your media files in one place
  • Collect media from any website, access 5M+ stock assets, quickly create and easily edit media file
  • Alternative to Eagle
  • Best for content creators, graphic designers, and marketers who are looking for a good media management tool
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Visually organize your media library so everything is easy to find! Saving you endless frustration, and valuable time! Add tags, ratings and notes to any media file, or batch organize thousands of files, in just one click.

Even use smart folders that automatically group your media together based on rules you choose! Instantly find what you need using powerful filtering options.

Every piece of media is instantly searchable by type, keyword, dimension, size, rating, shape, duration and tags! So you never have to hunt for that one file that you could have sworn was in your downloads folder…

Or was it in documents… The cloud maybe? Just drag & drop to import your own files, or use MediaPlace’s built in web browser to swipe all the media files directly from any website!

Plus you can choose from 5 million+ stock images, videos, gifs, and stickers built into Media Place! Easily building a massive library of inspiration for your mood boards in one visually searchable place…

Instead of scattered across dribbble, pinterest, and random folders on your hard drive. With powerful creation tools built into Media Place you can instantly generate shapes & backgrounds with unique designs or gradients.

You can also use the simple drag & drop slideshow creator to whip up engaging presentations in just a few clicks! Perfect for your next creative project or sales presentation.

Imagine trying to paint the Mona Lisa with a calculator… Unfortunately some tools just don’t cut it for creative jobs!

So stop using old outdated file managers slowing you down, while you scream into a pillow out of frustration…

Upgrade to MediaPlace and start saving time & boosting your productivity, by managing everything related to your media in one visually organized place.

Tool Features
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  • Easy Searching: Search by keywords, tags, type, rating, shape, size or dimension.
  • Organise Visually: Use tags, smart folders, and ratings to organize your media.
  • Unlimited Use AI Image Auto-Tagging: So you can instantly find ANY image In 1 second using keywords.
  • Unlimited Use AI Background Removal: Remove unlimited backgrounds in 1-click using AI, and even fine tune the details manually.
  • Unlimited Use AI Image Upscaling: Turn your blurry pixelated image into a crispy HD version using AI in just 1-click.
  • Unlimited Use AI Color Burst: Highlight your subject in 1-click, creating captivating contrast by maintaining vivid colors while desaturating the background.
  • Generative AI Features That Run on Paid Credits: Use our competitively priced AI Credits to generate stunning AI images from text, easily edit with AI in 1-click, and use AI to generate realistic voiceovers.
Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Media Place
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee 
Deal Features
  • The Ultimate Media Manager
  • Unlimited Use of AI Tools
  • AI Auto-Tag Your Image Library
  • AI Background Removal
  • AI Image Upscaling
  • AI Color Burst
  • Generative AI Tool (Credits)
  • AI Text to Image Generation
  • AI Image Editing in 1-Click
  • AI Text to Realistic Speech
  • Free Bonuses
  • 200 AI Credits*
  • 2000+ Commercial Use AI Images
  • All Future Media Place AI Updates
  • Extra Features
  • Edit Images, Video, and Music Files
  • Batch Operations and Automation
  • Install and Uninstall Fonts
  • Add Watermarks
  • Svg Color Editor & Background Generator
  • Smart Folders
  • 5M Royalty Free Images and Videos
  • Create Stunning Slideshows
  • Transcode Files Into Different Formats
  • Use Media Place on 5 Devices
  • And Much More..
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