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Linkilo: Alternative to Link Whisper & Autolinks Manager

Linkilo is the internal linking tool that will save you hours every week while giving your site a huge boost in search rankings.
Tool Highlights
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  • Speed up your linking process with its auto-linking tool. Simply input keywords and let Linkilo do the rest
  • Alternative to Link Whisper & Autolinks Manager
  • It  simplifies link management, boosts SEO, and offers data-driven insights
  • It analyzes your content and suggests relevant internal and external links, enhancing site relevance and authority
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Introducing Linkilo, the go-to option for seamless internal connecting. Easily and precisely optimize the potential of your website by streamlining your SEO efforts. Linkilo's user-friendly interface allows users to manage links more efficiently, reducing time and improving SEO performance.

It gives you complete control over your linking strategy, allowing you to easily accept or reject ideas based on intelligent data analysis. It can minimize link cannibalization and duplicate anchor text concerns can help you avoid SEO penalties.

Its clever algorithm guarantees that link suggestions are relevant, whether internal or external and full audits and reports give vital insights into your site's link health. It provides the tools you need to optimize your site for search engines, including anchor text monitoring and cannibalization statistics.

Tool Features
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  • Link Suggestions: Suggestions are based on a wide variety of algorithms. Content analysis, semantic web, tags, categories, titles, headings, URLs, contextually related types.
  • Add More Keywords: Linkilo only gets better when you add custom keywords, or keywords from Google Search Console, Rank Math, Yoast, and All-in-One SEO plugins. We’ll be able to find more suggestions!
  • Link Analysis: It will help you know what you are doing right, or wrong, and any opportunities you might have missed.
  • Add Auto Links: Add keywords to a link, and linking happens on autopilot. Perfect for external link automation, such as affiliate or link exchanges, without the headache of searching for it.
  • Link Cannibalization Report: Don’t know if you used the same anchor text in another post. We’ll make sure you diversify your anchor text so search engines can differentiate them.
  • Anchor Text Report: Identify how many times you have to use the same anchor text.
Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Linkilo
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Deal Features
  • Automated Link Building WordPress Plugin
  • Unlimited internal link suggestions
  • Unlimited external link suggestions
  • Link Analysis
  • Automatically add links
  • Cannibalization report
  • Anchor text report
  • Google Auto Suggested Keywords
  • Import/Export
  • Tag Generator
  • Banklink report & tracker (Soon)
  • Broken link audit (Soon)
  • All future plan updates
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Exclusive Lifetime Deal on Linkilo, A Inter Linking Tool
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