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Linguix Showcase: Alternative to ProWritingAid & Grammarly

Linguix is an AI-powered writing assistant that checks your writing for errors and provides context-appropriate grammar, punctuation, style, and vocab recommendations.
Tool Highlights
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  • Automatically check grammar, punctuation, and style on your favorite sites with the Linguix browser extension
  • Alternative to: Grammarly & ProWritingAid
  • Get context-appropriate writing recommendations, and speed up your process with intelligent snippets
  • Best for: Marketers, non-native English writers, and anyone who looking to improve their writing as they go
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Video Source: AppSumo Official YouTube Channel
Tool Description
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Powered by AI, Linguix allows you to instantly find and eliminate grammar errors, punctuation mistakes, and typos as you write. While you’re typing, you can get context-appropriate recommendations to make your content more clear and compelling.

You can easily accept suggestions just click on the pop-up that appears as you hover over the word or phrase underlined in red. Linguix also features a rewriter tool that helps you rephrase complex or unclear sentences for better readability and comprehension.

Highlight your sentence to view how you can rephrase and rewrite it, ensuring that your writing is clear and compelling even if you’re not a native English speaker. You’ll be able to choose from multiple rewrite options and fix the entire sentence in seconds!

Access Linguix’s web editor without downloading a browser extension! That means you can get comprehensive writing insights and readability scores on any device! Speed up publishing with the option to copy all text in one button click. You can even use secret mode, so your content disappears from Linguix servers as soon as you delete it.

Note: Linguix is one of the old and popular deals of AppSumo that came back to the platform once again. This is a Grammarly alternative though not powerful as Grammarly yet but I think it will improve with time and could become the best investment ever for writers and content creators.

Tool Features
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  • Write like a Pro: Linguix helps thousands of native and non-native English writers improve their content, solve business tasks, and unlock new opportunities!
  • Focus on The Essence, Get Better Results: Enjoy the state-of-the-art paraphrasing and rewrites to focus on your ideas, not the wording. Linguix takes care of grammar issues and spelling problems, but it can also improve your sentence as a whole! Just highlight the passage you'd like to improve and click the colored pencil to see a list of rewrites.
  • Online Grammar Checker and Rewriter for Every Task: No matter what your task is, Linguix can help you to solve it. You can use our browser extension, Web Editor, or our other apps to make your writing more clear, more compelling, and authentic. Our technology offers a complete toolset for grammar checking and spells checking.
  • Be More Productive: Linguix goes beyond just grammar checking. Use our shortcuts that automatically expand longer text to accelerate your repetitive typing tasks.

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