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Keyframe Audio: Alternative to Epidemic Sound & Artlist

Keyframe Audio is a music licensing service that lets you monetize royalty-free music and sound effects on any platform.
Tool Highlights
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  • Access more than 100,000 premium, royalty-free tracks, cues, and SFX for videos, podcasts, and more
  • Alternative to Epidemic Sound & Artlist
  • Get a universal-sync license that protects your digital content from copyright claims across platforms
  • A tool that is made only for those who are looking for a cheap but good music licensing service
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Thanks to Keyframe Audio, you can access over 100,000 royalty-free tracks, cues, and SFX for your digital content. From some of Hollywood’s most prolific composers to professional-grade foley, you can find the exact sound that fits your vibe.

Best of all, this music licensing service protects your content from copyright claims—so you’ll never get demonetized! Their massive SFX catalog is packed with over 50,000 sound effects, including laser sounds, crackling fires, and foley.

That means you can find the exact sound that’s going to elevate your YouTube content, true crime podcast, or streams. And because Keyframe Audio offers a universal-sync license, you’ll be able to monetize everything totally stress-free.

On top of stellar sound effects, you'll be able to discover over 50,000 music tracks spanning every genre and vibe. Keyframe Audio also offers a variety of expertly-curated playlists, so you can find what you’re looking for fast.

Want to share some sick tunes with your friends? You can send any of the tracks via link, email, or social media in one click. The coolest thing about Keyframe Audio is how easy it is to manage your own copyright claims with the clearance dashboard.

If you’re uploading to YouTube, you can sync your channel with Keyframe Audio and keep uploading worry-free. Plus, if your content ever gets a copyright claim, simply enter that URL into your account to automatically remove the copyright claim.

Tool Features
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  • Unlimited Music: Choose from over 100,000 premium, royalty-free tracks and sound design elements by some of Hollywood’s best cinematic and commercial composers.
  • Protect Your Channels: Whitelist your YouTube channels, Facebook pages and Instagram profiles and never lose your ad revenue from copyright claims.
    Simple licensing
  • Simple Licensing: Royalty-free coverage worldwide with one simple license. No hassle, view counts or questionnaires. Just choose it and use it.
  • Whitelist Your Channel: Don’t risk getting your YouTube channel shut down. Simply add your channel’s URL to your account and get auto-whitelisted in YouTube’s Content ID system when you use tracks from Keyframe Audio.
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