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Juphy Showcase: Alternative to Front & SuperChat

Juphy is a customer support tool that allows businesses to manage all their customer conversations and support requests on social media from one inbox.
Tool Highlights
A brief and concise overview of this tool at a single glance
  • Quickly respond to all your organization’s social messages, comments, and reviews in one single inbox
  • Alternative to Front and Buffer Reply
  • Measure your customer support performance with actionable, easy-to-read reports based on your customer interaction data
  • Best for agencies that want to streamline customer support by managing multiple brands and channels in one unified inbox
Video Source: AppSumo Official YouTube Channel
Tool Description
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Juphy simplifies social customer service and saves time for support teams. The award-winning tool enables organizations to manage and respond to all social conversations in a unified inbox. Agencies and freelancers can create different workspaces for multiple brands to manage their social channels all in one platform.

With a single click, you’ll be able to quickly respond to direct messages, mentions, reviews, comments, and emails on one dashboard. Logging in and out of platforms gets even messier when you add additional team members to the mix (much like that 23-person group chat for “close work friends” you have going).

But Juphy makes it easy for customer support teams to work together without having to juggle platforms. Add team members to Juphy to collaborate on customer engagements and tickets in real time, allowing you to provide faster service without worrying about missing a message.

If you’re outsourcing support, you can even gather agency, call center, and remote support teams in one place. Use the auto-tagging feature to set rules to automatically classify incoming messages based on sentiment or keywords to find and act on specific customer interactions.

You can also search for specific customers or topics to quickly locate a message across social platforms. Communication is the key to things like providing great customer support and getting out of the human knot trust exercise.

Juphy makes it easy to communicate with customers by allowing you to respond to social messages and ticket requests directly from the dashboard. You can also talk to team members directly on the platform, making it faster and easier to solve customer inquiries.

Juphy’s automated reports help users dominate the entire customer support workflow. View stats like total messages sent, tickets, resolved, and average first response time to get a better idea of how your customer support team functions.

These reports make it easier to see where there are opportunities to improve things like response time and productivity, so you can achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. With Juphy, you can consolidate support requests and questions in one cross-platform social inbox which makes collaboration a piece of cake.

PS. I kept my eyes on this tool for a while and when I saw this on AppSumo I immediately grabbed it without even thinking for a single second.

Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful tool.
  • Team Collaboration: Gather agency, call center, and support team members in one place. Collaborate on customer inquiries in real time.
  • Reports: Measure your customer support performance with actionable and insightful reports.
  • Automation Rules: Automatically classify incoming messages based on sentiment or keywords.
  • Canned Responses: Create canned & quick responses to answer frequently asked questions.
  • Multi-Client Management: Create multiple workspaces to manage different brands. Each workspace is dedicated to a single brand only.
  • White Label: Hide Juphy branding, and set your own domain and email address. Embed custom colors and logos to make Juphy truly yours.

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