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Infinity Showcase: Alternative to Airtable & Trello

Infinity is the one tool to organize all your work your way, work together with your team, store everything in one place, and organize projects the way you want using any of the views from Columns, Table, Calendar, Gantt, Form, and List.
Tool Highlights
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  • Use from 50+ amazing templates to boost your productivity
  • Now organizing your work will be a breeze with infinity
  • Alternative to Airtable, Jira & Trello
  • Best for business owners who are looking for an affordable tool to manage their business perfectly
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Seamlessly switch between different views within the same folder, or create a new view every time you open up a new tab in Infinity.

With folders and subfolders, you’ll be able to create an infinite structure within your boards and organize all of your work in a neat and easily accessible way.

Organize data in a variety of ways by filtering, sorting, and grouping it. You can also decide which attributes you want to see and which ones to hide.

Tool Features
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All features of Infinity

50+ Customizable Templates

Take your productivity to another level by using infinity's awesome templates

  • Project Planning: Their Project Planning template will help you break down your projects into smaller tasks, assign them to the right people, set due dates, and even keep track of everyone's progress.
  • Company Projects: This template will help you plan and organize all the aspects of these internal projects, such as project objectives, costs, human resources, schedules, and anything else your internal projects need.
  • Business Roadmap: With this template, you’ll be able to keep track of your business goals and strategies, divided across company departments so that each department knows its role in the upcoming projects.
  • Project Tracker: With this template, you’ll always know which projects you’re currently working on, the tasks related to them, and the team's responsibilities. You’ll be able to follow a project from start to finish and easily track progress.
  • Marketing Agency Client: Use Infinity's powerful structure to classify your clients' data using boards and folders, as well as multiple views to keep track of your metrics, tasks, documents, articles, links, and meetings.
  • Client Sales Process: Use this template to capture new potential clients, qualify and understand their needs, perform successful audits, and finally turn leads into recurring and paid clients.
  • Client Onboarding: With Infinity's Client Onboarding template, you'll have each part of your client onboarding process defined by phases, which clearly outline the steps for a successful collaboration with the client.
  • Employee Database: With Infinity's Employee Database template, you'll have a single place and a beautiful interface with powerful spreadsheet options to support all the information about your employees.
  • Content Calendar: This template will help you manage your content from one point. Use it to break down your content creation process into steps, assign tasks to team members, and set deadlines.
  • Marketing Management: Infinity’s Marketing Management template is a comprehensive template that will help you lead a successful marketing team.
  • Growth Experiments: Whether you’re building a product or doing growth for various clients, you’ll need a simple but powerful place where you’ll be able to note, plan, track and analyze the experiments your growth team is executing. 
  • Social Media Calendar: Use Infinity's Social Media Calendar to manage your content ideas, social media channels, clients, important dates, and campaigns, all in one place.
  • Sales Pipeline: The sales pipeline template is built to help you and your sales reps keep all the parts of the sales process together and flowing smoothly, but it's simple enough so everyone can update it. 
  • Sales CRM: With this template, you’ll always know who your leads are, what their status is, who your person of contact is and which team member is responsible for each particular lead. 
  • Order Tracker: With Infinity’s Order Tracker template you’ll be able to streamline the ordering process and keep all the important information in one place. 
  • Sales Plan: With Infinity's Sales Plan template, you'll be available to create an easy-to-follow, yet advanced structure in order to define the necessary steps to learn and boost your sales month by month.
  • Agile Development: With this template, you will have a great overview of everything that’s happening in each sprint, you’ll get to assign tasks to your team, visually track the sprint’s progress, prepare tasks in the backlog, and archive completed tasks.
  • Product Management: Infinity’s Product Management template was built to be the ultimate resource for product managers, product owners, SaaS business owners, and anyone else building awesome products.
  • Product Roadmap: With Infinity’s Product Roadmap template, you’ll be able to define features and plan releases, prioritize them by importance and effort, track development status and progress, and much more. 
  • User Stories: With Infinity's User Stories template, you can document, track and monitor every suggestion, feedback, or idea you're getting from your customers or executives and then turn them into user stories in your backlog and sprints. 
  • Personal Tasks: With Infinity’s simple Personal Tasks template, you’ll be able to keep track of all your daily and weekly to-dos so that nothing falls through the cracks. Whether you’re running a household, organizing your kids’ schedules, or tracking your social life, you can do it all inside this one template.
  • Finances Tracker: By using Infinity’s Finances Tracker template, you can easily keep track of all your income sources and your expenses, and how it all adds up at the end of each month.
  • Meal Planner: In Infinity’s meal planner template you can organize your meals by days and dates, you can also label your recipes by type and combine your weekly meal planner with a grocery list that will help you with your grocery shopping.
  • Workout Planner: With this template, you’ll get a better look at your physical activities and use it to schedule your workout sessions in a visual and motivating way. But you can also track your progress and measure your results.

Other Features

  • Structure Your Work, Clutter-Free: With folders and subfolders, you’ll be able to create an infinite structure within your boards and organize all of your work in a neat and easily accessible way.
  • Customize Your Entire Workflow to Your Liking: Organize data in a variety of ways by filtering, sorting, and grouping it. You can also decide which attributes you want to see and which ones to hide.
  • Create and Combine Attributes Within Your Items: All attributes are completely customizable, which means that you can use them as many times as you like, in a way that works best for your projects.

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