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Hippo Video Showcase: Alternative to Vimeo & Publitio

Hippo Video is an interactive video platform that lets users create, share, and track videos to achieve their marketing goals.
Tool Highlights
A brief and concise overview of this tool at a single glance
  • Create personalized videos using features like in-video text personalization, teleprompter, and sales page builder
  • Alternative to Loom, Vidyard & Vimeo
  • Get detailed video engagement analytics and reporting to better understand your prospects and qualify leads
  • Best for those who are looking for a good video marketing tool
Video Source: AppSumo Official YouTube Channel
Tool Description
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With Hippo Video, sales reps can send hyper-personalized video emails to boost response rates and book more meetings. Personalize prospect engagement and share videos right from your favorite sales tools, like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

So you can integrate effortlessly, share videos, nurture your pipeline, and connect faster with prospects—all within your sales CRMs! Hippo Video also makes it easy to include personalized text messages in each video, so each email feels uniquely tailored to each prospect.

You can also customize sales pages with branded elements like company logos and branding backgrounds. Increase user engagement by adding interactive elements like CTAs, forms, polls, surveys, and branching right to your sales page.

Thanks to Hippo Video’s awesome video teleprompter feature, you can ramp up your sales team by recording high-quality videos without memorizing a script. You’ll get clear script cues and have total command over your voice modulation and tonality—while you’re still recording.

And because this tool is packed with basic and advanced editing features like trimming and cropping, you can edit your videos until they’re perfect. Best of all, Hippo Video lets you track your video engagement and get real-time data on views and watch percentage, so you’ll know when to follow-up with leads.

With these engagement analytics, you’ll be able to qualify your leads and quickly move them through the sales funnel. Plus, you’ll be able to automate your sales workflow and even maintain separate workflows for prospects and customers.

Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful tool.
  • Hyper-Personalize with the Least Effort: Send personalized videos to 100s of prospects by recording just ONE video. Humanize AI - AI video generator that turns text into videos with a click.
  • Accelerate Video Creation with Templates: Create videos using pre-designed templates or create your own template library to churn out videos for any use case within minutes instead of hours.
  • Scale Video Outreach with Automation: Stop recording the same videos repeatedly. Stitch personalized intros & outros with pre-recorded or imported videos.
  • Super-Charge Engagement with Videos Across the Customer Journey: Provide a delightful & engaging buying experience for your prospects with contextually personalized videos at every stage.


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