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Hexomatic: Alternative to Webscraper & Rtila

Hexomatic is a comprehensive work automation platform that lets you extract data from websites via scraping recipes and leverage readymade automations that easily scale tasks.
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  • Scrape and analyze listings from any website
  • Find 100's of prospects in a few clicks using Google Maps
  • Alternative to
  • Supercharge your SEO backlinks outreach
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Perform time consuming tasks and enrich your data in minutes using our ready made automations. Find contact details, specific document types, convert images, extract SEO data, detect tech stack, perform WHOIS queries and more. Start with a scraping recipe, CSV or Google Sheet and combine automations to perform tasks on your data at scale.

Run your scraping recipes on demand or schedule these to get fresh, accurate data that syncs natively to Google Sheets or can be used in any automation sequence. Hexomatic works 24/7 in the cloud, enabling you to tackle projects of any size on autopilot.

Find leads using Google search or Google maps in a few clicks without having to create your own scraping recipe, then combine other automations to find contact details, detect tech stack or even estimate traffic for each prospect in minutes.

Tool Features
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  • Harness the Internet as Your Own Data Source: Create your own web scraping recipes to turn any website into a spreadsheet or JSON API. Hexomatic makes it easy to scrape products, directories, prospects, and listings at scale with a simple point-and-click experience. No coding or complex software required.
  • Ready Made Automations: Find new prospects for any industry, discover email or social media profiles, translate content, enrich your leads with tech stack data, get traffic estimates at scale and more. It features 90+ ready made automations you can deploy in minutes.
  • Article Scraper: Provide an article URL and extract description, keywords, summary and article image.
  • Crop Images: Eliminate hours of tedious editing work with our crop images automation. Our automation is.
  • Data Input: Provide a list of URLs, text, or TXT/CSV files inside your workflow as input for scraping.
  • Email Address Validation: Automatically check whether an email address is valid and deliverable.
  • Files Compressor: Combine several files into a single zipped folder (1 Automation credits per added file).
  • Accessibility Audit: Returns common accessibility and usability issues found on the page.
  • Grammar & Spelling Audit: Automatically detect grammar and spelling mistakes on any page URL or text.
  • Date Transformation: Automatically convert one date and time format to another. 
  • Extract Domain From URL and Email Address: Extract root domains from any URL and Email address. This is ideal to save the domain only from a list of URLs.
  • Measurement Units Converter: Perform length, temperature, time, area, volume and weight metric conversions. For example from miles per hour to kilometres per hour.
  • SEO Backlink Explorer: Find existing backlinks (and their SEO metrics) for an entire website or a specific webpage (2.5 premium credit per query to get each 1000 results).
  • SEO Backlink Intelligence: Get SEO metrics for any page or domain including number of referring domains, referring backlinks, types of backlinks and more.
  • SEO Meta Tags: Get the SEO meta tags used on any page including meta title, description, canonical, robot...
  • SEO Referring Domains: Find all the referring domains (and their SEO metrics) that link to an entire website or a specific webpage (2.5 premium credit per query to get each 1000 results).
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