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Whether you’re a system admin, a support specialist, or just a common user, you can quickly connect to another desktop with
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  • Remote access is much easier than it seems!
  • Alternative to Zoho Assist
  • Now turn your home into an office anytime you want
  • Compatible with almost all kinds of devices
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To attain web access with a common URL, just download an agent, run it on a desktop you want to access, and go to a link generated by this agent. Get a one-click connection to desktops (of yours or your clients) from anywhere with a user-friendly personal account.

Let your clients forget about all the trouble with connection passwords. Just send an invitation and the connection will start automatically when your client accepts it. Integrate into your infrastructure using ready-made proprietary plugins or by creating your own with public HTTP API.

Tool Features
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  • Connection: Connect from anywhere in a web browser. You'll get a full range of remote access features.
  • Permanent Access: Connect your desktops to a personal network and get continuous access from anywhere. Ready-made solution to control your office or home network
  • Quick Support: Invite your customers via quick invitations with a direct link. Don't require anything complicated from your clients.
  • Device Control: Control phones, tablets, set-top boxes, interactive kiosks and vending terminals
  • Chrome Extension: Connect to your computers and invite customers to set up a remote support session without going to a personal account
  • Ready-Made Plugins: Use ready-made extensions for popular platforms
  • HTTP API: Create integrations for your platform with HTTP API
  • Agent SDK: Implement remote access features into your apps

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