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Font Hero: Alternative to Yabe Webfont & FontPress

Font Hero with visualized panel lets you easily add self–hosted, static, and variable fonts to any Visual Builder or WordPress theme without any coding knowledge required.
Tool Highlights
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  • No need for manual coding here as a no-code WordPress Font Manager
  • You can integrate it with any website builder just with a few clicks
  • With it, you can easily replace any font files by using WordPress media uploader with breeze
  • Best for those who are looking for a good no-code font manager for their site
Pricing Model
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Tool Description
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No need to dig into code snippets that need to be maintained with builder updates. The plugin settings are located under Tools and it will not bloat the rest of the WordPress menus. With Font Hero, you will also get professionally unique crafted font pairings with 3 different font families per set. Having 3rd font family is going away one step more from your completion. You can highlight subheadings and get richer styles.

Tool Features
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  • No-Code Custom Fonts Setup with Beautiful UI: There is no need to dig into code snippets that need to be maintained with Oxygen updates. We provide an intuitive interface with options to fine-tune each font weight.
  • Made for GDPR: Not self-hosting and using Google Fonts CDN will lead to user ID addresses being personal information leaked. If you are doing that, you can pay a big fine. Otherwise, you will bloat websites with GDPR banners that will ruin the design and user experience. Oxygen and many other builders, by default, use Google Fonts CDN.
  • Performance Matters: Even google fonts should be self-hosted: Self-hosting fonts have a huge impact on performance. We also added fine-tuning per font weight to choose FONT DISPLAY options such as swap, block, fallback … Besides font display, you can also fine-tune which font family and font weight you want to preload. Font preload will remove that nasty font swap when the page is loaded for the first time.
  • No Need to Use SFTP Apps or Plugins. Ever: Changing and updating files is a big pain if your website is already published. With Font Hero, you will use WordPress native media uploader to add new or replace existing font files. Same as for any other media.
  • Variable Fonts Support: Variable fonts allow several font styles to be defined in a single file. With that new technology, the font file size will be almost the same regardless of how many font weights you will have. That will drastically reduce file size, and website load speed, and you will have more options to style your website.
  • Supports All Visual Builders and Themes: At this point, with the initial release, we are supporting natively Oxygen Builder, Bricks Builder, Gutenberg, and any WordPress theme. Even if other builders are not on the list now you can still integrate it with a couple of more clicks.
  • No WordPress Menu Bloat: Located under Tools Menu. Fonts are not something that you will be changing all the time. With the logic “Set and forget”, we decided to move it to the submenu of Tools. This way, it will not compete with other tools you will use more often.
  • Swiss Knife and Oxy Font Manager Users Have a 20% Discount: For users that bought products Before December 1st, we are providing a discount. This discount is valid till December 31st. We will not offer it afterwords since we are following early bird adoption logic. Login to our shop and the discount will automatically be applied.
  • Dark and Light Theme: Accessibility is important to us. There is a light theme for those who need more contrast and a dark theme to save your eyes for the long run and night shifts.
Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Font Hero
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Priority Support
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • No-Code Custom Fonts Setup with Beautiful UI
  • No Need to Use SFTP Apps or Plugins. Ever
  • Variable Fonts Support
  • Supports All Visual Builders and Themes
  • No WordPress Menu Bloat
  • Dark and Light Themes
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Exclusive Lifetime Deal on Font Hero, a WordPress Font Manager.
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