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FluentSnippets Showcase: Alternative to WPCodeBox & Scripts Organizer

FluentSnippets is built for speed and security. All code snippets are stored in the file system and load just like a regular feature plugin. No database query, it’s secure and native.
Tool Highlights
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  • Create custom PHP, JS, CSS, and HTML snippets, and categorize them with groups and tags
  • Alternative to WPCodeBox & Scripts Organizer
  • Reduce plugin bloat and enhance performance by using custom code snippets
  • Categorize, organize, and filter your code snippets effortlessly with a user-friendly management system.
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Tool Description
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The primary difference is that FluentSnippets is built for speed, security, and ease of use. All other Code Snippet plugins store all the snippets in Database tables so in every WordPress request, they do extensive DB queries to execute them.

The method is very slow and dangerous for site security. The snippets can be modified or exploited via SQL injection caused by other plugins.

FluentSnippets solves this very specific problem by storing all the snippets in a flat file and loading the snippets just like any of the feature plugins. So it’s a fast, secure, and native solution for all of your custom code snippets.

The primary function of the FluentSnippets plugin is to allow you to add custom code snippets to your WordPress site easily and without editing your theme’s or child theme’s files directly.

It provides a user-friendly interface to add, manage, and execute custom PHP, HTML, JavaScript, or CSS snippets on your website. This is particularly beneficial as it ensures the sustainability of your code – your custom changes won’t disappear after a theme update.

Whether you need to add a simple CSS tweak, embed custom HTML in the header or footer, or run a complex PHP script, FluentSnippets can handle it, saving you time and making the process safer and more efficient.

Tool Features
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  • File-based Snippets: Your snippets are safely saved in your file system and load natively with zero database queries, so it’s safe, secure, and ultra-fast.
  • Custom Code Snippets: Write your custom code snippets including PHP, JS, CSS, HTML, and more. Categorize your snippets with groups, tags, etc.
  • Advanced Conditional Logic: Execute code snippets solely under specified conditions like post type, date, URL, user type, and many more.
  • Automatic Error Handling: The automatic error hander prevents common errors when adding custom snippets to ensure they never break your site.
  • Custom Shortcode: With custom shortcode of your snippets, you can create custom dynamic content blocks and use them across your site and manage them.
  • Reduce the Number of Plugins: Enhance performance and cut down bloat by reducing plugins with your custom code snippets.
  • Stand-alone Mode: You can disable or uninstall FluentSnippets and still keep running your snippets in stand-alone mode. No lock-in, use it whenever you want.
  • Secure & Fast by Design: Built by veteran developers and geeks to make it super fast, native, and secure. It’s fast, secure, and high-performing.
  • Easy Code Management: Organize your snippets with tags and groups. You can easily filter your snippet with the super-fast SPA app built on top of Vue3.
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  • Free Access to FluentSnippets
Deal Features
  • File-based Snippets
  • Custom Code Snippets
  • Advanced Conditional Logic
  • Automatic Error Handling
  • Custom Shortcode
  • Reduce the Number of Plugins
  • Stand-alone Mode
  • Secure & Fast by Design
  • Easy Code Management
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Exclusive Fluent Snippets Freebie, A Scripts Management Tool
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