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Elite Licenser Showcase: Alternative to WP License Manager & Appsero

Elite Licenser helps to manage licenses for WordPress themes, plugins, Joomla or any CMS, PHP application, .net application, Java or Android application, etc.
Tool Highlights
A brief and concise overview of this tool at a single glance
  • Create and manage your software licenses
  • Track license usages, including websites and frequencies
  • Third-party integration enabled (Envato, WooCommerce, FastSpring)
  • Best for: Web developers, bloggers, and anyone looking to increase site & software security while decreasing unauthorized access
Video Source: Appsbd Official YouTube Channel
Tool Description
A detailed overview of this tool to learn more about it

Elite Licenser is a software license manager for WordPress that protects software and applications from unauthorized usage. With Elite Licenser, the client will be prompted to submit a license key to verify the purchase after the product is installed or activated

Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful tool.
  • Auto License Generation: Generate license automatically on product purchase.
  • Sample Codes: Generate sample codes of PHP Web App,,, etc
  • Product Update: Upload the updated plugin or theme file and release your latest version easily.
  • Track License: Using Elite Licenser you can track all of your licenses, No of websites, No of times, and check expiration.
  • Sent License Manually/Automatically: Sent your license manually or automatically on product purchase.
  • Support Maintain: From Elite Licenser you can extend support and expired support of your license from the same panel easily.
  • License Variation: Create various license types, such as single licenses, multi-licenses, 1-year licenses, etc. For every single license type, you can setup the maximum domain.
  • API List: Include API support for third-party apps, and you can control API permission also.
  • Request Manage: You can set multi requests to manage options for your license checking.
  • Auto Product Update: This license manager has also a product updating feature. You just add details of new versions using simple web panel and then your app will get an update notification. Like if your product is a WordPress plugin or theme then the update will display as a core WordPress update.​
  • Auto Integration (Zero Coding): Generate license keys automatically for your WordPress plugin and themes. For that, you didn’t do any coding job.
  • Envato Integration: You will get a build-in Envato license verification system. So you can easily handle your Envato license as well as other marketplace licenses. Even you can add your own integration for any other marketplace as a simple addon plugin.
  • Paddle Integration: Elite Licenser has the option to integrate with paddle. You can generate license key automatically from paddle payment gateway.
  • Fast Spring Integration: Elite Licenser has the option to integrate with FAST Spring. You can generate license key automatically from FAST Spring payment gateway.
  • Email Template: It helps to modify pre-existing templates in order to send emails to customers. We are requesting to see it in live preview and you will find how smooth and straightforward it is.
  • Auto-Host Ban: If anyone attempts to activate the product repeatedly with an incorrect license it will block that host(domain) automatically. The host(domain) will no longer be able to use any of your products and you will get those hosts’ lists into its panel.
  • URL Based Restrictions: This license manager plugin restricts a license key with a URL which means if someone installs your app and also installs or then for each case they require an individual license key to active those domains.
  • Webhooks: This application has a hook system that allows 3rd party apps to receive instant notifications. In other words, when a new client or license is added to this system, this system will notify a third-party app (such as a membership app) with all client and license information.
  • Remove License: Elite Licenser has the ability to remove its license key on the expiry date.
  • Export License: Export license keys & clients list as CSV format very easily.
  • License Report: Easily export your license activation report.

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