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Easyflow Showcase: Alternative to Zapier & Pabbly Connect

Easyflow will help you succeed with this journey by allowing you to automate everything and visualize anything! It’s a drag-and-drop solution, no development skills required.
Tool Highlights
A brief and concise overview of this tool at a single glance
  • Automate your process to save more time by increasing your productivity level
  • Alternative to Zapier, Pabbly Connect & Integromat
  • Automation, Visualisation, and Data Automation are all three capabilities homogeneously integrated into a single platform
  • Best for business owners and digital entrepreneurs who are looking for a tool to automate their workflow
Video Source: Easyflow Official YouTube Channel
Tool Description
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Quickly and easily create one-to-one or advanced multi-step automated workflows that will allow you to automate important processes such as marketing campaigns, onboarding, providing customer service, conducting training, integration between apps, and more

Build visual charts and KPI dashboards from your data allowing you to monitor, report performance, understand trends, and transform data into actionable insights. Turn raw data into timely and meaningful information by creating data pipelines from any data source in minutes.

Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful tool.

Automate Your Work

  • 1000+ Pre-Built Connectors: Your data is everywhere. Connect workflows to hundreds of data sources using a library of connectors.
  • Workflow Visual Designer: Build automation and integrations at lightning speed. Drag & drop interface, zero coding required.
  • Steps Orchestration: Simple, multi, and advanced steps including conditional, parallel, and loops.
  • Advanced Features: Control and organize your data flow using conditional logic, time delay, data formatting, data filtering, function expressions, and more.
  • Run & Operate: Schedule, execute, manage, and monitor your workflows through granular observability.

Visualize Your Data & Create Memorable KPI Dashboards

  • Design Your Dashboard: Drag and drop interface. Choose from a wide collection of chart types including line, bar, pie, area, gauge charts, and many others.
  • Data Preparation: Use our visual designer to apply transformation logic to quickly make your data ready for the most common analysis.
  • Display on TV: Pair a screen and proudly display TV dashboards where everyone can see them.
  • Scheduled Reports: Automatically email screenshots of your dashboards on a schedule of your choice.

Automate Your Data With Ease

  • Data Collection: Collect your data from more than 1000+ apps and platforms.
  • Data Transformation: Combine, query, and transform data into a state that is easily processed by business intelligence and analytic tools.
  • Data Analytics: Use our pre-built visual designer and logic to quickly make your data ready for the most common analysis.
  • Data Destinations: In a few clicks, configure to send your data automatically to any reporting tool, data warehouse, or database.


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