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Eagle: Alternative to PureRef

Eagle is your best choice for organizing images and ideas. Thousands of images? Hundreds of categories? Eagle solves it all with efficiency and style.
Tool Highlights
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  • Organize all your reference images in one place
  • You can also organize your files and can find them easily just by searching for it
  • Alternative to PureRef
  • Best for those people who are looking for a tool to organize their images in such a way that they can find them when they want
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Tool Description
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Eagle is a powerful software that helps you easily collect and organize various design assets including cases, inspirations, images, and video clips. Whether you're a graphic designer or a concept artist, Eagle helps you put your design assets in great order immediately.

It provides a lot of ways to help you organize your collections. You can install the Eagle Chrome extension that can help you collect all the images quickly when you browse websites. All of your collections can be organized and found with various characteristics.

Tool Features
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  • Tag Management: Designing for people who use lots of tags, easy to classify and organize tags.
  • Hierarchical Folder: Helping you to classify your assets in high performance and logical way.
  • Smart Folder: Automatically find and organize files by your search criteria and update constantly.
  • Annotation: Highlight any range of image and annotate your thoughts for your brain.
  • Rating: Easy rating your image by a clicking of keyboard number 1~5 button.
  • Batch Processing: Good at batch processing tasks simultaneously, such as multi-selected, classify/tag.
  • Auto-tagging: Set default tag on the folder and apply to any of the assets which are added to the folder.
  • Password Protection: Lock your private assets with a password, and you would seem after entering the password.
  • Identifying Duplicates: Automatically helps you to check file duplication when you are collecting image.
  • Video Management: Quickly browse and preview videos, without having to open videos one by one.
  • Audio Management: Supports various audio files, including mp3, wav, aac, flac, m4a and other common formats.
  • Font Management: Easily manage font files, preview and categorize without installation.
  • Marcador Web: Visually collect favorite websites and browse directly in Eagle.
  • Video Bookmark: Organize Youtube / Vimeo links and easily preview in Eagle.
Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Eagle
  • Free Updates
  • No Subscription
  • Each License Can Be Used for Two Devices
  • Windows and Mac are Both Available for Use
Deal Features
  • Tag Management
  • Hierarchical Folder
  • Smart Folder
  • Annotation
  • Rating
  • Batch Processing
  • Auto-tagging
  • Password Protection
  • Identifying Duplicates
  • Video Management
  • Audio Management
  • Font Management
  • Marcador Web
  • Video Bookmark
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Exclusive Lifetime on Eagle, a Design Asset Organization Tool.
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