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Devkit Showcase: WordPress Development Toolkit

This is a perfect tool when you’re helping clients or developing your own websites. No more FTP, cPanel, and other systems to update multiple plugins or quickly access error logs.
Tool Highlights
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  • Install, update, and download multiple plugins with a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Reset WordPress while keeping crucial users and data intact
  • Read, clear, and manage error logs directly from your dashboard
  • Manage files within WordPress like an FTP client, including renaming and compressing
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DEVKIT PRO is an indispensable tool for developers, agency owners, and WordPress fans. Say goodbye to FTP, cPanel, and other clunky methods. With DEVKIT, you can easily manage plugins and themes.

Need to install numerous plugins? Just drag-and-drop. Are you updating your plugins? Do them without deactivating them to ensure that activities go smoothly and without losing any settings. Are you downloading plugins? Choose various options from a dropdown menu.

Themes are equally simple. Upload both the main and child themes at once, and overwrite them without disabling. Have you have a SCSS-based theme? You may easily download, update, and re-upload.

DEVKIT also enables for a complete WordPress reset, keeping essential users and data. Your dashboard allows you to manage system information, upload restrictions, CRON jobs, PHP versions, and other settings.

Debugging is simple using DEVKIT. Enable error messages, create log files, and display errors without altering configuration files. You can see and clear error logs straight from the dashboard.

A built-in file manager allows you to manage files in the same way as an FTP client does. Files may be renamed, deleted, compressed, uncompressed, and edited on the fly. The right-click menu enables rapid access to choices, while the Monaco editor offers a coding experience similar to Visual Studio.

Finally, DEVKIT's database manager makes use of AdminerEvo, a lightweight and secure solution for improved database management efficiency.

DEVKIT PRO simplifies your workflow, making WordPress development and management smoother and more efficient.

Tool Features
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  • Install & Activate Multiple Plugins: You can partially do this via FTP, where you can upload it, unzip, and then activate it. However, setting up or asking a client for FTP access can be time-consuming. We’ve made the process much smoother. Just drag, and drop, and you’re done.
  • Overwrite Active Plugins without Deactivating Them: Our advantage over WordPress lies in the effort you put into updating existing plugins without causing disruptions. Deactivating some plugins can lead to loss of settings. Now, you have the ability to write your React blocks and compile them locally with NPM, then upload only the production-ready files. This approach is mess-free. The client receives only what is necessary.
  • Download Multiple Plugins with Simple Dropdown: It’s common to have a set of several useful plugins on one website that you need to transfer to another website. Now, you can use a dropdown menu to select and download multiple plugins at once.
  • Upload Multiple Themes: Similar to plugins, you can upload both the main theme and its child theme with just a single drag and drop action.
  • Overwrite Themes: You can now work on theme files locally and overwrite them without the need to disable, delete, and upload a new one.
  • Download Theme: Is your theme based on SCSS? You can easily download it, update, compile, and then upload it back with just a few clicks.
  • No More PHPMyAdmin: AdminerEvo is a lightweight, single PHP file solution. It is secure and well-maintained. Even LocalWP has transitioned to this solution, so we feel comfortable doing the same. For this project we decided to make custom Adminer theme.
Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Devkit
  • Lifetime Plugin Update
  • Lifetime Priority Support
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • 199 Domains
  • Install & Activate Multiple Plugins
  • Overwrite Active Plugins without Deactivating Them
  • Download Multiple Plugins with Simple Dropdown
  • Upload Multiple Themes
  • Overwrite Themes
  • No More PHPMyAdmin
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