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Daftpage Showcase: Alternative to Super

You like Notion? Me too. With Daftpage you can turn any Notion page into a landing page in minutes without getting bored.
Tool Highlights
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  • The simplest way to build, fun and effective landing pages for your business!
  • Turn any Notion page into a website.
  • Alternative to Super
  • Unlimited websites. Unlimited blog posts. Unlimited custom domains.
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Video Source: SaaS Master Official YouTube Channel
Tool Description
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Daftpage is a new type of website builder that works like a doc. Compose your website with functional components called “blocks” (Navbar, Press logos, Testimonials, FAQ, etc..). Blocks are designed to offer the right balance between ease of use and customization so that your page will always look great. !

Bring your website to life with Drops! Drops are drag & drop elements positionable anywhere on the page. Anchor them to blocks to make them work with the responsive layout. Turn your website into a real piece of art with the paintbrush!

Tool Features
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  • Subpages: Now you are able to create subpages for your site 
  • Private / Password Protected Page: For content, you don't wish to share with the world, or pages that aren't ready yet.
  • Connected Blocks: Ability to create "connected" blocks, that are synched across pages (If the block is updated on one page, changes are reflected on other pages too)
  • Being Able to Embed Code into Blog Posts: Being able to add custom code like email subscriptions or podcasts.
  • Update Email: You can now update your email in DaftPage without any problem
  • CSS and Themes for Notion: Younow have CSS and and awesome themes for the notion page like
  • Color Gradients (Static and Animated): You have the facility of adding gradients (colors) both for background and text and also the ability for animated gradients on either background or text.
  • New Tab Opening: Never distract your visitors from your site
  • Disable Email Sign-On: You can now log in to your site just using your username and password.
  • CSS Panel: Add the code snippet if you want to design a specific part of your site.

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