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CodeWP: Alternative to AskCodi & Github Copilot

CodeWP is an AI code generator built and trained specifically for WordPress. Modes for PHP, JS, WooCommerce and many popular plugins. No more expensive developers, or tedious StackOverflow searches. Prompt, and install.
Tool Highlights
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  • Now you can save time when it comes to coding
  • Alternative to AskCodi & Github Copilot
  • Maximize your productivity with CodeWP
  • Best for those who are looking for a good AI Code Generator
Tool Description
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They trained CodeWP on WordPress and WooCommerce PHP, JS, and jQuery. Soon, They'll support popular plugins like Elementor, Learndash, and The Events Calendar (to name a few). And, it's constantly learning and giving you better generations.

Tool Features
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  • Enhance Your WordPress Workflow With AI: Leverage CodeWP's proprietary AI modes to quickly generate code snippets and plugins for WordPress.
  • Prompt CodeWP For Anything WordPress: Ask the generator to help with anything, and it will create something for you.
  • No More Annoying Google Searches And Trial And Error: Goodbye, tedious testing, broken websites, or StackOverflow. If you're not a developer, think of CodeWP as a helpful mentor. If you are, get ready to maximize your efficiency.
  • Save, Export and Share Snippets: Save all of your generations. Export them in JSON format, ready for popular code snippet plugins, functions.php, your theme, or other implementation. Share publically or with specific users.
  • Multilingual Support: Basic support on free plans, optional DeepL translation on paid.
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