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Buttonizer: Alternative to Chaty

Buttonizer lets you create floating chat widgets, contact forms, and dynamic buttons to increase website conversions.
Tool Highlights
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  • Get in touch with customers through the WhatsApp chat and contact form widgets
  • Alternative to Chaty
  • Add 40+ actions to floating buttons, including social sharing, chat, click-to-call, and direct messaging
  • Made for those who want to boost their website's conversion rate
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Buttonizer is a super-versatile floating content builder that lets you make a single button, button group, or chat widget button to engage users on autopilot. Each button is equipped with over 40 on-click actions for social sharing, direct messaging, click-to-call, and email, which helps you streamline communication.

Add dynamic smart floating buttons in the corner of your WordPress website to get even more clicks! You can also use their Shopify app to integrate with your store, or simply embed a shortcode on any website.

Buttonizer makes it easy to set up a WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger chat widget for your website, so users can connect with you fast. Once you select the chat widget option from the dashboard, create your own contact agent to handle customer support issues.

You’ll even be able to customize your agent's name, personal message, and photo to match your branding. Need to get customer contact info? Buttonizer lets you build a contact form that users can click to open.

It's super easy to collect the right info using custom field labels and to personalize the form's confirmation message. You can add multiple buttons to your webpage and create interactive floating menus with bespoke styles and animations.

Buttonizer can also track performance, page views, and total clicks to help you boost conversion rates across the board. It also lets you define when a button is visible so you can control for scroll depth and time schedules.

It lets you choose which buttons show up for visitors based on the device, landing page, user role, and time. You can also display time-triggered or behavior-triggered buttons that account for idleness and exit intent.

Tool Features
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  • Add an Unlimited Number Of (On-Click) Actions: One important factor of a Floating Action Button is the on-click action. Choose which on-click action you want that your visitor will take. From click-to-call, opening a pop-up, and opening Facebook messenger to just navigating to another page.

  • Style without Coding: Easily customize your Floating Action Button by choosing the color of your button, icon, and the color after clicking on the button, also open animations and shape of the floating menu.

  • From Floating Buttons to Floating Menus: By adding multiple buttons on one page you can even create an interactive Floating Menu. Buttonizer has 6 different menu styles and animations.

  • Show Your Buttons in the Right Places: Decide for each button if you want to show it on your desktop, mobile or both. Add page rules to show your floating menus and buttons on the pages that matter. It’s even possible to show or hide your buttons based on user roles and time schedules.

  • Create Triggers and Motions: Decide if you want your Buttonizer to show to your visitor after a specific amount of time or after he or she has enough interaction on a page (based on scroll depth). For example, the scroll depth option can come in handy when you have a blog and you want to display social sharing options after your visitor has read a good part of your article.

  • Get the Right Insights: Each button gets tracked on your website as long as your Google Analytics code is installed on your website. When you don’t have it installed, or you have Google Tag Manager installed instead but still want to track your clicks on your floating action buttons? Then you can add your Google Analytics code manually in the setting tab of Buttonizer.

Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Buttonizer
  • All Future Agency Plan Updates
  • You Must Redeem Your Code(s) Within 60 Days of Purchase
  • Stack up To 4 Codes
  • GDPR Compliant
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • Whats App Widget
  • Contact Form Widget
  • Site Search Widget
  • Unlimited Floating Action Buttons
  • Make a Floating Menu
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Add Custom Messages to the WhatsApp Chat
  • Custom Button Positioning
  • Custom Colors
  • 5 Attention-Grabbing Animations
  • Add Google Tracking Code
  • Show/hide Buttons On-Time Schedules
  • Add Page Rules
  • Exit-Intent Trigger
  • Execute Javascript Function
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