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Blurweb App: Alternative to Blurry

BLurweb app extension is created to help blur sensitive information with just a single click, draw a rectangle to blur a specific area, hide tab title & icon, blur selected text, and more.
Tool Highlights
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  • An extension is created to help blur sensitive information with just a single click
  • Alternative to Blurry
  • Worry-free create videos of pages that have sensitive information or present these pages while screen share
  • Keep blur to be secure during the live video
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Having to go back and edit the video to make sure you didn't accidentally leak private information to the viewer makes you feel, Blurweb allows you to do that very quickly and easily while recording or presenting a video without having to re-edit that video later.

Tool Features
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  • Single Click Blur: Blur any web elements with a single click be it heading, paragraph, image, or video.
  • Blur Area: Draw a rectangle anywhere on the page and we will make it blur while making it stay where you want.
  • Keep Blur: Click Keep blur before you Blur any web elements with a single click or blur area and it will stay with reloading or if you open that URL again.
  • Control Blur Intensity: Control blur intensity, click to clear all blur, and much more.
  • Hide Tab Title & Icon: Screen sharing, google analytics, ads, or some other webpage which have info in the title? hide it with a single click.
  • Blur Any Element: You can blur any element on a page, such as an input, a link, an email address, an image, etc.
Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Blurweb App
  • You Must Redeem Your Code Within 60 Days of Purchase
  • All Future Plan Updates
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • Single click to blur Image, paragraph, input field
  • Keep Blur -- blur stays even if you reload
  • 3 devices/browsers access included
  • Includes Chrome extension, Safari extension & Firefox add-on
  • Works with Zoom, Loom & Google Meet, Berrycast & more
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$17 / One-Time
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Exclusive Lifetime Deal on Blurweb App, A Bluring Tool for Web
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