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BerryCast: Alternative to Loom & Komodo Decks

BerryCast is an app that lets you record your screen, camera, and audio at the same time, so you can create online videos that match in-person explanations.
Tool Highlights
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  • Record your screen, camera, and audio at the same time to create impactful videos
  • Alternative to Loom, Screencastify, and Vidyard
  • Take your tutorials, sales outreach, and internal presentations to the next level
  • Best for salespeople, teachers, and support teams that want to enhance communications, lessons, and presentations with video
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Tool Description
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BerryCast combines screen recording, internal and external audio recording, and cam recording to get as close to showcasing ideas in person as you can online. Explain complex concepts, create a detailed tutorial, or give a personal boost to your email communications with clients and customers.

You’ll finally keep mistakes and miscommunications to a minimum with screen recordings and videos that get your point across—fast. Want to send a product how-to video or visually respond to a detailed question via email? With BerryCast, it’s a breeze!

Just record your video and share it in Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or through your unique BerryCast URL to your customers or teammates. BerryCast requires no tech skills—just three clicks and you’re on your way to recording an awesome explainer or intro video.

Wherever there’s a complicated email thread or long-winded explanation on the phone, BerryCast is there to do the heavy lifting. Provide personalized updates on important projects to your clients or give them their own detailed tutorial for your product or platform.

You’ll be able to take your sales pitches to the next level with videos to go along with your email outreach! And when it comes to teaching, BerryCast excels in delivering full lessons, providing assignment solutions and explanations, and offering visual and verbal feedback to students.

Using a traditional video meeting program to record yourself may work in a pinch, but BerryCast is built specifically for the screen and video recording. You can record video, audio, and your screen at the same time, replicating in-person presentations in a socially-distanced era.

For the camera-shy, there’s also the option to turn off that front-facing camera and just record your screen with audio. Clear up confusion and increase productivity with dynamic visuals and sound that you can share with your teammates, send to clients, and more!

Tool Features
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  • Data and Analysis: Review changes and analytics with clients, allowing them to understand where leads are coming from without needing to meet with them in real-time
  • 1:1 Video Emails: Increase your video response rate by making the videos more about the relationship you are embarking on with your customers
  • Marketing Reviews: Review and analyze designs and other elements of advertising or social media campaigns, giving feedback on your time to your colleagues or teams
  • Personalized Demos: Get your prospect’s attention, and build a relationship that speaks directly to them, so that they know what you’re offering and how it can be targeted directly to their needs
  • Elevate Presentations: Experiences are all the rage these days. You can’t make a solid impression by sending a quote, but you can with the power of video and sound. Berrycast can help you achieve those factors in one exceptional presentation.
  • Close Deals: You don’t need any gimmicks or expensive gifts to close deals. Berrycast provides users with a genuine way to connect with audiences – the human touch. This is what they look for in business partners.
  • Showcasing Your Work: Create a walkthrough of the website or design you have just created, explaining each individual element and navigation
  • Feedback Loop: Berrycast is an excellent way to allow your customers to share their feedback with you, having them walk through their own feedback and share their user experience with you directly, especially for technical support and educational purposes
  • Collaboration: As you iterate on your app’s design, recruit teammates to provide feedback on their own time. Easily highlight specific elements and narrate feedback
Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • One Year Access to BerryCast
  • GDPR Compliant
  • No Refund Policy
Deal Features
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Video Editor
  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Easy Video Editing
  • Instant Sharing via Email
  • Instant Sharing via Social
  • Timed Comments
  • Password Protection
  • Embed Video
  • Video Analytics
  • Video Download
  • Video Upload
  • Screen Annotation
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