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2ndNumber: Alternative to Hushed

2ndNumber phone separates your professional and personal communications and enables you to personalize your number to reflect your own brand.
Tool Highlights
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  • Get a second phone number and keep your other number hidden.
  • Alternative to Hushed, Burner & Sideline
  • Call and text via the web or app, No SIM card.
  • Best for Home, Office, WhatsApp, Facebook, Anonymous SMS, Expats, eBay, Privacy, Banking, Overseas Use, Free Roaming, TikTok, Instagram, Crypto Exchanges and Dating.
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With it, you can choose a custom phone number to make phone calls and send messages using the Second phone number you just need to do a few taps, The UK or USA mobile cell phone number is ready to use instantly even if you do not live there.

Without needing a SIM card. Have two numbers on one phone. Completely web-based which means you can access your texts or make calls over WiFi or data with a smartphone or laptop from anywhere while keeping your real number hidden.

Tool Features
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  • For Work/Life Balance: A separate number to keep work/pleasure separate.
  • For Privacy: If you don't want to give out your main mobile number to business connections.
  • For Traveling: Travel abroad and make/receive calls with no roaming charges, you just need WiFi or data.
  • For Personal Use: For creating a second WhatsApp/Instagram or social media account or for signing up to dating websites. Receive confirmation texts easily.
  • No SIM Card Needed: Everything is done online - no fiddly SIM cards.
  • Easy Calling and SMS: Make calls and SMS via the web or the 2ndNumber app.
  • Multiple Device Access: Send and receive calls and texts from multiple devices - at the same time.
  • Menu Systems (IVR Builder): You know the welcome menus when you call a company? Our IVR Builder will convert your text to speech and build a menu system in no time. Watch how.
  • WhatsApp & Telegram Chatbot: Want a chatbot on your website to engage customers? Now you can - your 2ndNumber can be used to sign up with WhatsApp Business and Cloud API.
  • Voicemail to Email: Have your voicemails delivered to your inbox as an attachment, so you can listen in from anywhere.
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