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Scripts Organizer Review: Best Code Manager for WordPress

Scripts Organizer is one of the best WordPress Code Management Plugins made for web designers & developers that offer a variety of powerful and advanced features like Location-based Script & Code Injecting, Live Preview, Safe mode, Scheduling, Enable & Disable, Export & Import, Short Code, Light & Dark Mode directly inside the WordPress editor with a simple user interface for better user experience.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
Blog Post Author
Last Updated: July 16, 2022
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If you're looking for one of the Best WordPress Code Management Plugins that allows you to inject scripts and code snippets into various areas of your website in order to achieve something and also manage them with ease then you have landed in the right place.

In this article I am going to introduce and review Scripts Organizer also known as SCORG which is the full-featured tool to manage code snippets and scripts on your WordPress sites.

So if you're interested in learning more about this powerful tool, then stick with me in this article and read it or at least scan it from top to bottom with proper focus in order to understand why this WordPress plugin is a must-have tool for your toolbox if you're a power user.

Introduction of Scripts Organizer

Scripts Organizer is one of the best WordPress Code Management Plugins made for web designers & developers that offer a variety of powerful and advanced features like Location-based Script & Code Injecting, Live Preview, Safe mode, Scheduling, Enable & Disable, Export & Import, Short Code, Light & Dark Mode directly inside the WordPress editor with a simple user interface for better user experience.

This powerful WordPress plugin has been created by Muhammad Osama (Backend) and my good friend Marko Krstić (Frontend) in order to make it super easy for advanced users to write and manage code and inject scripts right inside WordPress with zero hassle without using any external tools.

SCORG has been designed and developed under the umbrella of DPlugins, a company dedicated to solving problems of WordPress professionals.

The DPlugins Team has hard-working and talented members including:

  • Marko Krstić - Owner of DPlugins
  • Muhammad Osama - Co-Founder of DPlugins
  • Joshua Gugun Siagian - Developer
  • Milen Grigorov - Supporter
  • Udoro 'Cracka' Essien - Tutor & Senior Product Designer

The company has multiple problem-solving products in its portfolio including:

Resources for Scripts Organizer

Find out the best resources related to Scripts Organizer that you will need while working with this tool.

Main Features of Scripts Organizer

Explore the main features of Scripts Organizer as it will help you understand if the functionalities you need for your web development use cases are available on this tool or not.

  • WordPress Custom Functionalities
  • Scripts Manager
  • Organize Scripts
  • Code Editor
  • Code Navigator
  • Live Preview
  • Safe Mode
  • Inject CSS & JS
  • SCSS Partials
  • Insert Oxygen's Global Colors
  • Schedule Script Date & Time
  • Exclude Conditions
  • Scripts Location
  • Short Code
  • Current Server Time
  • Enable & Disable
  • Light & Dark Themes
  • Export & Import

Best Features of Scripts Organizer

Explore the best features of Scripts Organizer that I think are most interesting, and you will find them very useful if and when you use this tool for your WordPress projects.

Schedule Script Date & Time

Code Schedule by Scripts Organizer - Image - Toolonomy
  • Save

This script scheduling feature is the one that got me hooked on the product when it was launched initially. It allows you to executive (show or hide) any selected scripts based on the predefined fixed or range of date and time, which could be really helpful in many cases.

For example, if you want to display a third party live chat widget on your website frontend only in the daytime every day as you cannot interact with customers while sleeping. So in that case you can inject the chat widget script and select the date and time to show it only on your scheduled period.

Light & Dark Themes

Light & Dark Themes by Scripts Organizer - Image - Toolonomy
  • Save

In my opinion, having an option to select a light or dark theme of preference is a must-have feature for any kind of web application because most people nowadays like to use dark mode and still there are some people that prefer light mode.

Scripts Organizer allows you to quickly change the theme of your preference directly inside the editor window so that you can switch between the light and dark theme wherever you want.

Advanced Code Editor

Code Editor by Scripts Organizer - Image - Toolonomy
  • Save

Scripts Organizer offers an advanced code editor which is integrated Monaco and looks identical to everyone's favorite Visual Studio Code. It also offers a code autocomplete feature along with some daily use short codes like CTRL + S for Save, F1 to show shortcuts list and a few others.

Code Navigator

Code Navigator by Scripts Organizer - Image - Toolonomy
  • Save

Code Navigator sidebar allows you to quickly navigate and switch among any of the codes from your collection that you have added to the Scripts Organizer while using the code editor, which makes your life a little easier and improves the user experience.

Also, if you don't want to use this code navigation feature while editing code for some reason, then you can easily disable this feature without any hassle.

Live Preview

LIve Preview by Scripts Organizer - Image - Toolonomy
  • Save

This live preview option is another great user experience improvement feature that can make your life much easier by allowing you to see the live preview of your web page while working inside the code editor of Script Organizer.

It simply means while working on a code snippet you don't need to open and check the webpage on a new tab back and forth.

Also, it allows you to just the size of preview window with easy resizing option and if that is not enough then let me tell you that it also offers various predefined presets of mobiles, tablets, and desktops to view your web page.


Shortcodes by Scripts Organizer - Image - Toolonomy
  • Save

This shortcode feature allows you to create any element using HTML, PHP, or Scripts inside the code editor and then reuse it anywhere on your website which is a great plus of Scripts Organizer in my honest opinion.

Not only that, you can also schedule the shortcode using the built-in date and time scheduling feature that we have already talked about in the above dedicated section.

Also, if you created multiple short codes for different purposes and find it time-consuming to open the code editor to copy the shortcode individually, then don't worry because it also allows you to view all your shortcode in a single screen in the Admin Column.

Integrations & Compatibility of Scripts Organizer

Check out the other web design and development related tools in the WordPress ecosystem that have an official integration with Scripts Organizer in order to make your life easier while working on a project.

Official Integrations

  • Winden
  • Oxygen Builder

Official Compatibility

  • Gutenberg
  • Divi
  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder
  • Woocommerce Easy
  • Digital Download
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Jetpack

Pricing Structure of Scripts Organizer as of September 2022

Explore the pricing structure of Scripts Organizer. Currently, it doesn't offer multiple pricing plans, and you can get the tool by paying a one-time payment, which is the one and only available plan at this moment.

Lifetime Deal

This lifetime deal pricing plan offers unlimited website and support licenses for lifetime.

  • $65.00 / One Time
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Support
  • Documentation & Support
  • Future Updates
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

PROS of Scripts Organizer

Explore the good things about Scripts Organizer and decide why you should consider using this tool for your WordPress projects.

Better User Interface & User Experience

Nowadays easy-to-use user interface and best user experience both are the necessity of any kind of online platform because the Mighty Google itself pay deep attention to UI & UX.

However, the user interface of Scripts Organizer is very simple to understand and use even if you're rookie, although it's not 100% native to the WordPress UI as the sales page and documentation claims, but I think it's a superior version to the WP UI.

So keeping that in mind, if a tool has such a beautifully crafted easy-to-use UI then it automatically improves the overall user experience as people love to use if a tool is simple and the components are well-placed with easily accessible while working on a project.

My overall experience with the Scripts Organizer User Interface and User Experience is very positive, and I think every developer should follow this example for their tools.

Code Snippet Library by the Community

The best thing about Scripts Organizer is that you get access to dozens of Code Snippets to solve specific problems related to WordPress Ecosystem by the original team as well as the community members that are also users of this powerful tool.

Also, if you need a particular code snippet that is not available on the library, then you can request the community or team to provide as well as you can submit your own snippets to the archive and get credit for that.

Please note we also have a dedicated Code Snippet Library on this very website which we have curated from the web as well as published from our past projects. I hope you will find it helpful as well.

It is a very good think when you have a tool like this which also offers the code components that can be easily copy & paste into your real-world web development projects to solve the problems quickly without any hassle.

Active Development & Fast Iteration

Scripts Organizer launched as a simple code snippet management tol with the main focus of scheduling your scripts on youtr websites but gradually it became a completely different beast altogethere thanks to the team that actively keepdeveloping and iterating this awesome tool to make it what it is today.

Although it is not perfect as I believe nothing can be perfect in this world as perfection is a delusion, but I also believe as time passes this tool will grow further with more new and groundbreaking features to disrupt the entire ecosystem.

Filterable Code Snippets

It's great how Scripts Organizer allows you to filter your code snippets by multiple factors, including Created Data, Title, Published Date.

This is really helpful and convenient if you have dozens of snippets on your website as it allows you to easily find the snippets you're looking for in order to perform a particular action.

Filter option is such a basic and must have feature nowadays but most of the similar tools that are available in the market doesn't provide this option which is really sad.

Import Codes from Different Platforms

Script Organizer provides an easy way to import and use code and scripts from alternative platforms like Code Snippets and Advanced Scripts. It means you can simply import your snippets from those platforms and integrate them inside SCORG with breeze.

Although currently it doesn't officially support platforms like WP Code and WPCodeBox I am still happy because I have multiple websites where I have used either of the supported tools.

CONS of Scripts Organizer

Explore the bad things about Scripts Organizer in order to understand why this tool is not fit for your use cases if these cons are matter of concern to you, and you can't wait for the team to identify and address these issues.

Condition System is Not Advanced

The current condition system is not as robust as it possibly could be and as other alternatives like Advanced Scripts offer at this moment.

Although you can use the conditions to inject the code or script to your entire website, on a selected page, selected post, post type, or taxonomy, and also you can exclude any particular code on any of the post, page, post type or taxonomy you need to.

And you might be thinking it should be enough for most use cases, but let me tell you that there are various conditions that are missing from Scripts Organizer if you want to use it to inject highly targeted ads and affiliate banners on your website.

Let me share with you a few examples to make things more clear:

  • There is no easy way to implement the AND/OR options in order to apply multiple conditions on the same location as it lacks the visual user interface for advanced settings. Although it offers a custom condition option to implement this which is for more advanced use cases and great if you're a developer or know how to code and understand functions.
  • You can only target a taxonomy type (e.g. Category, Tag), but you cannot target a particular taxonomy terms (e.g. WordPress, Scripts Organizer).
  • The exclude option is not independent, which means if you implement a condition on Post Type or Taxonomy then you can only exclude properties under those options and not out of that.

Also, I couldn't find advanced targeting options like:

  1. Device Types
  2. Browser Language
  3. Legged in
  4. User Agent
  5. All User Roles
  6. Country
  7. City
  8. Cookie
  9. URL Parameter
  10. Referring URL
  11. Browser Width
  12. Time Zone

I know I am asking for too much, but my hopes are very high as I know that gradually the team will understand why these features are important and start adding them to this already powerhouse.

Missing Hooks & Priority Options

To be honest I was shocked when I checked Scripts Organizer and I found that there are no Hooks and Priority options available in the tool, and I have been still waiting for these features as being a non developer it's hard for people like to manually find and add the desired hooks and priority for a code.

Therefore, I think this is a huge CON that this powerful tool doesn't have such must-have features that everyone needs even though they know it very well that how beautifully the Advanced Scripts their rival product had incorporated these very features which is really a lifesaver for people like me.

Suggestions for Scripts Organizer

In this section I would like to share my suggestions with the DPlugins team related to improving Scripts Organizer based on my product evaluation and professional experience. And I believe if they listen to my two cents and improve upon everything then it would be game-changing for the product's future.

  • Landing Page Enhancement: Improve the product landing page with more product information and best standard practices.
  • Official Dedicated Changelog: Create a proper changelog for the product updates so that people can easily track the changes.
  • Roadmap & Feature Voting System: Offer a public roadmap along with feature requests voting system for clear future of the product.
  • Proper Pricing Structure: Update the pricing model with multiple options and target all kinds of potential customers.
  • Video Documentation: The current documentation is well created but having a video for each page talking about the same thing would be great.
  • Third Party Integrations: Develop official integrations for other popular tools and create an ecosystem to attract more eyeballs.
  • Limited Free Version: Release a free version with limited features to gain popularity and entice users to upgrade to premium version.
  • Advertisement Management Features: Tap in this zone and develop advanced features to manage and run various types of banner ads by integrating with different ad platforms like AdSense and Mediavine etc. It will attract all the bloggers and content marketers.


In this review article I have done a complete evaluation of Scripts Organizer, one of the best and most useful WordPress Code Management Plugins where I have covered everything possible about this tool starting from introduction, main as well as best features, pricing structure, good and bad things about this tool.

In my honest opinion, Scripts Organizer is a great piece of tool that can fulfill almost all your requirements if you ignore a few things that are missing from this product.

However, if you still don't want to compromise on features like Hooks and Priority for your code snippets, then check out our Advanced Scripts Review. Though it doesn't offer all the advanced condition parameters I suggested in the CONS section, it's a little better than what you get in Scripts Organizer.

If you're reading this until now, then I believe you have found this article helpful, and if that is the case then please consider sharing it with your circle and community of WordPress professionals in order to help them find and learn about this powerful tool.

Also, if you want to share something that is roaming on your mind, then feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section in a constructive manner so that other readers find it helpful and valuable.

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