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OxyMade Review - Best Design System for Oxygen Builder

Written by:
Mohammed Wasim Akram
First Published on:
July 25, 2021
Last Updated on:
August 6, 2021
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If you're an Oxygen Builder user who doesn't want to design websites from scratch hence looking for an all in one design system solution to build websites with ease then stick with this OxyMade review as here I will explain how it offers multiple easy to use readymade design templates built with the most powerful Tailwind-based CSS Framework to build stunning websites in Oxygen Builder faster than ever.

Also if you're interested to know about all the available Design Sets and Templates addons for Oxygen Builder then consider checking our other post:

This review would be helpful for you if you're curious to know all the INS and OUTS about OxyMade and how it can be helpful for you as well as why you should OR shouldn't purchase this product based on your level of expertise at building websites.

Useful Resources for OxyMade:

Introduction of OxyMade

Anvesh G - The Oxymade Founder - SyncWin
Anvesh G - The OxyMade Founder

OxyMade is a powerful product developed by the most talented person in the Oxygen Community Anvesh G to solve a huge problem of the Oxygen Builder Community which is to provide them with a ready-to-use design system including a powerful framework as well as readymade blocks to build any kind of complex website using Oxygen Builder combination with the OxyMade.

There are various free as well paid Oxygen Builder Design Sets available in the market but I think that two of them are really popular among the Oxygen Builder Community, one is OxyNinja and another one is OxyMade.

However, I don't have any personal experience of using OxyNinja but I know about OxyMade and I love the way they crafted the Tailwind-based CSS Framework and beautifully made design blocks.

Usually, I don't use readymade design templates to build websites for my projects and always prefer to build sites from scratch therefore I never think about getting any design templates for Oxygen Builder in the first place but thanks to Anvesh (Founder of OxyMade) for giving me the access to OxyMade to test it out and share my thoughts about this product.

After testing the OxyMade framework and the design sets I was completely blown away by looking at the level of creativity that has been involved in this product that it's making me really lazy to work on my own custom CSS utility-based framework because it has everything I need to build any kind of complex websites using their Tailwind based utility class system as some of you might know I also have been working on a custom framework which is still in development and might never complete after this 🤣

Note: I want to clear out beforehand that this post is not sponsored or influenced by any external force including the company behind OxyMade in any way because I never provide creative control to any of the companies I promote so each word you are going to read in this article are my own which is the result of my testing and experiencing the product blended with my personal opinion.

Main Features of OxyMade

OxyMade contains multiple advanced features that are going to make your life much easier while building websites using the Oxygen Builder and in the below sections I am going to share my insights about all the main features that are the main focus of this product.

OxyMade Color System

OxyMade Color System UI - Screenshot - SyncWin

The OxyMade Color System by OxyMade gives you a system to create and manage color palettes for your Oxygen websites. It is a very powerful module that allows you to create multiple combinations of colors and use them as the global colors of Oxygen Builder. You can make your own color palette or use one of our existing palettes, which are carefully picked by the experts for Oxygen Builder users.

Monster Color System is a powerful and fine-tuned color management system that will take your Oxygen Builder to the next level. Using this you can set and order colors to your library of Oxygen variables and apply them to your template, eliminating the need to change the HEX values of your templates each time.

OxyMade Design System

OxyMade Design Sets - Screenshot - SyncWin

OxyMade Design System is a powerful framework that provides a solid foundation for your website projects. It has everything you need to make a modern and high-quality website.

It lets you be more productive by providing a solid starting point for your Oxygen powered website projects. It's packed with over 600+ fully documented and well-tested Tailwind-based CSS class files that you can readily use to build beautiful and complex websites.

Responsive Sizing & Spacing

OxyMade Responsive Sizing & Spacing - Screenshot - SyncWin

OxyMade Responsive Sizing & Spacing is a fully responsive, fluid, and mobile-first readymade system that is designed to be fast and efficient. It is based on a modular system that enables you to quickly make changes to the way your website looks on various breakpoints without changing the settings for each breakpoint. With this, you can create fluid, responsive, and adaptive web page layouts with ease that works on almost all modern browsers.

One Click Colors Import/export

OxyMade Color Import & Export - Screenshot - SyncWin

OxyMade One-Click Colors Import/Export lets you import and export your colors between your websites with ease. You can now export, import, and copy your color palette between Oxygen-powered sites, and also you can import colors from the OxyMade Color Palette Generator. The best part about the feature is that this is very simple to use that does not require any coding knowledge.

Utility Classes Locking Feature

OxyMade Utility Classes Locking Feature provides a locking feature for classes to prevent utility class editing mistakes. Now you don't need to worry that you may edit a utility class by mistake, with this utility class locking feature, all the OxyMade utility classes are locked by default to not edit.

Extend the Framework

OxyMade framework is a very innovative, powerful, and elegant framework that can be really useful for advanced Oxygen Builder users. Also, it allows you to extend the framework and personalize it as per your requirements. The best part is that you can migrate the extended framework with your modifications between your different website projects and save a huge amount of time and effort in creating them from scratch.

Unique Features of OxyMade

Apart from the main features, there are a few unique features that are worth mentioning separately to make you aware of how great these features are, therefore in the below section I will share my insights about those features that are unique in my opinion.

Page Template Builder

Page Template Builder - OxyMade Review - SyncWin

The OxyMade Page Template Builder is a very unique builder system that allows you to drag and drop (Lego Type) readymade design blocks from the huge available library of OxyMade design set to a blank canvas then mix and match any of the design blocks you like to design a complete page within a few seconds.

Once the page is ready with your selected design blocks then you can check the preview of the page you just made and also use the shortcodes to bring the entire page into your Oxygen Builder powered WordPress website and Walla! your page is ready to publish. However, don't forget to update the demo content of the page with your original ones 😅

Color Palette Generator

Color Palette Generator - OxyMade Review - SyncWin

Just like the Page Template Builder OxyMade also has another great system to generate a color palette for your Oxygen Builder powered website which offers a live page interface and an advanced side canvas color picker to select predefined or custom colors that allow you to adjust the colors of the different properties of your website and import them within Oxygen Builder with ease.

Purge: Cleaning Unused CSS Classes

OxyMade Unused CSS Purge - Screenshot - SyncWin

This is a very useful and unique feature that will help you solve a particular problem by purging all the unnecessary classes that are not in use anymore, yet available inside the website codebase. In this way, you can get rid of all the unnecessary and unused classes from your Oxygen-powered websites for less confusion, zero bloats, and a well-organized workflow.

OxyMade Pricing Structure as on August 2021

In this section, I will let you know about the available pricing options of OxyMade for a better and clear understanding of the offered packages and also will discuss which package could be suitable for you based on your use cases.

Mega Set Only

Mega Set Only is a one-time pricing model that contains the OxyMade Framework along with only the OxyMade Mega Set with the promise of future updates only to this particular design sets. However, with this package, you will get lifetime support and updates to the said package along with other global feature security and bug fixing updates.

You should grab this package if you only need the Tailwind-based CSS framework and the main design set just for the better understanding of how to use the framework with the Oxygen Builder elements so that you can design your own templates from scratch using the OxyMade framework.

This Plan costs $149 One-Time Payment which Includes:

  • OxyMade Framework
  • OxyMade Mega Set
  • Future Megaset Updates
  • Lifetime License
  • Unlimited Sites

Unlimited Everything

Unlimited Everything is the highest pricing plan of OxyMade that includes everything available in this product currently as well is it will get you access to everything from the future updates.

You should consider this package if you don't have any plan of creating your own design templates and you want to use the various niche-specific design sets available and upcoming by OxyMade to build your website projects.

This Plan costs $229 One-Time Payment which Includes:

  • OxyMade Framework
  • OxyMade Mega Set
  • Power Modules
  • Future Updates
  • Lifetime License
  • Checkout Design Set
  • Restaurant Design Set
  • All Niche Design Sets
  • Priority support
  • Unlimited Sites

PROS of OxyMade

OxyMade is an awesome product with multiple PROS within it therefore in this section I am going to share and discuss each of the PROS that I found in this Oxygen Builder addon that is worth mentioning.

All in One User Dashboard Area for Better User Experience

OxyMade Dashboard Area - Screenshot - SyncWin

OxyMade offers a well-optimized and unified dashboard for the users to find everything in one single place which makes the life of the users much easier since they don't have to look for the different links scattered all over the place. The users can access all the product-related links without searching for them all around the website as the dashboard is an ideal solution for them that provides a wide range of options for a better user experience.

This dashboard contains all the important links including:

  • My Account
  • Profile
  • Cheatsheet
  • Help & Docs
  • Get Started Guide
  • Live Preview Area
  • Page Template Builder
  • Color Palette Generator
  • Plugin Installation
  • Activation Guide
  • Links to Add Design Each Available Set to Your Library
  • Domain Management
  • Changelogs
  • & Many More.

Powerful Tailwind CSS Based Framework

OxyMade Framework is made for the Oxygen Builder which is a modern front-end design framework based on the most popular Tailwind CSS utility classes. It is lean, fast, modular, extensible, and most importantly It is fun just like building a LEGO using the building blocks 😍

The main purpose of this framework is to help Oxygen Builder users achieve their goals faster and easier which makes this framework really great. You can use the framework to build reusable components to use them as a blueprint for any website project without repeating the same task over and over again.

Also, the OxyMade framework is based on top of the latest technologies that work with almost all of the modern browsers.

1000+ Ready to Use Blocks & Design Sets

OxyMade ready-made blocks & design sets for Oxygen Builder have been developed using the Utility first CSS framework which can make your workflow much easier while building your websites with the Oxygen Builder.

These block packages come with everything you need to get started with Oxygen Builder. The design sets are fully packaged bundles of the demo content, templates, and components that are built with ready-made blocks which is a simple way to create reusable content. They're highly flexible, allowing you to mix and match to meet the needs of your projects.

Whether you're looking to build a restaurant website, ecommerce website, or any other type of website, the 1000+ readymade blocks and design sets will help you build the perfect websites fast and easily.

OxyMade Design Sets contains:

  • Mega Design Set - 500+ Blocks
  • Checkout Woo Design Set
  • Boundaries
  • Whistle Design Set
  • Goodnight Design Set
  • Capital Design Set
  • Restro Design Set
  • Monster Design Set
  • & more upcoming...

Well Structured & Well Written Documentation

OxyMade Documentation makes it really easy for non-technical people to build and maintain their own websites without any hassle. If you're truly willing to learn then just with the help of documentation, you can build a website without knowing how to code just by learning how to use OxyMade Framework and design blocks properly. In this documentation, you will find every crucial step you need to build your websites.

The documentation is a well-structured and well-written set of notes containing the best practices that will help you to learn OxyMade efficiently and helps you to get started with this product quickly without any roadblocks.

The documentation contains the following sections:

  • Get Started
  • OxyMade Framework
  • Design Sets
  • Design & Color System
  • Account & Billing
  • FAQ

A Very Lucrative Pricing Model

OxyMade offers a very lucrative pricing model which allows you to get this awesome product just with a one-time payment with installment payment plans during checkout if you need and then you can use it on unlimited websites and get the product updates and support for the lifetime of this product.

However, you need to keep in mind that the WAAS license is not included in the unlimited plan which means you cannot use these designs in any DIY website builders which is also applicable for its parent product Oxygen Builder.

Here are the main benefits you will get with this pricing model:

  • You will get a unique license of the design system and you can use it on unlimited websites.
  • You can use this design anywhere you like such as your personal as well as on the clients' projects.
  • You will get the support of the product for a lifetime which means you get to use the product for as long as it lasts.
  • Enjoy the endless possibilities to make money with OxyMade combined with Oxygen Builder by offering website building service.
  • You can request a refund within 14 days of purchase incase if you are not satisfied with the product which is less likely to happen in most cases in my opinion.

Very Good After Sale Support

The after-sale support provided by the OxyMade team is awesome which means if you have queries, then you can ask your questions through the support page and the support team is available to answer any questions you have about this product within 24x7.

However, most of the time you are not even required to contact support as you will probably find answers to your questions in their well-structured documentation, FAQ section, or on their dedicated community which I am going to talk about in the next section.

A Dedicated Community Around the Product

Having a dedicated community always helps and OxyMade has a Facebook Community Group where the members of the community are extremely helpful and are always willing to help out if someone is stuck and doesn't know what to do.

Also, the power users are always available to help out, if in case sometimes the product team is not there to guide the members for some reason although the founder is the most active person in the OxyMade community which in my opinion is a positive sign that shows how passionate he is about the product and it also gives an idea about the where the future of this product is heading toward.

CONS of OxyMade

Like any other product OxyMade also is not perfect and it has CONS which I am going to share in the below section though most of those CONS are subjective and may vary from person to person.

Not for Absolute Beginners with Less CSS Knowledge

Although OxyMade is a great product to design websites faster with Oxygen Builder still in my opinion it is not for the absolute beginners who know nothing about HTML and CSS because to use this product you must have at least the basic understanding of how to use CSS in your website elements.

Using this product requires the skill of critical thinking even though they provide the building blocks that you can mix and merge to create any kind of design layout yet you need to understand how things work in order to edit and adjust them and make them your own and not screw things up big time.

For example, if you come from the Elementor, Divi, or Brizy ecosystem where you only need to know about the content-first approach in order to build websites as these builders force you to think about the content-first approach and not the layout first approach which requires a little bit understanding of HTML and CSS.

“Content-first” is a philosophy that leading digital agencies have adopted to guide their clients' websites in a more efficient direction and to ultimately create a better user experience (UX). Naturally, a content-first approach recognizes content (messaging, copy, images, video, downloadables, etc.)

However, when you're going to use Oxygen Builder combined with OxyMade system you will learn to build websites in layout first approach using the visual editor as if you would usually build a website manually by hand-coding.

The layout first approach lets you build pages using the HTML logic like first adding a section then column then div and then blocks but this is not the standard practice of other page builders that offers a content-first approach.

LiveCanvas Review

Therefore although this is a good thing for people like me who have a basic understanding of how HTML and CSS work while building a web page layout but also it is a CON for the people who don't have any knowledge about all this stuff.

However, if you're into the web design and development business then I would highly recommend you to learn at least HTML and CSS as they will be helpful for you in the long run to build more complex websites which are not possible with most WordPress Builders that only offer a content-first approach for building websites.

I believe you love to see the comparison of top WordPress Builders like Elementor, Oxygen Builder, Zion Builder, and Bricks Builder which you can find here:

Only the Utility-Based CSS Framework

OxyMade only offers a Utility-based CSS framework for building websites which is a good thing but it would not be an ideal solution for the people who don't want to use the utility classes or learn anything related to this method. I believe that this product has been developed with a specific group of audience in mind and you might fall under that category or might not.

Therefore if you don't fall under that specific group and know nothing about Tailwind and utility class stuff still you start using this product then you might end up making a huge mess instead of making something good because utility class system is something that requires you to think before making any changes and how to use them in order to build an element.

Consider checking my other dedicated post around the utility class framework to get a basic understanding of this unique system:

So lest assume if you're a type of person who only wants to use IDs and Classes or just IDs or just Classes in your workflow of building a website using Oxygen Builder then this product is not for you. But if have a growth mindset and you're ready to learn how things work then you're good to go with OxyMade as it could be a huge time saver and money maker for your business.

Less Content Available Around this Product

This is something that is the case with almost all the Oxygen Builder-related add-ons including the OxyMade that you cannot find enough content around the web to learn about the products and save some time instead of learning to use them yourself with all the trials and errors.

I think content creators should take some of their precious time to create content around this awesome product to help the product developers get their products attract some eyeballs, in this way also the product users will get some benefit of learning how to use the product more efficiently without reinventing the wheel if someone already would do this for them in the first place.

There are opportunities for the content creators for talking about hidden gems like this as they will get some extra love from the search engines due to less competition.

For example, I wrote this review and get an instant ranking on Google SERPs in my region for the keyword OxyMade Review because I think I am probably the first person to write a review around this product, technically second because my friend Alec Gall already wrote a review about OxyMonster which later merged with the OxyMade 😅

Good to Have Features & Improvements for OxyMade

In this section, I am going to share all the good to have features and improvements for OxyMade which you should consider as my Two Cents for the OxyMade Team which will help them improve the overall product if they follow my advice and take them seriously.

Option to Install the Entire Theme with Just One Click

Currently, Oxymade offers to insert templates, sections as well as a few elements in your design but I think it would be great if it also allows the users to install a complete theme just like the traditional WordPress Themes offers where you can choose a design and WordPress Builder of your choice then just click a button and import the entire theme template build with various WordPress Builders to your website.

Integration of the Class Locking with Oxygen Native Selector Lock

This is more like a feel-good thing for me to keep things more logical. The idea is to integrate the OxyMade Class Locking feature with Oxygen Native Selector Lock and just use the native Oxygen Selector Lock feature in the backend instead of using a completely separate feature that does the exact same thing.

However, this is not a crucial thing nor might be a great idea but it will give users like me a sense of satisfaction while using the class locking feature for the elements in the Oxygen Builder.

Separate Design Sets with Just IDs AND/OR Classes Instead of Utility Classes

I have already discussed in the CONS section that OxyMade comes with only the Tailwind Utility-based framework and design system which is good and bad at the same time based on different factors.

Therefore here I am trying to offering a solution to that particular problem which is to allow a way to use the same design systems on the websites but without the utility class framework and instead allows them to use IDs with Classes or just IDs or just Classes.

Then it will be helpful for the people who are not comfortable in using the utility class system therefore they can still use the OxyMade design sets and assign their own classes to the elements at their own convenience.

In this way, this product can appeal to a huge audience base who are not yet interested in the utility first approach and possibly capture a big chunk of the market just by making this move.

Setup an Open Affiliate Program to Grow the Business

I would highly recommend the OxyMade team to set up an open affiliate program to grow the reach of this product as it will encourage the content producers to create content around this awesome piece of tool and bring some more attention to this product.

I think currently I am the only affiliate partner with OxyMade secretly which is not a secret anymore 🤣

This is one of the main reasons that there is less content available around this product on the internet because creating content about this product doesn't offer any direct reward to the content creators so they don't take time to produce something around this.

To be very honest with you I would only invest my time which may take up to multiple hours of hard work and effort to produce dedicated content around a product if I am really passionate about it (e.g. WordPress and Oxygen Builder) even if I don't get any active reward for promoting it or I will create content if it's a really good product with huge potential that offer an affiliate reward for me and also it must be valuable for my community and followers.

Hence a super valuable product like OxyMade should have an affiliate program so that content creators spend their precious time producing content around it and also get some rewards in exchange for investing their time and effort because at the end of the day everyone needs to put the food on their tables to survive.


In this article, I have covered possibly everything about OxyMade which is an exclusive design system addon containing a powerful Tailwind CSS-based framework and dozens of design sets for Oxygen Builder to help you make websites faster and more efficiently.

I think this is a great tool to speed up your workflow especially if you're involved in some kind of WordPress related business to make a living then it has the huge potential to earn as well as save you a lot of money by offering a robust design system for Oxygen Builder and saving you from wasting your time on creating mockups, framework, and layout design for your projects.

Checkout the OxyMade Product page:

I have talked about various aspects of the product including:

  • Product Introduction
  • Useful Resources
  • Main Features
  • Unique Features
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • My Ideas
  • & this conclusion

If you're curious to know about all the available Design Sets and Templates for Oxygen Builder then consider checking our other post:

I hope this in-depth review was helpful for you to decide if you should use OxyMade or not, therefore, I would ask you for a favor and share it with your friends and community that are also interested in Oxygen Builder and things around it as it could be really helpful for them as well.

Also if have to ASK or SAY something around this topic then you're most welcome to leave your feedback in the comment section below and add some additional value for the community and the other readers like you.

Thanks for visiting our website and sticking with us 🤩

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