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Ultimate List of WordPress Facet Builders (Free & Paid)

Written by:
Mohammed Wasim Akram
First Published on:
September 17, 2021
Last Updated on:
October 14, 2021
Post Categories:
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If you're searching for all the popular WordPress Facet Builders available in the market then I am happy to tell you that you have landed in the right place as in this resource post I am going to share with you all the popular facet builders available in the WordPress ecosystem so that you don't need to dig into the internet to find them all.

So without taking any more time, let's dive into it!


FacetWP - Featured Screenshot - SyncWin

FacetWP is quite an old and well-established WordPress Facet builder which is very popular among the e-commerce business people and created a place in their hearts.

But why do people love it?

People love it because it is very lightweight and it loads very fast as it uses an index table for extra speed which helps to show results faster and gives a good experience to the user.

Apart from that, it is also developers-friendly which means developers can also use it to build complex facets for their projects.

The company also claims that their filter element dynamically adjusts with user input which helps your visitors to find the better result that they are searching for.

Not only that it also has a lot of facet types like checkbox, dropdown, date range, slider, pager, and even proximity (geolocation), and many more.

Let me also tell you that it is integrated with some of your favorite WordPress plugins such as Elementor, SearchWP, Relevannsi, Polylang, WP Job Manager and etc.

FacetWP Resources


WPGridBuilder Featured Image - SyncWin

WPGridBuilder is one of the popular and dominating WordPress Facet builders on the internet and a lot of people like to use it.

And that's the main question Why people are liking to use it?

The thing which makes it different from other facet builders is it shows demo templates of their product which helps us to relate how it will work and appear on our site.

You know how it feels when you can look and understand how a product works as it becomes more clear for you whether the product you are going to use will work for you or not and I think that is the main reason people are liking it.

It is been working with some of the big brands like Easy Digital Downloads, SearchWP, Polylang, WPML, Advanced Custom Fields, and many more.

Let me tell you some of its features that can give your visitors a good user experience and they are: Responsive Grid Layouts, Faceted Search, Fast Search Speed, +20 Reveal Animations, +20 Loading Animations.

If you think that's all it contains then let me introduce to you some of the awesome features of this product like SEO Friendly, Mobile Friendly, eCommerce Integration, Multilingual Support, Post Formats Support, 900+ Google Fonts, Browser History, and many more.

WPGridBuilder Resources


FilterWP - Featured Screenshot - SyncWin

FilterWP is a market-leading WordPress Funnel builder and it is popular because you can easily create your advanced grid and filter layouts from their single view admin panel.

This plugin is compatible with some of the popular brands like Oxygen, Divi, ACF and etc.

It also provides you with prebuild content card design which can help you get started, Not only that if you are a good programmer then you can use their custom code editor for making changes or for creating your own templates as per your need.

The thing which I liked about this product is that they have a community which is literally a good thing for you as if you will find any difficulty while using it then you can ask it in the community where people are ready to help you.

FilterWP Resources

Piotnet Grid

Piotnet Grid Builder - Featured Screenshot -SyncWin

PiotnetGrid is almost new compare to other facet builders and because of that, it is providing almost the same features as well-established facet builders at a very less price and for that reason, people started noticing it.

It has a feature called Premium package for eCommerce where it provides your customer a quick view of your product and gives them the option to add it to their wishlists.

Which can help you to boost your sales!

Not only that it is integrated with some of your favorites companies ACF, MetaBox, JetEngine, PODS to display contents and styles dynamically.

PiotnetGrid team claims that their advanced filtering can help you to give the desired result your visitor or customer wants within 40 Milliseconds.

It doesn't end here as I am going to share with you few more awesome features of this product and they are Instant search box, Full-text search, Fully customizable grid layouts, Variation Swatches, and a lot more.

Piotnet Grid Resources

Search & Filter Pro

Search & Filter Pro - Featured Screenshot - SyncWin

Search & Filter Pro is a WordPress Facet Builder that offers you tons of UI options for creating highly customized dynamic searching filters for e-commerce sites, blog posts, sales pages, and many more.

It is been integrated with a few of our favorite companies like ACF, Easy Digital Downloads, WPML + free extensions for Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi & WPB Page Builder, and many more.

It also has some of the must-have features of a facet builder like Unlimited Search Forms, Blazing Fast Speed, Compatible With Any Theme, Developers Friendly, Drag and Drop Interface, and a lot more.

Not only that Search & Filter Pro has a dedicated support team only to help you solve the problems and difficulties which you can face while using it.

Search & Filter Pro Resources

Ajax Search Pro

Ajax Search Pro - Featured Screenshot - SyncWin

If you are confused about how a facet builder works and want to try a free one then you should try the free version of ajax search pro as it will really help you to understand how a facet builder works on a live website.

It has a lot of features within its free version like Single search instance, custom post type, Vertical layout only, Generic and Category filters, Four Ready-made themes with some customizable features, and many more.

But with their paid version you will get even more like Multiple different search instances, High accuracy, Four Beautiful Layouts (Vertical, Horizontal, Isotopic, and Polaroid ), 100+ Customizable Themes, and a lot more.

They offer the free version of the product so that you can test and see if their product really worth it or not and if you will like it then you can shift to its paid version.

Ajax Search Pro Resources


JetSmartFilters - Featured Screenshot - SyncWin

JetSmartFilters is a WordPress Facet Builder known for Providing a good User Experience by using their Indexer and Hierarchy Select Principle Features.

The Indexer feature helps you to showcase the relevant products for your customer and the Hierarchy feature helps you to unite similar filters into one organized hierarchy which makes easier for your customer to search and buy the desired product they want.

It is integrated with ElementorPRO, ACF, JetEngine, and JetWooBuilder to enhance User experience.

It doesn't end here it also has a lot more features and some of them are Customizable Filters, Compatible with almost all the themes, Editor Friendly with Elementor and Gutenberg, AJAX reload, and etc.

JetSmartFilters Resources


ElasticPress - Featured Screenshot - SyncWin

ElasticPress is actually an open-source search hosting you can say it is a kind of advanced facet builder with a lot more things in it.

You can create advanced filters with it which can help you to do search suggestions for your visitor so that they can find easily what they are searching for.

Not only that ElasticPress also provides you with a feature known as Weighting and Custom Results which allows you to adjust your result algorithms in the weighting dashboard and customize your top search terms in the custom results editor so that you can show your recent and popular content to your customer or visitor.

ElasticPress has been used by some famous companies and brands like TexasMonthly, MetroCorp Publishing, Boston, Philadelphia, PE Hub, and many more.

It does not end here let me share a few more features of this product like it has Faceted Product Browsing, Facet Widgets, Related Posts, Custom Fields, Tags, and Other Metadata, and a lot more.

ElasticPress Resources

  • ElasticPress Free Version: Unavailable
  • ElasticPress Paid Version:
  • Official Testing Sandbox: Unavailable
  • Official Facebook Group: Unavailable
  • Official YouTube Channel: Unavailable
  • Official Documentation: Unavailable
  • Official Roadmap: Unavailable
  • Official Changelog: Unavailable
  • Official Support: Unavailable

Visual Portfolio

Visual Portfolio - Featured Screenshot - SyncWin

Visual Portfolio is a facet builder which not only focuses on filters but also focuses on how to make your site more compelling to your visitors.

Let me tell you that it has both free and paid version and the things which you will get from its free version is mind-blowing I think some of its free features can be found in paid facet builder plugins.

And you will understand that why I am telling you this within a few minutes.

So without wasting any more time let me tell you some of its free features: 4 Layouts with hover effects on it( Masonry / Justified / Tiles / Carousel), Can create any Post Type, Developers Friendly, Filtering and Sorting, Popup Gallery, Templates For Developers.

If you think it's the end then let me introduce to you one of the awesome features which I found in its free version that is its AJAX Pagination with Paged, Load More, Infinite Scroll which really gives a good user experience to the visitor.

And it doesn't end here there are many more free features remains and some of them are Images Lazy Loading, Gutenberg Block, Elementor Widget, RTL Support, WPML Support, Fully Responsive, SEO Friendly, and a lot more.

Uff! That is Awesome and It is enough to convince someone to use it at least once in their life.

But That doesn't End here as in its Paid Version you will get even more.

Like the first feature in its paid version, you will get is Social Media Integration which can help you display your social media feed within your site just with few clicks.

It also has Theif Protection Feature like Watermark, Password Form, and Age Gate which helps you to secure your Content.

Now this section is getting too long so let me share with you a few more paid features quickly: AJAX Improvements, More Query Settings, Audio Post Format, Custom Post Thumbnails, Search Module, Loop Settings, and a lot more.

Visual Portfolio Resources


In this article, I have tried my best to list all the available WordPress Facet Builders to help you find them in one single place without searching for them on the web.

But I also know that there might be more facet builders which I don't know about so if you know any of the facet builders missing from this list then make sure to share it with us in the comment section so that we can make this post even more valuable for you and others.

Tell me which one of these facet builders you use for your WordPress Websites?

I hope this post has added value to you 🙂

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