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Websites to Buy Readymade Design Templates for Oxygen

Written by:
Mohammed Wasim Akram
First Published on:
October 11, 2020
Last Updated on:
December 3, 2020
Post Categories:

I often see on the official Oxygen group that people ask for a place to purchase readymade design templates for Oxygen, so keeping that in mind I have put together this list containing all the available design template related products for the community to find them in a single place.

Currently, there are only a few websites that are selling ready-to-use Oxygen design templates, but I can see that in the future it's going to become a big market as long as the Oxygen builder grows so the demand for the readymade templates will grow as well without any doubt.

One more reason for being so confident about it because Oxygen made it really easy for us to import and export design templates using shortcode as well as the design key.

Apart from that if you are a Hydrogen Pack user then you can simply create a template and copy the design into the clipboard, then ask your buyers to paste it to their website simply using Hydrogen Paste which is a free plugin.

Also, there is another great product that has come into the existence called The Lost Asura which makes this Oxygen design set selling packaging and licensing much easier that everyone can sell their design sets with zero hassle using this disruptive product.

So without further talking let's get straight to the list of Oxygen readymade template selling websites.


OxyNinja is a website where you can find the most professional and very well crafted readymade section templates for Oxygen and I promise you will fall in love with their website 😉

My reason for keeping it on top of this list is that because in my eyes OxyNinja has great CSS Classes along with a powerful Utility Classes framework to build the most flexible websites.

Apart from that their documentation is good and designs are really slick, modern, and beautiful. I have no idea about their support as I don't use the product but I believe support should also be good just like their product.

OxyNinja Core

They don't sell single pages or full website templates rather they packaged a complete set of multiple sections into their product called OxyNinja Core where you can find almost all types of sections to create almost all types of websites.

OxyNinja WooCore

Also, they have a separate product named OxyNinja WooCore which contains multiple full Woocommerce templates dedicated to building ecommerce websites using their ready to use sections with Oxygen.

Oxy Elements

Oxy Elements is one of the most mature product on this entire list, in my opinion, it offers 200+ design element templates in multiple categories, also it has dedicated Woocommerce templates to build webshops with Oxygen.

Somehow I forgot to add Oxy Elements to this list but thanks to Paul Ryder (one of the Oxygen community members) for heads up and remind me to add this to this list.

If you ask me about the design and class system then hold your breath because the designs are awesome and super slick as I can see on their website demo, and they've made them using a better Utility Class System.

I don't know about the support they provide but pricing is dirt cheap monthly subscription though the Oxygen community loves lifetime deals still I would say $9 per month is not too much if you are serious business.


OxyMade is another product that offers 500+ design block templates under 25+ categories in a single bundle that you can import, edit, and use on your as well as on your client's websites.

Their designs are nice in my opinion and pricing is decent as well.

However, I have no idea about the CSS framework and again no idea about the support they provide as I don't use their product as well.

They have a slightly different approach to allowing their customers to use their block templates.

When you purchase a license you can use their page template generator app to drag and drop the OxyMade Blocks and once you are satisfied then you can export the shortcode and import it to your Oxygen site.

Oxy Marketplace

Oxy Marketplace is also a dedicated website that sells ready to use industry-specific Oxygen sections templates which is their key selling point.

If you ask me about the designs and layout then I would say that they have very nice and modern designed templates just the product packaging is different than the OxyNinja.

Currently, they have three products, and each of them dedicated to different industries. Each product has multiple ready to use sections templates under various useful categories.

Again I don't know about the support but what I know is that they provide support for 6 months and updates for a lifetime with onetime purchase. You can find their products in the next sections.

Wireframe Kit

If you're a web designer and looking for some Oxygen wireframe templates to show it to your clients then Wireframe Kit can be the best choice for you.

This product contains multiple dozens of foundational design sections templates under various categories that are best to use if you want to create things from scratch but just need a barebone structure to start with.

Foody UI Kit

This product is great for creating websites for any food business such as restaurants and coffee shops etcetera.

If you purchase this product then you will get dozens of sections templates under various categories along with free to use stock images.

Nexus Kit

Nexus Kit is a packaged bundle containing all the necessary sections templates to build any kind of marketing, agency, and app websites.

You will get dozens of beautifully crafted oxygen blocks under multiple categories to choose from when you buy this product.

Oxy Transfer Designs

Oxy Transfer is a website where you can find a few dedicated add-ons for Oxygen just related to website transfer.

But they also have a few design sets which you could consider if you are looking for more design template options, I have seen the design templates on their videos and I like the paid ones but the free one is not that good if you ask me.

I have no idea about the support but I could say that I know one of the developers of Oxy Transfer through the Oxygen Facebook group and he is really helpful, so I can assume that their support is also good as their products.

Oxygen Light Color Design Block Library

This one is the free design set which you can just download and use and it has 2 different hero sections and a few other useful sections as well.

I can't say much about it so if you want you can check this out yourself and let me know what you think about it in the comment section.


In this resource post, I have tried to cover all the available websites that only sell readymade Oxygen design templates such as blocks, sections, landing pages, and even complete website template packages.

If this resource list seems helpful to you then consider bookmarking and sharing it with your friends and community as I am going to keep adding new resources to this list whenever I find one.

Also if you want to help me keep this list updated then feel free to let me know in the comment section if you find some websites that fit in this category.

Thanks a lot for visiting our website

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However, there are very few selected products that we trust, use, and recommend to our readers and community, and we always mention that on our website which you could also find on our Recommendation Page.

Hence, if you make a purchase using any of those links, then it is safe to assume that we might get a small amount of commission without any additional cost to you, which helps and encourages us to produce more helpful content like this for you.

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