Refund & Cancellation Policy

Last modified on:
August 24, 2020


We at SyncWin have ultimate confidence in all of the digital services that we provide to our customers and clients.

As we always say that we are here to make money by solving your problems and helping you with our digital services, therefore we do not compromise with the quality of our services as the customer satisfaction is our first priority.

All the services and projects are maintained by the experienced professionals at SyncWin, this ensures no possibilities for refunds and cancellations of any service or project from our end.

However, still, there are a few circumstances when refunds and cancellations are acceptable and can be processed following the below conditions.

Refund Policy

#1. Every service we offer differs from one to another as every individual service involves a different course of action from the beginning to end, thus refund policy is also differs for each individual service.

#2. There are certain resources that are involved in accomplishing the milestone of any particular service, thus a refund would not be entertained for the work that is already accomplished.

#3. In no cases, the fee will be refunded for the administrative, setup and installation charges for any kind of software, theme, plugin, API and etc.

#4. Taxes that been paid to the regulatory bodies for any service would not be refunded with the refund amount.

#5. No refund will be entertained in case of any service cancellation due to the violation of terms and services stated in our terms of use policy page.

#6. There is no refund policy for the services that are under same-day delivery.

#7. We are not liable to pay the refund if the delay on delivery and service gets disrupted by you or any third party involvement.

#8. If you decided to terminate the service that you have subscribed, within the 24 hours of placing the order then you are eligible for a full refund.

Cancellation Policy

#1. Customers can request to cancel the order for the one-time payment services with a valid reason within 72 hours of the service agreement via the contact form available on our website.

#2. No cancellation is acceptable for the services offered with an occasionally promotional discount as these are the limited period offers thus any kind of cancellation is not possible.

#3. In no case, we will accept the cancellation requests for the services that we purchase from the third-party service providers dedicatedly for your projects. Such as domain and hosting registration services etc.

#4. A recurring service will be marked as canceled if we won't receive the monthly payment within the first week of the month.

#5. The cancellation process for any monthly recurring service should be done 10 days prior to the upcoming monthly billing cycle.

#6. If cancellation is made without any prior notice after the billing cycle started then the client will be entitled to pay the bill for the equivalent days of work that has been put into the project.

#7. If you subscribed for our service and did not make any use of that still you are entitled to pay the service cost.

Invalid Reason

The customer found the same or similar service is cheaper somewhere else - the customer should be enough confident and ready to pay the stated prices for our services before placing an order. After an order is placed, the customer enters into a legally binding contract with us to continue with that order.

In such a case, the customer is not eligible for a refund or cancellation for any kind of service that has been signed up by the customer.

Note: We request our customers and clients to read the above-mentioned refund and cancellation policies carefully at the earliest to escape any inconvenience during the proceeding for any refund and cancellation.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the contact page. It can be accessed from the useful information section.

Cheers and good luck!

Team SyncWin

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